Fantasy Taverns: Cool Names and Descriptions for DND 5e+

Here’s a small sample of fantasy taverns from my RPG content collection. I present six fantastic taverns and inns for any fantasy tabletop campaign! The ideas on this page should help you flesh out some fantasy inns that are perfect for your players.

The entire collection at LitRPG Adventures has over 26,000 taverns, magic shops, monsters, magic items, backstories, and much more. I’ve been developing it for a few years now, and the ideas keep coming.

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Fantasy Inns and Taverns Your Players Will Love

Below are six taverns you can add to your tabletop campaign. These were created with the D&D tools I’ve created at LitRPG Adventures. In addition to alehouses, you can generate fantasy magic shops, magic items, dungeons, and a lot more ideas.

Without any further ado, here’s a list of six really cool taverns your players can rest and relax at in your next campaign. If you like these taverns, be sure to watch the video at the end of the page for more about the D&D generator website I’ve built.

1) The Bell & Bellows

Located in Largath (Town) and run by Hufroth

(Food) (Rooms) (Alcohol) (Good Value)

The Bell & Bellows – (AI Tavern Generator)

Fantasy Tavern Description

The Bell & Bellows is a two story building made of a dark brown stone. It has a large bar, a large fireplace, a stage, and a small kitchen.

Numerous tables and chairs are scattered around the room. A wooden sign used to hang above the arched entrance, but the sign was stolen.

Hufroth will pay a reward for any information on who stole the sign, where the sign is now. He’ll pay even more (in free drinks) if the sign is returned.


Olga: Female Human Warrior, Neutral. Olga has a stout build with a noble face, and long blonde hair. She wears leather armor and wields a sword and shield. Olga is very talkative and has no home of her own.

Naemi: Female Human Fighter, Neutral. Naemi has a stocky build with a friendly face, and short blonde hair. She wears a blue cloak and wields a sword and a bow. Naemi is looking for a green dragon named Thoeriheram who killed a friend of hers.

Maeve: Female Human Bounty Hunter, Neutral. Maeve has a slender build with a calm face, and long brown hair. She wears leather armor and wields a sword. Maeve is not a very good bounty hunter because she drinks so much. She has many friends at the inn, though! She’s looking for a home where she can retire.

Finn: Male Human Roguish Rogue, Lawful. Finn has a light build with a warm face, and short brown hair. He wears leather armor and wields a sword and a dagger. Finn is a native of Largath and is on a quest to find a magic tavern. He wants to find one and turn it into an inn for all his adventurer friends. If he finds one, he will make it his own.

X: Female Human Assassin, Lawful. X has a slender build with a deeply tanned face, and short black hair. She wears leather armor and wields a poisoned magic dagger. She lives in one inn for a few weeks then moves to another. Born in an inn and raised in an inn called the Frisky Frog, she feels most at home inside an inn, alehouse, or tavern. Her friends don’t mind.


Here’s some rumors overheard in the Bell and Bellows tavern.

  1. Finn has heard that Olga has been attacked by bandits.
  2. Finn has heard that Olga wants to hire a group of adventurers to rescue a group of prisoners.
  3. Olga has heard that there is a bounty on a wanted criminal.

2) The Horned Boar Tavern

Located in Travia (Megalopolis) and run by Yvonne (Female Human)

(Food) (Alcohol) (Singing) (Dancing)

The Horned Boar Tavern (AI Generated Tavern)

Fantasy Tavern Description

The Horned Boar Tavern is a red brick tavern in the center of Travia City. It is a high-class place with a well designed building. The tavern is located in the south-east corner of the city and is home to many local thieves.

Inside, the tavern has a low ceiling and there is a fire pit in the center of the room. There are usually a few people in the bar during the weekends, but during the week it’s pretty empty except for the regulars.

Despite seeming empty, there’s a lot of activity on the upper floors, which aren’t open to the general public. A little asking around will let players know the local Thieves’ guild (the Burning Bandits) have made this place their headquarters.

Tavern Patrons

Yvonne: Female Human Tavernkeeper. Yvonne has long blonde hair, with green eyes. She wears studded leather armor and wields a short sword. Yvonne is retired, and she often jokes the tavern is her second home.

Aisling: Female Human Barmaid. Aisling has long black hair, with green eyes. She wears studded leather armor and wields a long sword. Aisling is retired from the town guard and is looking for a husband. She’s getting less picky as time goes on. If she finds a good location to settle down, she will.

Fin: Male Human Rogue. Fin has short brown hair, with brown eyes. He loves to tell tall tales. He’s a scout for the Burning Bandits Thieves’ Guild. He’s a fifth level rogue who can dual wield a longsword and a dagger.

Geitz: Male Human Master Thief. Geitz has short red hair, with green eyes. He’s usually drunk, but that doesn’t mean he’s not dangerous. He’s a high-level thief who doesn’t need to work much anymore. He knows a lot of people.

Eithne: Female Human Waitress (Spy). Eithne has long brown that she wears in braids. She is a spy from a rival thieves’ guild (the Red Stones). She is trying to gather information about the Burning Bandits to take them down.

Tavern Rumors

Alehouses and taverns are full of rumors, and The Horned Boar is no exception.

  1. There is a thief in the tavern!
  2. Aisling is a talented musician and always enjoys a good song.
  3. Aisling is a skilled dancer and always enjoys a good dance.
  4. Geitz says there’s a thief in the tavern.
  5. Yvonne says there are NO thieves allowed n the tavern.
  6. Aisling says good music is hard to find.
  7. A thief war is about to break out.
  8. The king is about to crack down on the thieves.
Fantasy Taverns
Fantasy Drinking Establishments

3) The Oak & Thorn Inn

(Food) (Rooms) (Friendly) (Good Value) (Old)

Located in Yrn Village (Village) and run by Egars Thrum

Fantasy Tavern Description

The Oak & Thorn Inn is an old rustic tavern that has a large fireplace, a bar, several tables, and several rooms for rent. It is near the center of the village.


Egars Thrum: Female Dwarf, Neutral. Egars has red curly hair and wears a gray cloak. Egars is a bit shy and tends to be pessimistic. She is a hard worker. She is the owner of the Hay & Thorn Inn.

Egars Thrum: Female Dwarf, Neutral. Egars has red curly hair and wears a gray cloak. Egars is a bit shy and tends to be pessimistic. She is a hard worker. She is the owner of the Oak & Thorn Inn.


Various rumors players can overhear in the tavern.

  1. Egars Thrum is the owner of the Oak & Thorn Inn. She is a bit shy.
  2. Egars Thrum has recently hired two new waitresses. She is looking for adventurers to hire to help bring in more money.
  3. Egars Thrum desperately needs adventurers to help protect the village from the Dark Elves that are plaguing the village.
  4. The Dark Elves are still running rampant in the area. No one has yet seen the Dark Elves, but many of the Elves in the area have turned to the worship of the Dark Elves.
  5. A group of dwarves recently arrived in the village searching for the Oak & Thorn Inn.
  6. The latest band of adventurers to come to the village were looking for the Oak & Thorn Inn.

4) The Big Knuckle Club

(Alcohol) (Seedy) (Small) (Fireplace) (Dangerous)

Located in Ithilien (City) and run by Aun Barodeth (Male Human)

Fantasy Tavern Description

The Big Knuckle Club is a two story building made of stone and wood. The roof is thatche. The main entrance is a set of double doors that gives when opened. An iron bell hangs above the door.

On the sign over the door is the faded outline of a fist, and the word “Knuckle”. The place is located at a crossroads that attracts many heroes and others of the sort. The site is considered holy by many.


Aun Barodeth: Male Human, Bartender. Aun is tall and thin, with long brown hair and gray eyes. He does not speak unless he has to. He carries a short sword and a blackjack. He is a merchant and a doctor.

Poldy: Female Human, Adventurer. Poldy is tall, thin, and muscular. She has black hair and green eyes. She wears leather armor and carries a scimitar and a dagger. She is an adventurer looking for places to work – or a fun quest.


Some drunken rumors players might hear in this tavern.

  1. Aun is a merchant who sells weapons to travelers.
  2. Aun is a merchant.
  3. Poldy is a famous adventurer.
  4. Poldy is a merchant who sells weapons.
  5. Aun was last seen in the Town of Ithilien.
  6. Aun was last seen in the Duchy of Cwell.

5) The Only Good Inn

(Food) (Rooms) (Large) (Patio) (Quiet)

Located in Xotham (Town) and run by Zala Lusk, Female Human Brewmaster

Fantasy Tavern Description

The Only Good Inn is a three-story brick building that is in the Rusty Dragon Inn’s style. The building has two driveways to allow carts to enter. The inn has a wide second-story balcony that has a railing. It extends across the entire front of the building.

The roof is red tile. It has five chimneys. (Think of the Lord of the Rings when you’re describing it to the players – i.e. a lot of description. Feel free to add details and make it your own fantasy tavern. Like, maybe it’s a magic tavern?)


Ishan: Male Human Monk, Lawful Good. He is tall with long blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears red robes. Ishan is quiet, friendly and cares for other people – at least the ones that frequent his favorite drinking establishment.

Zala Lusk: Female Human Brewmaster, Lawful Good. She is tall with long, blonde hair and wears a leather vest. Zala is loud, boisterous and handles her business in a friendly manner. She loves having fun.

Zabmar: Male Human Wizard, Neutral. He is short with short, black hair and black eyes. He wears white robes. Zabmar is quiet, reserved, detached and aloof.


Here’s some rumors overheard in the Bell and Bellows tavern.

  1. Ishan is actually an adventurer who has gone off to find his fortune.
  2. Zabmar is looking for his kidnapped nephew.
  3. Zabmar is looking for the Poisoned Knife, a dagger that can cut through anything.
  4. Zabmar’s family has disowned him.
  5. Zabmar is looking for a place to stay.
  6. The Only Good Inn is haunted by the ghost of a man in his mid-thirties.

6) The Bug-eyed Owl

(Food) (Alcohol) (Small) (Illegal) (Underground)

Located in Zornis (Metropolis) and run by T’Mek, human male

Fantasy Tavern Description

The Bug-eyed Owl is a large, dark building that has that look of a haunted house. It is one story tall with a small, wooden door at the center. The interior is dimly lit with candles and lanterns, setting a mood.

There are two large, wooden tables in the center of the room. A small bar is set in the back. This is known as the “green dragon” or the smoking patio. A lot of people with pipes are back here. The green dragon is well loved.

Tavern Regulars

T’Mek: Male Human Rogue, Neutral Evil. T’Mek has bald, grey skin. He wears leather armor and wields an ax. T’Mek is friendly and welcomes travelers from all over the realm.

Joanna: Female Human Paladin, Lawful Good. Joanna has red hair and blue eyes and wears plate armor. She wields a long sword. Joanna is friendly and talkative. She visits the tavern frequently and has become a regular.

Sean: Male Human Fighter, Lawful Good. Sean has red hair and is always seen smiling – and a bit drunk. He’s not been adventuring for a while because he last faced a green dragon that took his left arm. Sean is friendly and talkative. He’s looking for a good opportunity to find an establishment to call his own.

Liz: Female Human Cleric, Chaotic Good. Liz has brown hair and eyes. She is a little old lady with a plump figure and wears a dark brown monk’s outfit. Liz is friendly and caring. She heals the sick, visits the barracks to help the wounded, and always offers a helping hand to the town’s citizens. This is the reason why she is a bit poor. She has a special talent for curing diseases.

Molly: Female Human Monk, Chaotic Good. Molly has auburn hair and has a thin, yet muscular body. She wears leather armor and carries two short swords. She is friendly.

Sebastian: Male Human Fighter, Chaotic Good. Sebastian was born in the area, but his family was killed by a band of orcs when he was a child. Sebastian is extremely loyal to the town and to the people who live there. He is friendly and is always ready to help the citizens and the guards.

Orksuth: Male Human Cleric, Neutral. Orksuth has dark hair, dark skin and always dresses in black. He has a gentle, caring personality and is friendly, especially to members of the green dragon gang.

Tavern Rumors

  1. T’Mek says that the owner of the Bug-eyed Owl no longer lives in the city.
  2. T’Mek says the owner of the Bug-eyed Owl was murdered in his own. (Untrue)
  3. T’Mek says someone is looking for an adventurer to help with a dangerous mission.
  4. T’Mek says the owner of the Bug-eyed Owl has left the city.
  5. T’Mek says someone is looking for an adventurer to help with a dangerous mission.
  6. T’Mek says the owner of the Bug-eyed Owl was murdered.
  7. T’Mek says that the owner of the Bug-eyed Owl is highly skilled in the use of poisons.

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