100 Breads, Muffins, and Baked Goods

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This is a list of 100 baked goods for a fantasy tabletop RPG like D&D or Pathfinder.

1) Rainbow Cakes – Rich fruit cakes with berries baked into the batter that are then topped with a layer of sugar.

2) Monkey Muffins – Sweet, fruity muffins with wooly monkey faces pressed into them before they were baked; used as treats for young children.

3) Curse-Be-Gone Cookies – Large frosted sugar cookies covered in ground poppy seeds and said to be able to lift curses (though proof is hard to find).

4) Tarrin Cookies – Thin wafers formed into the shape of tarrasques’ heads with either raspberry jam or honey filling inside them; popular among tarrasque hunters as good luck charms.

5) Vulture Biscuits – Two round crackers sandwiching an almond paste filling with an apricot glaze on top that is made to resemble the head of a vulture; made with an apricot glaze.

6) Cherry Buns – Small, soft, sweet breads with cherry jam baked into them.

7) Sugar Dumplings – This halfling mid-morning treat consists of soft, white bread rolls stuffed with a blend of sugar and rose water.

8) Rhinewing Cookies – Wafer thin cookies made with flour, sugar and egg whites; said to resemble the scales of the mythical rhinewing dragon.

9) Griddle Cakes – Small pancakes made using just flour, salt and water that are cooked on a griddle.

10) Pigeon Cakes – A small doughnut-like pastry soaked in sweetened corn milk or honey that is then rolled in dried currants before being served warm.

11) Blackberry Tartlets – Sweet, flaky pastry shell with a thick layer of blackberry jam in the center.

12) Sea Captain Buns – A rich bun with raisins, currants and butter baked into it then brushed with warm honey after being baked.

13) Goat Droppings – Chocolate covered balls of goat’s milk pudding covered in powdered sugar; made to resemble cow dung.

14) Honeybiscuits – Biscuits made using wheat flour or barley flour along with egg wash and honey to sweeten them before being baked in an oven.

15) Ice-Candy Popsicle Cookies – These small cookies are made using shortening, eggs, egg whites and sugar before being formed into the shape of popsicles that are then deep fried then coated in powdered sugar or chocolate frosting.

16) Chocolate-Cinnamon-Chip Biscuits – These light biscuit are made using flour, sugar, eggs and butter before being baked; the cinnamon is added to them while they’re still hot.

17) Hardtack Sweetbreads – Hardtack sweetbreads are small pieces of hard bread that have been boiled in water or milk then drizzled with honey or sugar; popular among soldiers on the road.

18) Pecan Bombs – Small round balls of cookie dough filled with chunks of pecans surrounded by a thick layer of melted chocolate brownies after being rolled in powdered sugar.

19) Chocofluff Cookies – These soft cookies are made using wheat flour, coconut oil and cocoa powder before being rolled in powdered sugar then baked in an oven until crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

20) Maple Pecan Waffles – These waffles are made using a mix of wheat flour and corn meal along with maple syrup and pecans before being cooked in a waffle iron then rolled in powdered sugar.

21) Dove Fritters – Deep fried pastries that have been sweetened with honey or sugar before being coated in ground poppy seeds; said to resemble the dove’s heart as well as bringing good luck to those who eat them.

22) Flamingo Cookies – Small soft cookies made using egg yolks, honey, butter and powdered egg whites drizzled over them after they’ve been placed on a baking sheet; said to bring good luck to those who eat them.

23) Man Feathers – Crispelle is a light pastry that’s made using egg whites, sugar, flour and cinnamon then rolled into logs then placed in an oven to bake; said to resemble the soft feathers of a man.

24) Candied Goat Legs – These small candies are made using goat’s milk cooked down until it’s thick and caramelized before being placed on top of a shortbread biscuit.

25) Chocolate-Covered Chocolaty Treats – Very sweet, very chocolaty treats that consist of small balls made from chocolate that have been drizzled with melted chocolate then sprinkled with powdered sugar.

26) Fruity Fae Loaf – This sweet loaf with a custard filling is also topped with cherry jam, raisins and chocolate chips; said to taste like the flavor of faeries.

27) Dew Drop Biscuits – These biscuits are made using flour, sugar and butter then rolled in ground poppy seeds before being baked in an oven; said to resemble the dew drops that were left behind after faeries flew away.

28) Chocolate-Peanut Butter Pastries – These small pastries are made using butter or shortening, wheat flour and chopped peanuts before being rolled into logs then placed in an oven to bake.

29) Chocopuff Cookies – Small chocolaty cookies made using egg powder, water and cocoa powder before being rolled in powdered sugar; popular among children who like them because few adults can resist them either.

30) Strawberry-Jam Biscuits – Flaky biscuits which are filled with strawberry jam and rolled in sugar; said to look a lot like little strawberries.

31) Lemon-Biscuit Cake – This cake is made using a rich lemon custard mixed with sugar, egg whites and flour before being placed between layers of lemon biscuits.

32) Apple Pie – An apple pie made by placing thinly sliced apples on top of a sweet crust then rolling it into a log before baking it in an oven to create the popular dessert.

33) Blueberry Muffins – These small muffins are packed full of blueberries and have been rolled in cornmeal for extra flavor; said to taste remarkably close to the blueberry pies common at inns around the realm.

34) Rhubarb Pie – A pie made from rhubarb and a thick, sweet filling that combines sugar and water then is sprinkled with cinnamon on top of the crust.

35) Mint Julep Cakes – These cakes are made using butter, eggs, sugar and vanilla before being placed in an oven to bake until they’re golden brown. On top of the cake is a thick layer of buttercream frosting which is flavored to taste like mint juleps.

36) Lemon-Cheese Cake – This cake is prepared by first mixing together flour, salt and powdered milk then adding powdered eggs to create a flatbread that’s spread with lemon juice into which sugar has been dissolved while it’s still hot. The flatbread is baked until it’s crispy before being placed on top of beaten eggs mixed with lemon zest which have been blessed by wood elves.

37) Halfling Raspberry Soup – This summer dish is delightful and contains a variety of berries but primarily raspberries. It’s thickened by using flour and gelatin to create a soup with the consistency of gravy.

38) Chunk-Style Cherry Pie – A cherry pie made by cutting large chunks of cherries before placing them in thick pastry crust before baking the dish in an oven until it’s golden brown.

39) Apple-Pie Biscuits – These biscuits are made using flour, sugar, butter and apple slices then rolled into logs before being placed in an oven to bake until they’re golden brown.

40) Gnome Cakes – This hard, dense cake is made using flour, water and sugar then baked in an oven until it’s golden brown. On top of the cake is a layer of frosting with a hint of cinnamon which is created by beating together egg whites and powdered sugar before adding vanilla extract to taste.

41) Carrot-Mint Cake – A cake that’s made with chopped carrots, water and powdered eggs before being placed in an oven to bake until it’s golden brown. On top of the cake is a thick layer of buttercream frosting flavored to taste like mint leaves.

42) Strawberry Rhubarb Pastry – This pastry is made using wheat flour mixed with powdered eggs then rolled into a flatbread before being placed on top of mashed strawberries touched by fae creatures. It has been sprinkled with powdered sugar for extra sweetness before being placed in an oven to bake until it’s golden brown.

43) Chocolate Sugar Cookies – These small sugar cookies are made using butter, powdered sugar and cocoa powder before being rolled out into logs then placed in an oven to bake until they’re golden brown.

44) Peppermint Cake – A cake made from peppermint candy which is crushed and mixed with flour, powdered eggs and water to create a batter which is poured into a flatbread mold before being baked in an oven until it’s golden brown. On top of the cake is a thick layer of buttercream frosting flavored to taste like mint leaves.

45) Elmoor’s Raisin Cakes – These pastries are banned in most kingdoms because they cause hallucinations of monstrous creatures. The cakes are made from flour, sugar and raisins before being baked in an oven to create a hard cake that’s then cursed by a shaman, preferably goblin.

46) Cake of the Demigods – These elven cakes are made from flour, sugar and eggs then placed in an oven to bake until they’re golden brown. On top of the cake is a thick layer of buttercream frosting flavored to taste like cinnamon.

47) Dumplings – These dumplings are made using a mix of aniseed and other spices before being wrapped around balls of goat cheese which have been soaked in white wine; the mixture is then placed into boiling water where it cooks for several minutes; most types of dumplings can be served with either hot or cold sauce.

48) Jellied Moose Hooves – A gelatin made with powdered hooves that’s said to look like moose feet; it’s especially popular among goblins and trolls because they love the texture and smell.

49) Maple Cake – A cake flavored with maple syrup which is created by cooking down leaves of maple trees until they caramelize; it’s made from flour, sugar, eggs and maple candy then baked in an oven until it’s golden brown. On top of the cake is a thick layer of buttercream frosting flavored to taste like maple syrup.

50) Gingered Pear Pie – A pear pie made by placing thinly sliced pears on top of a sweet crust then rolling the resulting log into a cylinder before baking the concoction in an oven to create a popular dessert.

51) Ambrosia – This pudding is made using powdered milk and gelatin to create a thick pudding which can be served hot or cold topped with fresh fruit slices for extra flavor.

52) Brown Bread Pudding – A bread pudding that uses stale bread as its foundation containing raisins, butter and milk which has been blessed by wood elves; it’s especially popular among halflings who love its tender texture.

53) Chocolate Elf Loaf Dessert – This dessert uses shortbread biscuits as its base topped with strawberries smeared with chocolatey batter before being sprinkled with powdered sugar; said to taste like faeries because of this particular spice blend used when flavoring it after baking – cinnamon seems to make everything magically delicious!

54) Fruit Bread Loaves – These tiny loaves of bitter, fruit-filled bread are cheap to make and are popular among orphans because it’s hard to mess them up.

55) Fruit-Filled Bread – This bread is made using raisins, eggs, powdered sugar and flour before being placed in an oven to bake until it’s golden brown. On top of the bread is a thick layer of buttercream frosting flavored to taste like cherries.

56) Sweet Cherry Tarts – A sweet and tart dessert consisting of fruit and dough rolled into a log before being baked in an oven; said to be especially magical due to mountain dwarves who bless the recipe with their famous Stone-Heart Blessing – which makes the final product more flavorful since they’re blessed with earth magic which gives everything they touch extra flavor by making it intrinsically magical for several hours. The blessing also renders the dish forbidden but only if elves try to eat it as their digestive systems cannot digest this particular blend of stone magic without suffering from severe stomach pains resulting in vomiting or diarrhea.

57) Ripe Cherry Pies – A sweet pie made with cherries, sugar, eggs and butter with a sweet crust to create an incredibly popular dessert during the summer months when cherry season arrives. Popular withthe Western tribes of nomads because of its bittersweet taste.

58) Halcyon Bread – This standard loaf of whole wheat made with twelve grains and topped with black caraway seeds is baked in an oven for an hour before it’s served with sweet butter and honey; said to taste like paradise and thusly named.

59) Oak Bread – This loaf of sourdough made from rye flour, water and a wild yeast starter that’s left to ferment overnight is popular among dwarves because of its slightly malty flavor. Best served with wild cheese for meals during the winter months when entire families sleep in the cave system while tending underground farms during this cold season.

60) Basil Bread – A loaf of bread made from rye flour, thyme, eggs, garlic cloves and basil leaves which are all mixed together before being baked in an oven until golden brown; popular among mountain tribes who add a pinch of dried flowers into the mix to make it a colorful treat perfect for stomach aches during their travels across snow fields in often hostile terrain.

61) Cinnamon Bun Loaves – These little loaves use raisins instead of cherries then wrapped inside a twisted spiral going up then down into one big circle where they’re finally baked inside an oven until they’re done; said to taste almost exactly the same as cinnamon buns people eat on Earth but way cheaper since they have no milk or butter added – just spices!

62) Cherry Bread – This sweet bread is made with cherries, eggs, butter and vanilla.

63) Cornbread – Cornbread is also known as corn dodger.

64) Palenta Loaf – Made from ground raw corn which is cooked in lime water to make it soft enough to grind into a dough then baked inside an oven until it’s ready, this bread has a chewy outer shell with a gooey center.

65) Chickpea Flour Breads – These are baked goods made from flour that chickpeas are ground into then mixed with water or milk then added into the batter along with spices before being baked inside an oven.

66) Berry Muffins – These muffins incorporate plenty of berries and milk including the creamy goodness of buttermilk – which makes them very moist – before being baked inside an oven until done; said to taste similar to blueberry muffins people eat on Earth but slightly more craggy outside and often served warm or room temperature depending on how long they’ve been out of the oven… although reheating muffins by putting them back in their original tin can result in some soggy products so be warned!

67) Buckwheat Cake – These little cakes are made from buckwheat flour then baked inside an oven until they’re crispy on the outside and soft inside. They’re nutty tasting yet still have a mild sweetness to them.

68) Butter Tarts – These small tarts are made from butter, sugar and eggs then baked inside an oven until the bottoms become golden brown; very popular with Canadians since they’re some of the healthiest treats you can eat on a cold winter day – who doesn’t like warm pastries during those long and harsh winters?

69) Tamale Composite (Seven Layer Muffin) – This layered cake is made from cornmeal masa which is cooked first before using about one cup of it for each layer along with ground beef, tomatoes, cheese and onions between each layer for a total of seven layers per cake. It’s then topped off with chiles or jalapenos depending on preference with some having all kinds of different kinds too!

70) Pizza Scrolls – These scrolls are also known as naan breads served in Bartlegaard where they’re made by grilling a sheet of dough on a pizza frame over charcoal — similar to how pizzas were once cooked centuries ago — before being slathered with tomato sauce and other toppings including fresh mozzarella cheese crumbles, oregano leaves and sliced basil leaves.

71) Carrot Cake – This cake is made from flour, eggs, sugar and carrots which are all cooked inside an oven before being served with vanilla icing on top; said to taste similar to carrot cake on Earth but often way moister than on our planet which is mostly due to the humid environment of most of the surface continents here.

72) Doughnut Squares – These squares are sometimes called Monkey Bread on the eastern continents where they’re made from sweet dough that’s first mixed then rolled out into a large cylinder before all the pieces are baked inside an oven until golden brown; sometimes served alongside maple syrup too.

73) Pineapple Upside-Down Cake – This cake is made with pineapple slices, upside-down cookies, butter and brown sugar. It is usually served warm or room temperature after being baked inside an oven for about half an hour until golden brown.

74) Coffee Cakes (Coffeeshop Cakes) – These cakes are made with flour, sugar and coffee then topped off with icing; popular among bakeries that sell their products straight out of their own shops along main streets in city centers or placed right outside specialty butchers’ shops in marketplaces too!

75) Maple Pecan Pie – This pie is made from pecans, maple syrup and a whole lot of butter before being baked inside an oven for a few hours until it’s ready then served with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

76) Bananas Foster – These bananas are first sliced then sautéed in butter before being mixed with brown sugar and cinnamon after which the mixture is lavishly poured over the sliced fruit inside a ramekin or other baking dish before being baked inside an oven until done.

77) Apple Muffins – These muffins are made from flour, sugar, eggs, salt and apples then brushed with melted butter or oil then dropped into hot oil inside a deep pot where they’re fried until golden brown.

78) Apple Strudel – These strudels are made from flour, sugar and butter then tightly wrapped around apples before being baked inside an oven for at least an hour until the pastry is golden brown.

79) Sugar Donuts – Made from yeast or milk that’s been mixed then topped off with melted butter and sugar; even though it has much less sugar than other pastries like donuts and croissants its still one of the most popular treats you can find in bakeries all over Bartlegada due to its sweet taste!

80) Custard Pep-Tarts – These tarts were invented by a pastry chef named Vincent Vorkenmorg who was known for adding custard into sweet tart shells to create the delectable treat known as pep-tarts; although most people make these tartlets with miniature crusts it’s still fun to eat them in whatever size you like since they do tend to be really scrumptious.

81) Macaroons (Macaroon Cookies) – These cookies are made from ground almonds then mixed with egg whites, sugar and vanilla before being baked inside an oven; said to taste similar to coconut macaroons on Earth but often way better since most people use fresh coconut meat here rather than dried shredded pieces.

82) Butter Almond Bread – Well loved by the dwarves of the inner kingdom, this bread is often served with butterscotch or red bean jam and well as honey and other types of fresh jams too.

83) Jergen Bread – This staple of the known world is a hearty white bread that’s toasted then rubbed with a generous helping of butter then eaten with jam, honey or the meats from wild animals hunted in the heart of winter when fresh meat from laartha deer and other animals become scarce.

84) Raisin Oatmeal Bread – This oat-based recipe requires loads of raisins before it’s baked in an oven. The texture is similar to gnome arkin-bread, but the human version has less of a herbal taste to it.

85) Peanut Butter Cookies – Popular with children, these cookies are made from flour, sugar, eggs and peanut butter before being dropped into hot oil where its quickly fried until golden brown.

86) Tartlets – These tartlets are a popular treat among the gnomes of the Etherian Empire since they’re well suited for any occasion be it a wedding or a funeral – just ask any tarot card reader who visits the place too often!

87) Wizard’s Apple Pie – Though this pie consists mostly of apples baked inside pastry shells, some people will take an apple pie and add custard to it to create apple parfaits which is quite delicious yet odd looking at first glance., much like most wizards, hence the name.

88) Piker Bread – This donut-shaped loaf of bread is a cross between a bagel and an English muffin however its texture has a unique flavor to it since the flour used to create it is infused with powdered rose petals to give it a subtle yet delicious flavor that’s hard not have have around due to its popularity, even among people who don’t eat bread!

89) Cornerstone Loaves – This hearty six grain bread is loved by people due its nutty flavor and the fact that it’s baked with just enough salt to accentuate each grain in the recipe.

90) Gnomeberry Jam Crackers – Said to taste similar apple-flavored wafers, these crackers are crunchy biscuits made from flour, butter and sugar then baked in an oven for around 15 minutes where they’re baked until both golden brown and slightly burnt giving them a sweet yet bitter taste.

91) Herbed Bread With Mint Jelly – A staple among people who live in the Itharian Empire this bread has a herb-like scent that makes bakers extra popular among many customers, even though most of that popularity is generated by gnomes who love to eat mint jelly on their breads ever since they were introduced to mint during ancient times when humans first discovered Netherworld after clearing out ancient ruins.

92) Brownie Pudding Cookies – These brownies are packed with chocolate chips before being dropped into hot oil where they’re fried until golden brown while soaking up any water left behind from the pudding filling inside them; why would you get your pie crust wet anyway? .

93) Candied Apple Oatmeal Cookies – This delightfully nutty oatmeal cookie is encased within two thin graham cracker sheets then coated with either white or dark chocolate then sprinkled with candied apples which have been covered in cornstarch before being dehydrated for twenty minutes inside an oven at medium heat. After being removed from said oven said cookies are allowed to cool for at least thirty minutes before being sold to customers.

93) Puffelberry Pie – This delightfully sweet oatmeal pie is often made with puffelberries, blackberries or blueberries; the human version is only made with puffelberries since most humans don’t like the taste of mescaline which can be found in mescaline-rich berries.

94) Cinamin Rolls – These rolls are a cross between cinnamon buns and cinnamon rolls; when they’re hot they’re baked in an oven then covered with a cinnamon glaze, until their surface has hardened. .

95) Topsy Turvy Fruit Pies – Similar to apple pies these pies have a spiral shape to them due to being made from leftover scraps of dough found after making other kitchen creations such as pizzas or a variety of cob-like upside down cakes which can be sold for cheap prices so that people who don’t have money can still get something sweet at least once per day since it costs next to nothing to create one!

96) Pinecone Cakes – These pinecone-shaped cookies are rolled into balls before being dropped into hot oil where they’re quickly fried until golden brown then coated with sugar icing which makes the eggs fluff up, while maintaining its original shape- despite the fact that it looks like a pine cone rather than an egg!

97) Swanberry Rolls – Though most bakers will make swanberry rolls using the same recipe as the swanberry pie these rolls taste slightly different since they tend not be made from mixed berries only from pure blueberries plus sugar plus puffelberries plus other ingredients found inside said recipes, therefore you’ll find that if you mix these ingredients together in different ways you will end up with either blueberries or purple ones because products simply affect flavors differently depending on what goes into or onto them. .

98) King’s Bread – This bread is a staple among the people who live in the noble district of the Itharian Empire, although it’s still extremely popular all over Bartlegada due to its rich taste and exciting texture since you don’t need a noble title to get your hands on some bread since bread doesn’t have an opinion about who eats it!

99) Blueberry Fruit Pies – One of several fruit pies that can be found in the Etherian Empire which are said to taste just as good as they look, these two-inch thick circular fruit pies are made from a simple blueberry filling inside pastry shells. Some Eurians add dark chocolate chips into these pies before being baked giving them a rich flavor while puffelberry pie recipes need pure blueberry juices behind them for added flavor.

100) Gingerbread Halfling House – This spice flavored cake is sculpted by architects who use honey plus butter plus brown sugar then mix it up with ground ginger before being baked inside an oven where they’re quickly cooled for ten minutes before being sprinkled with silver powder using silver spatulas that have been polished after each use, then decorated however you like next adding tiny glass balls or candy pieces into each hole or gap within your newly decorated house along with colorful candy coated spoons so human, dwarven, and elven kids can eat their gingerbread houses once they’ve run out of icing! Halflings find this pastry offensive.