Tavern Name Generator Examples for DND 5e or MERPs

I’ve put together some condensed info from my tavern name generator that DMs can use to describe the scene. I’m using them for a homebrew setting, but I’m sure someone can find a use for these drinking establishments for your games as well. 🙂

I hope you enjoy this list. It’s free for use in any tabletop RPG. (Even MERPs!) If you have any item names, descriptions or any other type of content you’d like to see me develop, please let me know. I’m constantly tinkering with RPG tools.

I’ve got some name generators online, and my tavern description generator (see the tool in action in the video below). I hope you find this short list useful then go on a quest to find my AI powered generators. (Drinking establishments and much more…)

Once you see it in action, I think you’ll want to take it for a spin yourself…

Quick Tavern Names and Descriptions

Here’s a quick D20 list of taverns, inns, and drinking establishments from my AI powered tavern generator. Read to the end to find out more about my own generators that can do taverns, magic shops, dungeons, and more. You can create your own fantasy taverns and inns with the press of a few buttons. More below!

  1. The Goat’s Head Inn – Run by a gnome named Bluth, this tavern has a reputation for good food, drink and entertainment.
  2. The Golden Goblet – A friendly place run by the Halfling Tobla and the bartender Corin. It is known for it’s good food and a variety of drinks.
  3. The Happy Gnome – This watering hole is owned by an avid Halfling fan. There is a small shrine to Halflings in the back room of the tavern.
  4. Know Your Role – This inn is run by an eccentric gnome named Moondork. He has a variety of games and puzzles in his tavern.
  5. The Lazy Susan – This inn is run by a hard-working dwarf named Tanja. She has made it a point to keep her inn tidy, but at the expense of decorating.
  6. The Leopard’s Lounge – A quiet place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the city. The owner, Marraine, is an older, half-elf who is very knowledgeable about the history of the city and the surrounding area.
  7. Loggers Long Small Arms – Owned by the half-dwarf, half-diggan Tork, the Logger’s Arms is a great place to eat and drink.
  8. The Long Horn – A drinking establishment run by the dwarves Morti and Tungdil. They have a wide selection of drinks, and a small back room for gambling.
  9. The Lucky Coin – This inn attracts a wide variety of customers, but most frequent are the priests of the Coin God. They are primarily a drinking establishment and are known for their live entertainment and gambling.
  10. The Magician’s Den – Chronicled by an eccentric wizard, this inn is known for it’s great food, live entertainment and gambling.
  11. The Mattress – This tavern is a rough place that attracts a rough, but loyal crowd. It is run by the dwarf named Dufel Dungstone, a retired adventurer who fought in many wars against many races. He’s made peace with all the various races around the kingdoms, and he’s content with his life.
  12. Mercer’s Company – This inn is known for it’s gambling hall and the friendly staff. It is run by the Half-Elf, Vilda. The contents located in the basement is another matter entirely. The owner, Dark Donnie, is a necromancer who has been storing experiments in the basement. Occasionally, while drinking, players might hear groans from below the wooden floorboards. Nobody knows about the contents of the basement except for Dark Donnie.
  13. The Mermaid’s Tail – This tavern is known for it’s good food, drink and entertainment. The owner, the dwarf Vardan Rainrock, is the innkeeper – and a good cook. He’s quite famous for his “mermaid’s tail’ that’s actually made out of squid, believe it or not. Locals and tourists from all the races love eating here when they’re in the city.
  14. The Mug and Tankard – This establishment is known for its drinking, gambling and music. The owner, Galon, is a half-ogre with a good heart, who is known for breaking up bar fights. Galon has a story to tell (or five of them) about his glory days. Players will have to listen to him and not offend him to keep drinking even a cold, frosty pint in this place. He’s had a lot of adventures and seen a lot of races from around the world. And he loves talking about the various races and everything else.
  15. The Scarlet Griffin – This tavern is known for it’s gambling, drinking and live entertainment. It is run by the half-elves, Crescenet and Derick. As far as taverns go, this is a run of the mill inn – except for the half-elves. They’re illusionists always trying to one-up the other, and they like to go places to visit friends of other races, so they’re gone a lot – thankfully.
  16. The Silver Seahorse – This inn is known for it’s good food and drink, and its frequenting by thieves and other unsavory people. A dragon head is displayed behind the bar of this establishment, but it’s a fake. People of many races claim to have killed the dragon, but none of the races can kill that which was never alive. You know someone is new in town if they talk too much about the dragon while drinking pints of ale.
  17. Smell it First – This inn is known for it’s gambling, music and drinks. The owner, the Dwarf named Gimlet, is a retired adventurer who builds all of the furniture in his establishment out of various metals he has collected on his many adventures. The contents of his basement sometimes spill to the main tavern, crowding drinkers out of the bar. This is why the bar isn’t doing too well, but Gimlet doesn’t care anymore.
  18. The Two Rings – Renown for being the place where the local council members go for their after-dinner discussion, this tavern is popular with the nobles. The bartender is a notoriously good spy and always knows about some secret or scandal of the rich or famous no matter what taverns they frequent. He only cares about the contents of their purses.
  19. The Common End – This tavern is a good place to meet and get to know the locals. The owner, a halfling named Willem, and his staff are members of the local adventuring guild, so it is an excellent place to pick up a few quests.
  20. Goblin’s Inn – The inn is run by the half-orc, Borka. The bar is known for its gambling and entertainment. It also has a “back room” with some shady business dealings going on. Taverns get a bad name because of establishments like this one. Something is amiss in this alehouse, and Borka knows all about it. He’s paid well by the Dragon Teeth gang to keep his mouth shut.

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Tavern Name Generator Examples
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Last Call at the Tavern Post…

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I sometimes wonder if the beers you drink in the tavern could have generated names. What if you ordered a ‘Black Bison Ale’? That might be a cool RPG tool to work on. Excuse me while I get back to my workshop…

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