Leonin DND 5e: 100+ Names and Generator for Tabletop RPG

Need some Leonin DND names? I’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find a male and female name list along with a d4 of leonin NPCs and some pride names. They were created at my aRandomNameGenerator.com, another website I’ve built.

If you like these Leonin name generator examples, be sure to check out A Random Name Generator for even more names generated by GPT-3 AI. If you want an entire background, I’ve also got a tool at BackstoryGenerator.com.

Leonin tend to be more ferocious than the Tabaxi when it comes to DND races, but they’re both fun to play. On this page, I’ll be sharing a list of 100 names and a generator so that you can create more on your own.

As a bonus, I’m going to include some information on playing leonin characters in Dungeons & Dragons. While they’re only officially in the D&D setting of Theros, there’s no reason you can’t pop them into your custom world.

Ready? Let’s get started with some great names!

Names for Leonin

Leonin tend to have fairly simple names. For example, a male name for big hero is “Lionclaw,” and the female name for big hero is “Lionclawe.” Enjoy these names. I’ve broken them down in male and female, but you can use them however you want.

Male Leonin Names

Leonin DND Barbarian
Leonin Barbarian

Here my list of male names for your fantasy campaign.

  1. Lomi Bloodstone
  2. Spathos the Jawlord
  3. Jurin Warclub
  4. Praahl Moonclaw
  5. Haxa the Moonrise
  6. Zurac Spathion
  7. Kodu The Great
  8. Tyson Greatstorm
  9. Berdion of the Pride Blackblade
  10. Brompomp Moonscar
  11. Praknah Mountainshifter
  12. Madren Grandpelt
  13. Ryshil the Judge
  14. Arza of the Pride Windflank
  15. Bohr Slashclaw
  16. Kriegh Godstorm
  17. Prathag Moonshifter
  18. Pagathion Brightclaw
  19. Zilean Songsong
  20. Morgai The Mad
  21. Zantah of the Pride Blackblade
  22. Kriegnoz Windpride
  23. Ezphion Slashtail
  24. Ryshuo Stickwhisker
  25. Drakkomah of the Pride Heartdark
  26. Tultus Slayer
  27. Vilono Everwind
  28. Ryshu Everwind
  29. Buke Firstwhisper
  30. Pagathona the Youngling
  31. Zlehzo the Stormcaller
  32. Pyrastus Songsong
  33. Ryschia Sea-talon
  34. Ryshil Moonblind
  35. Ryshil Stalestrike
  36. Vilano The Cursed
  37. Kogith Fellstrike
  38. Berronax Songsong
  39. Jurimoon Windscars
  40. Vikthonnia Streamcaller
  41. Nigra Sharpwind
  42. Vurso the Bloodsong
  43. Prilor Hurricane
  44. Golkah of the Pride Heartrend
  45. Hulath the Summoner
  46. Nandak Firstwhisper
  47. Nozzchia the Nightseeker
  48. Yorzi Heartbright
  49. Kensara Griefdusk
  50. Tynium Flameseeker

Female Leonin Names

Here’s some great female names for you to use!

  1. Eisworth Flamesong
  2. Zelen Sunrise
  3. Flamesong Redleap
  4. Krysta Starbearer
  5. Ira Stormsinger
  6. Sshen of the Pride of the Warm
  7. Duskfur the Silent Lioness
  8. Aryana Razorfang
  9. Kuriel Stonefar
  10. Remaris Starstripe
  11. Syira Flatpelt
  12. Blazefur Shamash
  13. Eklade the Heartless
  14. An-Na Ancientclaw
  15. Huda Harrierclaw
  16. Nosibor Shimmerstripe
  17. Ishala the Arcane Hunter
  18. Aysol Dawnheart
  19. Onasha Dawnsong
  20. Brightmoon the Fierce
  21. Fhinn Songblade
  22. Krysta Sunshield
  23. Wolfclaw Flatpelt
  24. Baelin Moonblessed
  25. Ryla Ruinsinger
  26. Orel Stormsinger
  27. Fierna Dawnstar
  28. Taen Baneclaw
  29. Mapia Tresspass
  30. Csilla Cinderfur
  31. Taniane Stonefar
  32. Deiria the Valiant
  33. Liaha Sunshield
  34. Furysong Harrierclaw
  35. Sarani the Steelclawed
  36. Taitani Moonglade
  37. Byrnae Leopard
  38. Senia Moonblade
  39. Evania Stormclaw
  40. Selnya Moonstride
  41. Astriel Moonshot
  42. Dranella of the Brown Pride
  43. Tyrairasira Furble
  44. Moldova Crescentstrike
  45. Zakal Goldenstrider
  46. Soltani “Thunderbeast”
  47. Mauthna Sunfury
  48. Tevra Flamefur
  49. Moonglitter Moonlight
  50. Mharen Razorfang

Leonin Pride Names

Here are some names for pride of leonin – or a group / clan of leonin.

  1. Trailblazer
  2. Wispfur
  3. Brushtail
  4. Darkfur
  5. Flyntail
  6. Loathfur
  7. Sparrowpelt
  8. Thicketfur
  9. Clan Trollclaw
  10. Bloodtooth
  11. Longclaw
  12. Darkpelt
  13. Blackpride
  14. Longteeth
  15. Silverpelt
  16. Godsclaw
  17. Redtail
  18. Windfur
  19. Kingscrown
  20. Goldstar

NPC Leonin

Here’s some leonin NPCs you can use. (If you want to generate a whole lot more or check our library, head to LitRPG Adventures…)

1) Ira Stormsinger

Female leonin Fighter

(Lawful Neutral)

Ira is a beautiful female leonin with a shock of white hair. She is a member of the Albino Pride and is the protector of the rare crystal mines of the Pride. When all of the leonin fled their lands to escape Neferset oppression, Ira was the only leonin to remain in their lands.

Her affinity to the crystals and the land made it impossible for her to leave and she believes that she must protect the land and crystals for her species. Ira is a fiercely independent and honorable leonin and her pride is strong. She does not love much, but she loves her home.

If a group of adventurers were to find a way to save the crystals and return them to the leonin lands, Ira would offer her protection because she knows that without crystalline magic, the land is useless to the Pride. Ira will do anything to protect her land, including traveling to strange lands to help her kin.

2) Tarakos

Male Barbarian

(Lawful Evil)

Tarakos is Leonin who has lost all touch with his honor. He is widely considered a unprincipled rogue who cares for nothing but personal gain. Tarakos was exiled from the Albino pride for his crimes against his people, but still considers himself a member of their tribe. His hunter’s instincts won’t allow him to think otherwise.

He is a mercenary and slave trader of the highest caliber and can be found having dealings with merchants and nobles. He has the highest turnover of slaves and mercenaries in Zakhara. Tarakos is a handsome male with reddish fur and unique eyes. He has a noble way about him and is known for his charm and charisma.

Tarakos is a haughty and aristocratic creature and is often compared to the royalty of his homeland. His skill in battle is of the highest level and he is a deadly opponent. Tarakos is a member of Mtaga’s council and is considered his right hand man. His daunting roar has frightened people from many races – which makes Tarakos happy and content.

3) Moruvash

Male Druid

(True Neutral)

The descendant of one of Zakhara’s most powerful druids, Moruvash is considered a pariah by the leonin. He is considered a traitor for being an adventurer and for following a druidic path. Moruvash does not believe that the leonin should hate the gods. He believes that leonin should embrace all that is real – like his hunter’s instincts.

He believes that the leonin should worship the Great Mother, who sees the leonin for who they are, rejects their form and embraces the leonin for their spirit. Moruvash is a brave and confident leonin. He is a powerful druid who has mastered the art of shaping changeling and leonin form. His true form is not commonly seen and is as a leonin of no specific variety.

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Moruvash is a master of spirits and is able to communicate with and command many of the spirits of Zakhara. He has no interest in reclaiming the crystals from Neferset lands, he is more interested in the leonin homeland and reclaiming it from the humans who have been slowly encroaching on the leonin lands for centuries.

He would like nothing better than to see the humans, who have been stealing the leonin crystals for so long, expelled from leonin lands. One day, we wants to start his own pride. His daunting roar is heightened by a special magical ability from his mother. Unlike a normal daunting roar, the saving throw for his daunting roar is Charisma based.

4) Zomok

Male Bard

(Neutral Good)

Zomok is an old male leonin who has left the Albino Pride and has wandered the desert. He acts as a bard or minstrel, selling his services to anyone who will buy them. He is charming and handsome and a talented musician. He is also a master of illusion and often uses illusions to entertain his audiences. His hunter’s instincts help him with these illusions.

He is a traveler who is well known for his stories. He has traveled the entire length of the Menelek River and has seen the lands of Neferset, Shedakla, and the Nethescurial. He is a victim of Neferset oppression and has been captured many times by the Neferset and has been made a slave in their salt mines. His hunter’s instincts allowed him to escape.

He has also been captured by the deva and subjected to their twisted tortures. Zomok considers himself a master of escape and will often use his powers to aid slaves in their escape from the Neferset and the deva. He has also made it his personal goal to eliminate deva from Zakhara. Still, he is an odd devout leonin with a terrifying daunting roar.

Zomok has been imprisoned by the deva several times and is a broken man when it comes to the deva. He will stop at nothing to eliminate the deva. Zomok will often use illusions to create the illusion of armies, which he can convince enemies that they are attacking. He will often use this ability to allow others to escape.

Leonin Names for DnD
Leonin for DnD

About Leonin

Here’s some more information about playing a DND leonin character in your next campaign.

Leonin Traits

Leonin are noble, self-reliant, and proud. They have a deep sense of honor and a willingness to sacrifice for those they believe in.

Here’s a look at some of the bonuses for playing a Leonin in D&D.

Ability Score Mods: 

+2 Constitution, +1 Strength


Over six foot but not usually more than seven foot tall.


Leonin mature at the same rate as humans in most cases.


Mostly good.


Your base walking speed is 35 feet a round.


60′ of greyscale vision

Natural Weapons:

Claws: 1d4 damage + Strength modifier

Hunter’s Instincts:

You have proficiency in one of the following: Athletics, Intimidation, Perception, or Survival.

Daunting Roar:

Leonin can let out a loud roar. Creatures of the player’s choice within 10 feet of then must make a Wisdom saving throw or become frightened until the end of your next turn.

To calculate the DC of the wisdom saving throw, add 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Constitution bonus modifier. You can’t use Daunting Roar again until you finish a short or long rest.

Your daunting roar does not get more lethal as you level up… unless you have a cool DM that wants to add a bit of spice to Daunting Roar. For example, you could have it add more difficulty to the saving throw as they become more ferocious.


You can speak, read, and write Common and Leonin.


Tabaxi in D&D are generally a generic “cat-like” humanoid, but leonin are different. Wizards of the Coast wasn’t bashful about saying these bad boys are lion-men (and lion-women). Leonin look like warrior lions, with a humanoid torso and arms but with a lion’s head and tail.

Their mane and even their fur is a darker color than normal lions, and they have blue or pale white eyes. They can even be spotted with a sparse mane of hair and in one case that I recall, a human-style beard. In all seriousness, these are pretty damn cool looking characters.

Leonin have lots of muscles, are covered in fur, and usually stand over six feet tall. Scars can bring a distinctive look to your leonin character. Other features like a long mane, long claws, or a dyed tail can do the same. In general, though, you’re looking at a wide-shouldered, powerfully built character.


Leonin culture is close-knit with communities that value honor and loyalty. They are a noble race, and they expect certain things of their people. But they also protect and nurture their people, being fiercely loyal. Leonin live in small prides.

The leonin race has a matriarchal society (which means the women run things, and men are seen as strong, but not as leaders of the pride). Their culture does not revere the gods of the world. They believe they exist, but they do not agree with the way they act. According to leonin culture, the gods are not to be followed – but there are exceptions.

Territorial by nature, the leonin race protect what land they have available to them. Humans and other races generally get along with the leonin as long as they pay their respects. Violent cultures that increase the danger to the leonin lands have faced terrible vengeance at the hands of this noble race.

Leonin characters love fighting which makes them a good choice for a fighter or a barbarian, who are very similar in play style in 5th edition. It can also make them a good ranger, paladin, or fighter-based rogue. When you add in Daunting Roar, you get a really ferocious fighter.

5e Leonin Builds

Here’s a few “builds” to consider for your leonin D&D character. Remember to use the ability score increase to your advantage.

Wild Lion Warrior

Yes, I’m talking about a barbarian build. With the leonin’s +2 to constitution and +1 to strength, barbarian is a good choice. Most leonin are usually lawful or good alignment, but a barbarian could work. The feats available will help you build a beefy tank character – perfect for leonin. With a great walking speed, you can get to the enemy quickly.

Sir Lion Knight

Another good build is a leonin knight. Once again, it’s a fighter, but that makes sense with the leonin’s racial bonuses. Rest assured you’ll be able to put your loud roar bonus action to good use still. This build is all about goodness, honor, and kicking orc ass. Or any other things that go bump in the night.

Playing a Leonin Character in D&D

Whether you choose barbarian, knight, or even bard for some silly reason, playing a leonin character in D&D is all about being good and noble. Leonin are evolved from predators, so they tend to be fairly quiet and reserved.

They won’t trust strangers easily, and they’re not the most social of creatures. But they aren’t evil, and they can be very heroic and selfless when the time comes. As a player, you will want to think about what drives your leonin character, and why he or she is adventuring.

Perhaps he or she needs to follow a quest, or is seeking to restore some order to the world. By having a bit of a backstory, you can invoke a deeper connection to your character, allowing you to play him or her with more depth and determination.

Overall, you want to play a leonin character with a bit of a mysterious edge to him or her. They’re very noble and powerful, but they aren’t going to be too talkative or willing to chat up strangers (unless they’re looking for a fight).

Don’t forget your ability score increase when you’re first rolling the character. (I’m not repeating this because I did it myself! I swear!) In all seriousness, their melee weapon attack is buffed considerably by the racial stat increases.

A leonin will level at about the same rate as fighters of other races – although sometimes it will be faster because they’re more apt to get into a battle – and win. Their natural weapons are a bonus too, especially with the bump to ability score and proficiency bonus.

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