My AI Powered DND 5e Character Backstory Generator is Decent!

If you’re looking for a DND 5e character backstory generator, you’ve accidentally stumbled onto the right webpage. It’s as if you rolled a nat-20 and magically find exactly what you want on Google (which isn’t easy these days!)

In all seriousness, I’ve created an AI powered DND 5e character backstory generator for you, containing a list of traits and themes that you can click on to add to your own custom DND 5e character backstory.

Creating my DND Backstory Generator with 5e DND in Mind

Back in 2019, I messed around with GPT-2 from OpenAI quite a bit. As an author, having an AI “write” text fascinated me. Being a tabletop gamer for many decades now, one of my first thoughts was to create a DND 5e character backstory generator!

I borrowed some D&D backstories (with permission) from Janelle Shane, and I also used my own DND 5e character backstories for inspiration. As I said, I’m a longtime author, and I really enjoyed writing hundreds of backstories as examples.

After I’d written and edited over 2,000 character backstories, I fine-tuned GPT-2 to output new backstories. The results… were not great! Haha. GPT-2 was still relatively small. While okay, it didn’t really write things that would be considered good writing by most.

I knew I’d have to be okay with writing the majority of the backstories myself, using a few examples that GPT-2 was capable of outputting. It ended up being a labor of love, with me churning out thousands and thousands of character backstories.

GPT-3 for RPG like DND

When I got access to GPT-3, I immediately set about recreating my GPT-2 character backstory generator with the new technology. This large language model had even more data available to it, resulting in better written character backstories!

In fact, the quality was immediately obvious in the character backstories. GPT-3 was even able to write certain sentences in such a way that made them really easy to read. I quickly set about creating LitRPG Adventures.

But let’s get back to my goal for this DND 5e character backstory generator. Software is great, but it can’t replace human creativity! I’ve created these RPG tools to help Dungeon Masters with creativity, NOT to replace the creativity of the GM.

Your own imagination is still required. I’ve simply included the new AI technology to help with the creative process.

Here’s a few videos that show me using my DND 5e character backstory generator. You might notice a few things. While human input is needed, there’s also features to make everything entirely random and easier. Also, the prices per generation are going down. That is because the more people use this tool, the better it gets. The more people who use my DND 5e character backstory generator is also a huge bonus, as it helps me work out the bugs and polish the product.

DND 5e Character Backstory Generator with AI

If you’re looking for a DND 5e character backstory generator, I have tons of D&D character backstory examples for you to use. If you’re looking for something more personal, we also have some DND 5e character creation tips.

And if you’re looking for something even more personal, you can create a custom DND 5e character backstory, or even a whole custom 5e character! With over 800 race/class combos, you can make what you want – even a leonin mage for D&D.

What’s Next? Another Character Backstory Generator?

I’ve got over two dozen generators online currently, and we have over 26,000 generated character backstories, monsters, spells, locations, dungeons, and much more. Stop by today and start using my RPG generators to create something awesome.

Please note, this generator was last updated today, right before I posted this blog.

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Paul Bellow

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