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Dive into our extensive treasury of DnD dwarf names (and our dwarven name generator), and discover how you can effortlessly generate an authentic dwarf name with a free, user-friendly tool. Whether you’re guiding your party through treacherous mountain passes in Dungeons & Dragons, navigating ancient ruins in Pathfinder, or unearthing forgotten lore in Middle-Earth Role Playing system (MERPs), this compilation of over 100 quintessential dwarven names will enhance your fantasy tabletop campaign. Let’s delve in!

Male Dwarf Names

First, a look at 55 male dwarf names you can use in your tabletop RPG campaign. Feel free to mix and match first names and surnames to come up with something you really enjoy!

  1. Lorg the Thin
  2. Orlen Hulgdirth
  3. Rakkulf Firecoal
  4. Dur Stwulfson
  5. Durgur Runestone
  6. Orthr Vahk
  7. Al’Dan Al’Dawn
  8. Stwulf Dawnnose
  9. Argon Deeprock
  10. Bargur Durgur
  11. Fisthel the Lanky
  12. Kron Barrelbelly
  13. Dulg Niblock
  14. Klond Stubbleback
  15. Durgal the Stoneminded
  16. Lurg Stonehide
  17. Smut Torlek
  18. Kragg Brutemaul
  19. Thalrus Oakenskin
  20. Torr Thunderbelly
  21. Gern Klagdor
  22. Klag Udgson
  23. Borjal Sikgwil
  24. Gurjarn Gernwulf
  25. Narguraz Zurgash
  26. Komraz Thunderbeard
  27. Ork Ghostaxe
  28. Sik Thunderbeard
  29. Zur Nargrim
  30. Udg Stonehide
  31. Omron Darkface
  32. Kell Thunderfist
  33. Thurvak Dawnstone
  34. Kragn Zarzur
  35. Gorjal Tundra
  36. Nargurg Glacier
  37. Bruk Moonrock
  38. Zarz Nargrum
  39. Burgund Mountainbeard
  40. Gagm the Proud
  41. Egg Nargnur
  42. Vurgundur Valantyr
  43. Nar Klaggor
  44. Klam the Bold
  45. Grub Scarface
  46. Valn Arktur
  47. Tusk Dobroldson
  48. Ark Grumbar
  49. Lurgan Eggin
  50. Nargurgazh Nargrim
  51. Zargul Dawnskull
  52. Egg Doomskull
  53. Siss Fireking
  54. Kolgrim Gurgaz
  55. Aldgar Neckscalde

Female Dwarf Names

Here’s our list of 55 female dwarf names you can use for your character!

  1. Nakrub Rockheart
  2. Lohta Goblinslayer
  3. Joldrak Mountainheart
  4. Karnuul Quicksilver
  5. Velzor Hornfang
  6. Sharn Battlebeard
  7. Togur Rockshoulder
  8. Nuggar Ringforge
  9. Raspustyl Slayersbane
  10. Gunther Koboldslayer
  11. Petrilla Swordsmasher
  12. Thraugmold Mountaincall
  13. Maita Cavernridge
  14. Nidar Hailstone
  15. Laegla Hillreaver
  16. Dagrun Stonebrow
  17. Xaabra Cavernshallows
  18. Darnath Stoneheart
  19. Karnra Deepgold
  20. Fishfinger Steelpillion
  21. Thraumvor Seventrees
  22. Firiel Suncloak
  23. Tibia Mountaincall
  24. Fianna Stonemight
  25. Cael Gravelkeeper
  26. Ruin Stonebone
  27. Petrilla the Beautiful
  28. Sigrun Obsidianglow
  29. Olgar Brookswater
  30. Bogrunner Hammershield
  31. Mogun Kissedrock
  32. Yonala the Resolute
  33. Dathak Rocksmith
  34. Eiran Stonewhisper
  35. Rhonda Koboldkiller
  36. Haudra Bronzebrow
  37. Mudskull the White
  38. Kalla Orcslayer
  39. Seimur Mountainstomper
  40. Deimra Snowmantle
  41. Picarvella Rockslide
  42. Dolund Honeyhand
  43. Carys Silverblight
  44. Esmund Gleamscythe
  45. Karaza the Farmer
  46. Dregur Earthboon
  47. Gyzunna Koboldkiller
  48. Mornaugr Cragwalker
  49. Fionnuala Puddinglegs
  50. Lucildel Rockshield
  51. Rassur Ironbar
  52. Whelanda Fanaticmaiden
  53. Balda Vandurin
  54. Dotty Rockbrick
  55. Bardur Gravelsmasher

Dwarven NPC List (D10)

Here’s a list of semi-fleshed out dwarven NPC ideas you can use in your campaign. You get DND dwarf names plus a little more information to flesh them out

1) Thorgord Thundermuscle

Dwarf Fighter

(Chaotic Neutral)

Thorgood’s dwarven name comes from his impressive muscles, not from his quiet and reserved demeanor. He has always been a loner among his kind and hates orders, unless he is the one giving them. He has a long, red beard that’s braided near the bottom. He wields a large battle hammer with a wooden handle.

His name comes from the unearthly power of his swings that always seem to hit their target. Over the years, he has developed his own fighting style, and refuses to use weapons other than his hammer. He is so skilled, he is more often found training new recruits than in actual combat.

He’s highly paid for his services. Anyone training under him will learn exceptionally well, but never learn to think for themselves. He has somewhat of a rivalry with Parmenides, and has been known to challenge the cleric to duels over petty things, such as whose beard is longer.

2) Sandranada Rockhustle

Female Dwarf Cleric

(Lawful Good)

With flowing blonde hair and a nice complexion, Sandranada is always ready to lend a hand to those in need. She strives to do what is right and good, but she is also very shy and somewhat reserved. She would rather heal people than fight them.

She rarely uses weapons in combat, preferring to leave that to the other adventurers. She mostly uses her healing herbs and potions. She usually travels with a peaceful nature cleric named Lenora. Together, they offer their services for dangerous combat missions.

She’s a funny and plump dwarf who enjoys breakfast, lunch, second-lunch, dinner, supper, and a midnight snack. As far as female dwarves go, she’s normal. She doesn’t believe in dwarven clan names and has decided not to join any dwarven clans.

3) Parmenides Clogdagger

Dwarf Cleric

(Lawful Good)

Parmenides is a very short and stocky cleric with a short, black beard. He has a serious demeanor, which matches his very serious nature. He is often scowling and glaring at people who aren’t as serious as he is. He is the ultimate law abiding citizen.

He will not break any laws, even the smallest ones. He has the largest turn-down for any type of gambling. He is married to another lawful good dwarf named Deandra, who died recently.

He keeps her preserved remains in a box and carries it with him wherever he goes. He has since vowed to never marry again.

4) Lenora Lodestone

Female Nature Cleric

(Lawful Good)

Lenora is a tall, lean dwarf with blonde hair who has a very nice complexion. She is deeply religious, but has learned to use her own discretion in certain matters. She has a good attitude and works well with others who follow the same religious beliefs as herself.

She travels with Sandranada Rockhustle. Together, they offer their services for dangerous combat missions. In battle, she uses her magic to cause plants to grow in the direction of her enemies, and sometimes causes earthquakes to unbalance them.

5) Gorgon

Dwarf Bard

(Chaotic Neutral)

As a dwarf, Gorgon is small, with a long and thick beard. He often wears a leather vest and a wide brim hat. He loves to sing and play his lute in taverns and inns. His favorite place to play is the Inn of the Blinking Eye, which is the largest inn in town. The patrons are very loyal to him and always cheer for his performances.

He hopes one day to be famous for the songs he sings and plays. He’ll hire on as a bard for anyone, as long as they pay him. He is a very good friend of Klauth’s, a dwarf cleric of Talostoran. They sometimes travel together and share songs with each other.

6) Demarien Doomhollow

Dwarf Rogue

(Lawful Evil)

Demarien does not look like your typical dwarf. First, he is rather tall and thin, and has very feminine features. He is almost always dressed in black, and tends to wear tight clothing. He has long, dark hair and a long, dark beard. He is very cunning and a descendant of the drow, although his beard is natural and not implanted.

He loves to steal and will steal anything, except his father’s axe. He still has it, but hides it and refuses to give it to him. He spends most of his time alone, thinking up new ways to steal. He is the son of Grimbash Doomhollow, a dwarven cleric of Talostoran.

7) Muran Rockheart

Dwarf Warrior


Despite his rather civil appearance, Muran is a skilled fighter. He has never been defeated in a battle, and has never lost a close friend. He is a master of two-handed swords and hammers, and is always ready to battle. His friends call him “The Eternal Warrior.”

He does not like to talk about himself, but will talk about others for hours. He is the same height as most dwarves, but is quite thin. He has long, dark hair and a dark beard. He has a soft voice, but can shout when he is furious.

It is said that the dwarves used to worship him as a god. This is not true. Well, mostly not true.

8) Grimbash Doomhollow

Dwarf Cleric

(Lawful Good)

Grimbash is a dwarf with long, black hair, and a long black beard. He is very stern looking, and one would never guess that he is also quite kind and generous. He takes his job quite seriously and always tries to do the right thing.

He has a strong sense of justice and fairness, although he tries not to impose his own morals on others. He is the father of Demarien Doomhollow, a rogue.

He is often scowling at his son for not following his clericly ways. He is married to a dwarf named Deandra, who recently died.

9) Klauth

Dwarf Cleric

(Lawful Good)

He is the friend of Muran Rockheart, a dwarf warrior. He is the opposite of Muran in almost every way. He is shorter then his comrade, and has a large belly. His voice is rather high pitched. He is always happy and very social. He loves to tell stories, even if they aren’t true. He is often laughing and joking with his friends.

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He wishes he was a great bard that everyone knows, but he is too lazy to practice. In combat situations, he is quite skilled with a crossbow, and is a very strong warrior with a war hammer. He has a small beard and long, black hair.

As mentioned, he’s a jolly and humorous dwarf who loves to prank other male dwarves. He’s shy around female dwarves and his clan elder. Overall, he’s fond of gold, silver, and other valuable metals found deep in the mountains.

10) Dirge

Female Dwarf Fighter

(Chaotic Neutral)

Dirge is a very beautiful dwarf with long, red hair, and a very nice complexion. She is also very tall and thin, and is an excellent fighter. She laughs when she fights and almost always smiles. She is a humorous dwarf.

She has finely honed senses that allow her to react faster than others and avoid attacks with ease. She is often found in the taverns singing songs of her own creation, which is called the “Dirge Song.”

Her song helps fighters feel more powerful. She loves to fight very much, and will take on any challenge, as long as she’s paid well for it. Overall, she’s fun to be around and loyal once she starts to like you.

More About Dwarf Names in History

When it comes to fantasy dwarves, they are usually portrayed as being shorter than humans, have a stocky build, have beards, have a knack for mining, love alcohol, are gruff, and are usually seen wearing lots of gold and armor.

There are many different types of dwarves, but they are usually divided into two categories. The first are the “true” dwarves, which are the Dwarves of the Norse mythology. Others, like the Dwarves of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth join the Dwarves of the Warhammer universe, the Dwarves of Dragonlance, and the Dwarves of the Elder Scrolls universe.

The original legend of the dwarves has them as an underground race fond of stone and iron. Fantasy dwarves are also known for their great skills in the craft of forging. Dwarves are often portrayed as living underground in mountains or caves, crafting weapons, armor, and tools.

The Dwarves of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth are the greatest miners in the world, not to mention they have constructed large underground cities, where they live. Dwarves are also very fond of drinking, which is seen in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Their most famous ale is “Mead”.

The Dwarves of Dragonlance are are much bigger than the Dwarves of Tolkien’s Middle-earth. They are also much more powerful.

The Dwarves are short, stout, bearded humanoids. They are legendary miners and smiths. Their weapons are said to be made of the hardest metals.

20 Epic Male Dwarven Names

  1. Thorgar Frostbeard
  2. Drakken Stonehammer
  3. Gromli Fireforge
  4. Kharas Battleborn
  5. Ulfar Thunderaxe
  6. Zarnak Ironhide
  7. Harbek Blackfist
  8. Durim Flameheart
  9. Belgor Thunderhelm
  10. Fargrim Earthshaper
  11. Grimdal Leadfoot
  12. Norgar Alefury
  13. Rorik Silvervein
  14. Durgan Steelgrasp
  15. Thardin Onyxanvil
  16. Krudd Madcrag
  17. Groff Goldspire
  18. Urgnak Frostfoot
  19. Bromli Stonechest
  20. Kragnar Firehand

20 Epic Female Dwarven Names

  1. Beldis Emberbraid
  2. Thorna Graniteheart
  3. Kelda Axebearer
  4. Vistra Ironshield
  5. Fimrida Hardcheek
  6. Norla Goldspindle
  7. Gormlaith Silveraxe
  8. Tordis Flamehair
  9. Hledhild Stonefoot
  10. Eldrida Ironfist
  11. Jaspina Forgeflower
  12. Brynnhild Boulderbrow
  13. Zelga Frostflame
  14. Drusilda Mithrilbraids
  15. Thurguna Stonemaiden
  16. Eldeth Firebeard
  17. Organa Darkrock
  18. Helgret Ironhand
  19. Varnalda Sturdymace
  20. Ysra Earthspeaker

Free Dwarf Name Generator

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If you want more than my Dungeons & Dragons dwarf name generator, you can check out my DND backstory generator. You get random names, backstories, and more – all at the click of a button. Not all the names are dwarven sounding, but it’s easy enough to hit the button and get some more dwarf names and backstories.

(I’ve got another article about dwarven clan names…Clan names fall into several types usually, but I’ve made it easy by fleshing out the names and a little background on the clans.)

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