20 DND Bartender Dispositions and Reactions to Players

Here’s my list of 20 bartender dispositions you can use when your players encounter them in your fantasy taverns.

20 Bartender Dispositions for D&D

Here’s my list of 20 dispositions for bartenders players in your campaign encounter.

1) Indifferent

This bartender simply does not care about anything. He will serve the drinks, but he won’t take any initiative to make sure the patrons and passersby are taken care of. He’s not rude, but he’s also not friendly.

2) Friendly

This bartender really likes his job and he’s psyched to be at the bar, serving the drinks. He’ll talk about the other patrons and passersby, but he’ll chat about almost anything else, too. If someone starts to get serious, he’ll move on to another topic.

3) Hostile

When players approach this bartender, he will growl, “What do you want?” If there is no reply or an attempt to order a drink, he will growl, “What do you want here?” The rest of the time he will glare at the players.

4) Bored

The bartender doesn’t really care about anything. He simply wants to make drinks and get paid. He’ll talk about anything if it keeps the characters or other patrons busy.

5) Secretive

The bartender has a secret, but he doesn’t want to share it. If the players try to talk about his secret, he’ll ask them to keep it to themselves. If they insist on knowing, he’ll get angry. If he gets angry, he’ll get his friends to get rid of the characters.

6) Lonesome

The bartender is lonely. He likes being at the bar because it gives him a place to hang out, but he doesn’t have much to say. He will talk about his hopes and dreams, but not much else.

7) Snobbish

The bartender is a jerk. He won’t take any crap from the characters or anyone else. He won’t serve drinks to anyone who isn’t dressed well enough. If the characters don’t order anything, he’ll stare at them and mutter to himself.

8) Uncomfortable

The bartender is a little paranoid. He’s worried about the characters and he’s worried about his job. If anyone tries to start a conversation, he’ll start talking about the weather.

9) Unsteady

The bartender’s hands are shaking. He’s not sure whether the players are there to cause trouble or whether they’re just lost. If they try to order a drink, he’ll prepare it as quickly as possible and then scuttle out of the way.

10) Suspicious

The bartender doesn’t trust the players and he doesn’t trust anyone else, either. If anyone tries to approach him, he’ll step back and draw a weapon. He’ll try to talk to the characters, but he doesn’t really want to.

D&D Bartender Dispositions
D&D Bartender Dispositions

11) Angry

This bartender is mad. He’ll serve the characters or other patrons drinks, but if they try to start a conversation, he’ll either start a fight or walk away.

12) Amused

This bartender is a jokester. He likes to have a good time and loves a good prank. If the characters don’t have a sense of humor, he’ll try to cheer them up with a good story or a prank.

13) Bitter

This bartender always has problems. He has problems with his wife, his parents, his friends, and the players. This bartender will take your order, but he’ll tell you about his problems with everyone else.

14) Desperate

The bartender is trying to hide his desperation. He’s worried about his wife, his kids, his job, and everything else. If someone tries to start a conversation, he’ll tell them everything that’s wrong with his life.

15) Drowsy

The bartender is tired. He hasn’t slept well in years. He’s not sure if the players are there to fight or to drink, but if they try to talk to him, he’ll start to fall asleep.

16) Short-tempered

This bartender can’t take any crap from anyone. If the players try to start a conversation, he’ll tell them to keep it down. If they don’t, he’ll throw them out of the bar.

17) Stoned

The bartender is a little high. He’s not sure where he is or why. If the characters try to talk to him, he’ll stare at the nearest patron and ask them to repeat what they said.

18) Happy

The bartender is happy to serve anyone. He won’t start a conversation, but he’ll answer questions and serve drinks.

19) Busy

This bartender is busy. He serves people as quickly as possible and then moves on to the next customer. If anyone tries to start a conversation, he’ll ask them to keep it short.

20) Angry

The bartender is angry and he doesn’t care who knows it. He hates the world and everyone in it. If the characters try to talk to him, he’ll tell them to get lost or he’ll throw them out of the bar.

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