100 Things Found in a Wizard’s Pocket

Feel free to use this list for D&D, Pathfinder, or your own favorite tabletop RPG. I’ve put together a list of 100 unique things you can find in a wizard’s pocket. Some are silly, some are dangerous, and some are just outright odd. In any case, change them as you see fit as a DM. I hope you enjoy the list.

D100 Things Found in a Wizard’s Pocket

  1. An odd smelling piece of cheese that has been magically enchanted to move around but only when no one is looking.
  2. A small brass bell with a red ribbon tied around it. If you shake the bell, it casts Sleep on anyone in a 30′ radius, including the one ringing the bell, unless a save vs. Spells is made.
  3. A small, glass vial containing a blue liquid. If exposed to the air, the liquid will disappear.
  4. A small, flat, wooden disc with a hole in it and a string attached to it. When the string is pulled and the disc placed against a hard surface, it will turn into a random creature of the same level of the magic user which will fight on your behalf.
  5. A small chunk of stone which, when thrown, glows and turns into a boulder of the same size.
  6. A small piece of paper with words written upon it. If the paper is read, it will cast a random first level spell.
  7. A piece of leather formed into the shape of a glove. It will shrink to fit any hand. The glove will fit either hand.
  8. A small piece of wood that resembles a tiny broom.
  9. A small metal box that holds four squirming white worms. The worms will try to crawl into things, mostly ears or noses, and will cause the person to go blind unless they save vs. Poison if one is ingested.
  10. A small metal tube with a cap on one end that is marked with a skull and crossbones. When the cap is removed, it will cast a random second level spell.
  11. A note about a powerful enemy that the wizard has wronged and who is seeking revenge.
  12. A small glass jar containing a pair of red lips. The lips will move, as if speaking, but no sound will be heard.
  13. Half of an amulet, the other half is possessed by someone who is an enemy of the wizard. The two are no longer best friends.
  14. A small brass tube with a cap. When the cap is opened, the tube will emit a beam of light that will cause a ten-foot rod of solid ice to appear.
  15. A small leather pouch containing twenty-four red and green beads. They are not magical.
  16. A small ivory dragon figurine that, when rubbed, will cast a random third level spell once. The mage made it for a birthday party but promptly forgot about it.
  17. Some lint.
  18. Intelligent lint with an attitude.
  19. Two dried lemons.
  20. A small, leather pouch containing a handful of silver dust. The dust is magical and will place the spell Grease on any surface that it is sprinkled on.
  21. A long, thin piece of string that is looped at one end. At the other end, it will be tied in a knot.
  22. A small, wooden figure of an Elf that is very old and very fragile.
  23. A small, carved wooden dog that will bark and wag its tail when you take hold of it.
  24. A glass bottle filled with a green liquid that may have been wine at one time. It smells like a cross between moldy milk and rancid cheese. When exposed to air, the liquid will vanish.
  25. A small, old and ragged piece of gray cotton cloth. If placed on the hands and rubbed vigorously, it will cast a random Burning Hands as a seventh level mage one time.
  26. A small blue stone that, when held in the hand and rubbed, will cast a random third level spell once only on night with a full moon.
  27. A small mirror in a leather case. The mirror will only show a reflection of someone the wizard has wronged.
  28. A small gold ring that once belonged to a king. It is set with a large, flawless ruby. When the ring is worn, the user becomes invisible.
  29. A small glass ball filled with water and sealed with wax. If the wax is melted away, the water will vanish.
  30. A small piece of heavy parchment with a strange rune drawn in the middle of it. It’s just a doodle, but it looks ominous.
  31. A small, silver ring. When worn, the ring will glow and the wearer will become immune to lycanthropy.
  32. A small, glass vial filled with a clear liquid. The liquid will dissolve into a magical acid and explode if exposed to the air. Those within 5′ will take 2d10 damage unless they make a saving throw.
  33. A small piece of purple felt, the size of a hand, with tiny holes throughout its surface. When the felt is held up to the face and inhaled, it will cast Charm Person as a seventh level mage.
  34. A small, wooden toy that looks like a sheep with a clock pendulum set in its rear.
  35. A small glass bottle filled with a gray, pungent smelling liquid.
  36. A small piece of wood that is shaped like a fish with a string tied through it to form a loop.
  37. A small glass vial filled with a black, oily liquid.
  38. A small bronze disc with a hole in it and a leather thong through the hole.
  39. A small, glass vial filled with a blue liquid. If the vial is smashed and the fluid is exposed to air, it will disappear.
  40. A small piece of glass in a silver setting. If the glass is shattered into tiny pieces, the silver setting will become a dagger that casts Fireball as a seventh level mage once.
  41. An unstrung bow with a broken string. The string may be magically repaired but the owner must make a saving throw vs. Spells or become angry with the mage for casting a first level spell on him.
  42. A small, purple, silk bag containing three dried peas.
  43. A bowstring.
A small, wooden magical foot that is painted to look realistic and can step and kick in all directions.
  1. A small, wooden magical foot that is painted to look realistic and can step and kick in all directions.
  2. A small, wooden fish that will swim through the air and water when tossed into either.
  3. A small glass bottle with a white, milky-looking substance inside. If the bottle is smashed and the liquid is exposed to air, it will smell really bad for 100 years in that spot.
  4. A piece of parchment with a red wax seal. The seal is broken but appears to have originally had a large letter “K” on it.
  5. A small, glass bottle with a cork and a copper wire attached to it.
  6. A small black piece of felt that covers the palm of the hand. It’s very dirty.
  7. A small, iron ring. When the ring is worn, a blast of wind will sweep the person up and deposit them somewhere else, up to 50ft away.
  8. A small, clear, glass vial filled with a swirling green liquid. When broken, anyone within 10′ will pass out for 6 hours. No save.
  9. A small brass fish-shaped whistle with a hole through it. If blown, the whistle will call down a rain of food from the sky.
  10. A small, iron key that fits a small iron door in the closet. The door leads to a place of safety in a pocket dimension if you can ever find the door.
  11. A small, wooden bird that says things in a strange language. It’s got a foul mouth.
  12. A crumpled up piece of parchment with a crude drawing of a leech on it.
  13. A small, hand-sized, wooden carving of a sheep. The sheep is on a spring and will either bob its head up and down or side to side. It’s pretty cute.
  14. A small piece of leather with an owl’s feather tied to it. The feather is magical and will shed enough light for night vision for eight hours if placed where there is no light.
  15. A small, glass vial filled with a thick, yellow-green liquid. If exposed to air, the liquid will turn into a strange, odorless, yellow-green gas that smells like rotten eggs. If inhaled, the person will begin to lose their sense of smell very gradually over the next 4 years.
  16. A small bag of salt. No idea what this is for.
  17. A small, metal-bound book with no title or name of the author. The contents of the book are all blank pages except for the last page which says “I’ve found something that can give us infinite power! Let’s do it!”
  18. A small, blue glass bottle filled with a dark blue liquid. When the bottle is opened, the liquid will attempt to climb out and drip down on the person’s clothes and armor. If enough liquid is exposed to air or comes in contact with metal, it will permanently stain the clothes and armor. It’s an ink mimic.
  19. Two small, wooden dolls that look like goblins. If the two dolls are thrown into a campfire, they will burst into flame and a real goblin will appear.
  20. A copper amulet that has tiny, smelted pieces of gold in it.
  21. A small leather pouch filled with a magical powder that will make water flow upstream.
  22. A small, blue obsidian stone with veins of white crystal in it. Putting it in one’s mouth will allow them to begin speaking in a language they have never learned.
  23. A piece of paper with a crude drawing of a horse on it. When the paper is held up, the horse will say a random sentence in a language the holder knows.
  24. Four sticks of wood that look like they have been chewed on by mice. If burned, they will release a gas that will attract rats within 100 yards. They will fight for their lives.
  25. A small, squared piece of stone. When pushed up against a wall, it will stick to the wall until pulled off.
  26. A small vial of clear, oily liquid. If the liquid touches fire or the person’s skin, it will ignite and burn for 24 hours.
  27. A hand-sized, metal image of a woman holding a sword and shield. The woman appears to be staring off into the distance.
  28. A small, blue glass bottle with a silver stopper. The stopper is very loose and will fall out when shaken. If the stopper falls out, the bottle will begin to leak a trail of lightning across the ground. This is merely an illusion.
  29. A small, blue stone with white veins in it that makes your teeth feel fuzzy when you hold it. If held for more than a fortnight, the person holding it will permanently lose one point of intelligence. The stone is cursed, and the person who has it will not want to get rid of it until the curse is broken.
  30. Parchment with a coded message on it. The message is actually a long forgotten shopping list of the wizard.
  31. Fifteen small seeds that look like a cross between an apple seed and a tomato seed. If planted, they will grow into very small trees in ten minutes. Each tree will bear one fruit per day. The fruit is a cross between a tomato and an apple.
  32. A small bottle containing a liquid that will dissolve silvered weapons and armor if it comes into contact with them.
  33. A spool of silvery-white thread. The thread can be used to gently tie or bind a creature. It is magically strong.
  34. A small piece of wood with an eagle’s talon nailed to it. The talon is magical and can be used to store one’s life force for a period of up to one week.
  35. A small, green glass bottle with a cork in it. The bottle is filled with a clear liquid. The liquid turns into gas when exposed to air and makes those who inhale it sleep for two hours unless they make a save.
  36. Two half-eaten apple cores.
  37. A small, metal-bound book written in Sylvan. It appears to be several fairy tales.
  38. A small, red stone that is unnaturally heavy but otherwise not magical.
  39. An old key with a silver tag that looks like a dragon. The tag says, “To my son, the bravest dragon.”
  40. A small, silver locket with a hammered-out dent. It contains a single strand of what looks like human hair. The strand is black. It’s magical. The locket will only open when touched by a human with an evil alignment. The locket itself is magical.
  41. A small wooden box with a blue velvet lining. Inside is an ivory comb with silver teeth. If run through the hair, it will always make the person look handsome.
  42. A small, yellowish, glass ball. If thrown against a hard surface, it will shatter and leave a yellow glow where it lands.
  43. A small, leather pouch that contains mouse bones. They’re very old.
  44. A small, red stone with a hole drilled through it. It’s not magical but it looks cool.
  45. A tiny, yellow coconut shell, results of a spell experiment that went wrong.
  46. A small, round piece of silver that looks like a flattened coin. The silver piece is magical and has a notch that will always point north.
  47. A very small, blue-gray stone that glows faintly when an orc is near.
  48. A miniature glass swan that appears to be made of blue glass.
  49. A small cloth doll that looks like a druid.
  50. A small, glass vial of clear fluid. If the fluid is exposed to air for more than an hour, it turns into a thick, red liquid that will magically transform into wine.
  51. A large piece of blue crystal.
  1. A tin can filled with a gray powder. If thrown into a fire, the smoke created by the burning will make creatures within 15′ fall asleep unless they make a save.
  2. A small, silver pendant with a face of a halfling on it. The face has a small chip in it. The pendant is magical. The pendant will always point towards the location of the nearest halfling village.
  3. A small piece of paper with a crude drawing of a hawk on it. If the paper is held up to the sky and the sun is behind the viewer, the shadow of the hawk will fly across the land and hunt for prey.
  4. A small, silver bell. If it is rung, any elves within a mile will hear it and become annoyed.
  5. A small, round piece of black obsidian. When thrown into a pool of water, the obsidian will create a huge, black bubble that will sink and pull everything in the water down with it, sucking the lake and its contents dry.
  6. A brass token engraved with a picture of an hourglass. When flipped into the air, the token will always land on its bottom.

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