100+ Centaur Name Generator Samples

Here’s a list of I created with my centaur name generator. You can use the centaur names in your fantasy tabletop campaign. If you love RPG, you should check out my free online centaur name generator to create even more. I created it with GPT-3 from OpenAI, and it has thousands of centaur names you can generate. You can either grab a name or two from this massive list of names for centaurs, or you can go generate centaur names on your own. The choice is yours.

Male Centaur Names

Here’s 55 male centaur names you can use in your fantasy campaign.

  1. Cyril Horserider
  2. Tuilinn Wanderer
  3. Ennorath Valiant-hero
  4. Haradwaith Windbreaker
  5. Fealar Highstep
  6. Hilath Redwood
  7. Iralthor Moonwhisper
  8. Ormund Starfallen
  9. Argerian Mightyhoof
  10. Sindor Fellhoof
  11. Rilka Hill
  12. Carril Silverhead
  13. Iagrim Noble
  14. Ryhael Thunderhoof
  15. Turf Darkness-spinner
  16. Ryhael Sylian
  17. Bithynas Highstep
  18. Flion Song-shield
  19. Lorindor Dusk-singer
  20. Cloud Dusk-singer
  21. Questor Hidden gold
  22. Tom Halfling
  23. Firull Walord
  24. Mayner Spire
  25. Sho Buckshot
  26. Garnet Applefruit
  27. Verim Quickstride
  28. Nienna Sylian
  29. Peregrin Horse-watcher
  30. Erestor Thronfire
  31. Tuilinn Moonfriend
  32. Erendis Wave-rider
  33. Ossoe Tiknok
  34. Curufin Runningwind
  35. Erestor Star-servant
  36. Estelchar Lightbringer
  37. Voronwehn Skill-lord
  38. Hobus Thunderhoof
  39. Feanor Stellar-knight
  40. Ranton Wanderer
  41. Eyelian Dustrunner
  42. Ossoe “Wind-swift”
  43. Brant Light-daughter
  44. Angrod Sundancer
  45. Beleg Mightstrong
  46. Ildar Greenskin
  47. Tom Vanguard
  48. Kiza Chronomancer
  49. Rithrandir Moonfriend
  50. Siona Ancient-star
  51. Iagrim Moonlight
  52. Nyelle Star-sage
  53. Merim Tulu
  54. Elrond Bladesinger
  55. Etelire Wellingbrook

Female Centaur Names

Here’s a list of 55 female centaur names you can use in your fantasy tabletop campaign.

  1. Loryn Hallowhoof
  2. Lira Duskdancer
  3. Tsuna Moonfire
  4. Ai Heartseeker
  5. Fiona Springshadow
  6. Ziyi Dawnchaser
  7. Niirye Duskdancer
  8. Haru Faststride
  9. Lika Fullheart
  10. Tagiri Duskwhisper
  11. Siak Scorchstalker
  12. Zu Somberwing
  13. Luin Heartseeker
  14. Dart Starwind
  15. Vesta Deepfire
  16. Kil Moonbreeze
  17. Saa Moonstrider
  18. Mylaa Fireheart
  19. Nessiah Moonrise
  20. Fae Valleydancer
  21. Imani Dawnlight
  22. Mylaa Flamesong
  23. Pleiades Faststep
  24. Zyla Lingeringjoy
  25. Sariel Flameseeker
  26. Xandra Starlight
  27. Nataxa Morningchaser
  28. Zoi Valleycharger
  29. Niwa Fullheart
  30. Nanami Duskheart
  31. Yuuna Moonhunter
  32. Rioni Starwhisper
  33. Fira Thunderchill
  34. Ten Stardancer
  35. Kanae Dawnlight
  36. Lila Moonhaze
  37. Zari Starwhisper
  38. Varmi Duskstalker
  39. Akika Shadowchaser
  40. Kurinon Thunderhoof
  41. Kisa Highborn
  42. Faye Darkfire
  43. Kata Sunrise
  44. Lenna Moonbreath
  45. Astra Starfire
  46. Nayuni Moonstorm
  47. Lorrai Nightwing
  48. Lira Fullmoon
  49. Mama Moonhaze
  50. Aila Wildstrider
  51. Lun Flowingvoice
  52. Ayu Hallowhoof
  53. Liin Springstride
  54. Sarki Starlight
  55. Kaeli Highlife

Centaur Names Throughout Time

A centaur, for those who don’t know, is a creature from Greek mythology with the upper body of a human and the lower body and legs of a horse. They can be found throughout classic and modern literature. For example, Narnian centaurs are gifted at stargazing, prophecy, healing, and warfare according to CS Lewis. In classical literatur, the Life of St Anthony the Great, written by Athanasius of Alexandria, contains a tale of a centaur that must be battled and forced to admit the old gods are dead. A rousing read!

The Kentauroi were invited to attend the wedding of their half-brother Peirithoos (Pirithous) but became drunk at the festivities and attempted to carry off the bride and other female guests. In the battle which ensued most of the Kentauroi were destroyed.

Another tribe of Kentauroi (Centaurs) dwelt in the western Peloponnese where they came into conflict with the hero Herakles. Another tribe of bull-horned Kentauroi were native to the island of Kypros (Cyprus). Female Kentauroi, Kentaurides (Centaurides), were also known but only occur in late classical art and literature.

Source: TheOI

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If you want to generate your own names, head over to the free centaur name generator I created. You can create thousands of different centaur names with a simple click of the button or a tap of your finger. I built it using GPT-3 from OpenAI, and it has quite a few unique and interesting centaur names you can use for your tabletop fantasy campaign. If you’re into the RPG-life, you’re going to want to bookmark the site as I have created all sorts of free name generators that you can use.

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