D&D Town and City Description Generator with AI

I’ve built a fairly decent town description generator. On this page, I’ve put together several examples of the output from LitRPG Adventures. Built with the GPT-3 API from OpenAI, it leverages the power of large language models and a neural net to produce some absolutely stunning town descriptions you can use in your D&D fantasy campaign. In addition, I’ve got some art from DALLE-2 (also from OpenAI.)

These D&D town description generator examples are suitable for other fine fantasy tabletop RPG systems like Pathfinder or even MERPs. (Yes, I’m old and have been gaming for a few decades!)

Now, on to the D&D town description generator examples!

Town Description Generator: 8 Examples

Here’s the eight descriptions of towns for your fantasy tabletop campaign!

O’Brien – Village Description

(Forest) (New Construction) (Dwarven) (Peaceful)


O’Brien is located inside a massive forest, in the middle of the wilderness. This forest is a small part of the largest forest on the whole planet of Oryx, called The Great Wanderer. The forest was named this because there are rumors that deep within the forest, walled off and hidden away, there is an ancient city that was once protected by a huge fence/wall that encompassed the city.

Over the time of its existence before it was completely forgotten, the city had been conquered and overtaken many times by many different armies and kingdoms. The last known ruler to occupy the city was a king named The Wanderer, who was betrayed and murdered by his own soldiers in the night. He was born a common soldier and was raised in poverty, and later became a master at warfare and tactics.

Although he conquered the city with an army of more than a hundred thousand soldiers, he ruled the city with wisdom and compassion. He died from unknown causes, but his last orders were to lay his body upon his throne, so that he could watch over his kingdom as a ghost and as a sort of protective spirit. Unlike other kings, he encouraged his subjects to be happy, to love one another, to be selfless, compassionate and unselfish. This is why he was dubbed The Wanderer.

Although he gave his subjects good times and made their lives easy, he regularly went out into his kingdom to help with their problems and build up their faith in him. His subjects realized that he was kind and caring, and they loved him very much. As he was laid to rest, he rested his head on his throne, which was said to be made of pure diamond.

As he rested, he became a spirit. He could not move his body, but he could see and hear. He watched over his subjects as they rebuilt his city in the time after his death. He whispered to them and gave them advice, and they realized that he was always watching over them.

They said that he walked through their city after their creation, and that if he had not given them orders to build upon this wooded area, then the city would not be where it is today. As the people built the city where he had decided to lay his body, he became a spirit and stayed with them for the rest of their lives.

However, after several generations, his presence faded away. His people went on and built a large wall around the city, then they placed turrets upon it. They were terrified of invasion, especially from other humans, because other humans had often attacked them in the past.

The threat of invasion was a very real threat then, because the humans did not have the technology they have now and they still lived in constant fear of invasion. The people believed that if they had the wall and the turrets, then they would be safe.

D&D Town Description Generator
D&D Town Description Generator (Image created with DALLE2 from OpenAI)

Ragonan – Village Description

(Oceanside) (Ancient) (Mountains) (Elven)


Ragonan is a large island on the eastern side of the world. It is a very old settlement, first founded as a city that was engulfing in a very large forest. The city was very old, and was legendary for its rich history and culture.

However, the city was destroyed during a terrible war that decimated the population, and this caused the city to crumble. The city was buried under the soil, and covered in trees. A group of survivors decided to live there, and formed a new city.

The new city was full of new people, and was very popular. Many people traveled to the city to take part in their activities. Eventually, this forced the new city to build up the walls, to keep out any unwelcome travelers.

A few hundred years after the new city’s founding, the city had grown enormously. It was a wealthy city, with a lot of gold and merchandise.

Many people began to move to the city, as it became one of the most important cities in the known world.

Ironton – Village Description

(Ruins) (New Construction) (Underground) (Forbidden)


The small village of Ironton is home to roughly six hundred people, all of which are human. The village was founded about one hundred and fifty years ago by a wealthy merchant who was looking for a way to expand his business.

He found the city, and quickly took it over. Ironton is a large city, and is home to many people. The city is a haven for many types of people, ranging from farmers to thieves. Ironton is split into four different sectors. The upper east quarter is home to the upper class, who live in large estate houses.

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The upper west quarter is home to the middle class, who live in small wooden houses with high wooden fences, keeping them from the dangerous side of the village, where the thieves and murderers lie.

The lower east quarter is home to the lower class, who live in small wooden huts, and the lower west quarter is home to the poor, who live in small huts made out of mud and sticks.


The village of Ironton was first founded approximately one hundred and forty years ago. The merchant that found the village, who was named Jerryn, was following a local merchant named Emeric.

Emeric had found the village roughly thirty years earlier and had tried to take it over, but was unable to, due to defensive walls around the village. Jerryn quickly overtook the village and siezed it in a year long battle, killing all of Emeric’s guards and men.

Jerryn took everyone’s homes and slaves, and used the slaves to work the land. Jerryn’s slaves were hard working and worked when they were told to work. They didn’t complain when they were whipped for being lazy, and they didn’t complain when they were brought into war.

Jerryn quickly became the top merchant in the entire world, selling his wares all over the world. Jerryn also started using his slaves and wealth to help countless villages that were in need.

Jerryn built numerous schools for young elves, dwarves and humans, which taught them the basics of mathematics, writing and reading. Jerryn built a large hospital in the center of Ironton, which was filled with doctors, who quickly healed people of any disease or sickness. Jerryn was a good man, and Ironton was built on his ideals.

Somanoth – Village Description

(Trading Hub) (Dwarven) (New Construction) (Forbidden)


Somanoth is a small, newly-founded dwarven village within the Glade Forest. The village is populated by roughly two hundred dwarves, who were formerly from the town of Tranthir that was overrun by goblins. The dwarves have come together to form a new village, where they can continue to work with each other and build for the future.

This new village is located in the very center of the Glade Forest, and is surrounded by dense foliage and dark shadows that make it hard to see more than two miles past the edge of the village. The dwarves have constructed this village to be as large as they can make it, and have cut down many of the trees that surround the village in order to make room for the new houses.

The dwarves at Somanoth are currently constructing a fort, which is meant to protect the village from attack. The dwarves are also working on constructing a temple, which is intended for use by members of the dwarven Pantheon. The dwarves practice mainly crafting, with a focus on furniture and fine weapons.

The dwarves have found a lot of good oak trees to work with, and have been using these trees as the main material in their crafting.

D&D Town Description Generator
D&D Town Description Generator (Image created with DALLE2 from OpenAI)

Zlatava – Village Description

(Good) (Human) (Forest) (Abandoned)


Zlatava is a large, ancient village that is abandoned, due to a great fire that spread through the village. The village was completely obliterated by the fire, and is now a charred ruin in the middle of the forest. The village is composed of stone, metal, and wood, and is now simply a shell of it’s former self.

It is home to a group of aggressive fire elementals. They inhabit the charred rubble of the village, and are unable to leave. They are a danger to anyone who comes within range of the village. They are known to attack anyone who comes within a few hundred feet.


Zlatava was once a grand village. It was home to thousands upon thousands of people. The village was built with stone, metal, and wood. The buildings were made of stone, and the streets were paved with stone. The village was a vibrant, overcrowded place, without any good sanitation.

All of the waste from the town was thrown into the river flowing through the village. The river carried the trash away, and soon, the river became polluted. Insects flocked to the insect-infested river, and soon, the insects spread throughout the land.

A deadly disease spread through the village, killing off nearly half of the town’s population. A great fire then spread through the town, destroying the majority of the town’s buildings. The fire killed off nearly every person in the town. Those who were able to flee fled to other countries. The village was then abandoned forever.

Hylar – Village Description

(Fortified) (Castle) (Lakeside) (Clean)


Hylar is a fortified village that has been around for centuries. The village is clean, but has a population of less than one hundred. The city walls are made of stone, and have been built to defend the city in case of attack.

There are nearly one hundred remanants of the Rebel Army that have been formed into a militia. The city is clean, but has a large garbage problem that the militia is trying to solve.

The town has a small lake with fish in it, and there is a fisherman’s boat dock in the village. The village is governed by the mayor, and is lead by an advisory counsel. There are no festivals, but there are celebrations that occur in the village.


The village of Hylar was originally a fishing village that had been there for centuries. A small group of elite guards that had been formed during the Rebel Wars had moved into the village after the war ended. These guards had stayed in the village for years, and formed a militia.

The militia protected Hylar against bandits and murderers that would come from other villages and from other cities. The city started to grow as the militia grew, and it became known as a city. There was no ruler, and the city was ruled by an advisory counsel that was made up of the soldiers in the militia.

After the advisory counsel ruled, the king of the neighboring city was able to take over the city, and was able to rule it using the laws that were written down by the advisory counsel.

D&D Town Description Generator (Image created with DALLE2 from OpenAI)
D&D Town Description Generator (Image created with DALLE2 from OpenAI)

Hasp – Village Description

(Good) (Clean) (Ruins) (Forest)


The village of Hasp is a small village located on the edge of a Mountainous forest. It is well laid out with nice lawns, and neat streets. However, It is a forested area with a lot of trees. The villagers have been attacked several times by wildlife, making the village feel a bit more sinister.

However, It has a very clean appearance because of the amount of small businesses that have recently moved in to the town. One of the nicest aspects of the village is the small lake that allows for fishing and sailing. The lake helps to give the village its peaceful, relaxing feel.

The village sits between two great mountain ranges, making it difficult to reach, but easy to protect. The village is home to two inns, a blacksmith, and a fair amount of small homes.

Dwarven Castle Town Description Generator (Image created with DALLE2 from OpenAI)
Dwarven Castle Town Description Generator (Image created with DALLE2 from OpenAI)

Ronduril – Village Description

(Forbidden) (Farmland) (Castle) (Dwarven)


The village is quite a big village, with a large population. The village is located in a valley, and surrounded by mountains, in the kingdom of Grabisco. It is a farming village, with a few big farms, and a few small farms. The people in the village help each other with their chores, as it is hard to do everything on your own. The people are very friendly, and are willing to help you out if you need it. The church has tried to wipe out the village on many occasions, but the people can’t be defeated that easily. The people from the nearby castle try to cause trouble for the village, but with the help of the adventurers, the people that live there can fight back.


The village of Ronduril used to be known as Nergal. The village was populated by humans and dwarves. The people from Nergal were known for their fearsome defense of their village, and were able to fend off most invaders.

The people were also known for being very intelligent, and for having built a few different types of machines around the village. Nergal was very big, and had a lot of people living there. The village used to be in the kingdom of Grabisco, but after some years, the king of Grabisco decided to wipe out the village.

He did this by sending a large force of soldiers to attack the village. It was deemed a bloodbath, and the village was destroyed. Some of the people survived and fled to what is today known as Ronduril. The people that founded Ronduril were the ones who were able to escape the destruction of Nergal.

They made a new village in the nearby mountains, and named it after the old village. They rebuilt Ronduril to be stronger than Nergal. The people are stronger now too, and are better equipped than their ancestors. They have been able to fight off many attacks from nearby villages and from the kings own troops.

The king from Grabisco has now exiled the people of Ronduril, and they will never be allowed to return to Grabisco. Ronduril is now under the rule of the Dwarven King Aamanadur.

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