20 Random Books Found in a Modern Library

This is a list of great random books found in a modern library setting for a tabletop RPG like GURPS.

1) How to Fix Birds by Dr. Stanley – This treatise on “fixing” birds is actually a coded guide for performing illegal acts in a modern society. One of the best ways to get information is to “fix” birds that can fly and use your “bird” to pick up info, and you don’t even need to put the bird back in the cage. Wink. Wink.

2) The Art of War by Sun Tzu – This is the work at the foundation of all strategy and tactics. It also discusses philosophy and psychology in a very compelling way. It is considered a must-have for any collection.

3) Quantum Fractals and Others Poemms by Izzy “Lizzy” Hemingway – Lizzy’s minimalist poetry explores the meaning of life, the universe, and all other existence. This book of free verse is so free flowing that it is quite possible to read it forwards, backwards, and sideways without encountering a single word.

4) Computer Schemas for Large Scale Databases by Kenmore “Bucilla” T. Hawkins – This book details the best practices to use when dealing with big data sets. The computer schemas in this work are covered in the next book, Computer Schemas for Large Scale Databases, Volume II.

5) Hark, the Dog Barks by Cecelia K. Grimshaw – This book explores the complicated relationship between a dog and his owner. It is a very moving piece that explores the depths of the human soul.

6) Withering Cliffs by Darcy O’Mally – A steamy romance with several particularly hot pages dog-eared, this novel is a classic that all should have in their collection.

7) Bugs by George T. Walker – In this book, the reader will get a lot of useful information about bugs.

8) Thoughts on Gardening by Francis “Big” Johnson – This work is considered one of the very best books on gardening.

9) How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie – This book teaches a person how to get others to do what you want. It is a must have for anyone wanting to influence others.

10) The Art of Magic by Magnus the Magnificent – This book discusses the basics of magic for beginners or those just playing around.

20 Random Library Books
20 Random Library Books

11) Shakespeare’s Sonnets by William Shakespeare – This collection of great romantic works is a must have for anyone who enjoys poetry.

12) The Gospel of Piker – This tome will tell you everything you need to know about being Piker.

13) The Joke Book by Jane “MeMe” MeMe – The reader will learn how to be funny in this work.

14) The Fertile Void by Kaime “Giro” Peed – This book is an excellent examination of the concept of “nothing.” Peed argues that nothing is everything. There are no footnotes, endnotes, appendixes, bibliography, or index.

15) Battle Tactics by General C. Smalley – This work provides a detailed discussion of tactics for fighting battle. The examples used in the work are from the American Civil War.

16) The Art of the Bow by Yolanda “Robin” Hood – This work discusses the use of the bow in combat. It is one of the classics for military tactics.

17) The Art of Trickery by Owen “Sneaky” Underhill – This work provides the reader with all of the information you will need to be sneaky.

18) How to Get Ahead by Walter “Snide” Wilkins – This work by one of the most successful personas in the business discusses how you can get ahead in life.

19) Collected Works of Shakespeare – This work contains all of Shakespeare’s works in chronological order. It is considered one of the best achievements in literature.

20) The History of Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know by Edward “Remem” Erasmus – Everything you’ll ever need to know is in this book. It is truly amazing how much information can be put down on paper.

Well every character needs a few good books. With this list you can do just that. Though it is not a complete list of all books found in a modern library it is a good starting point.

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