20 Modern Books Found in a Library

Here’s a quick twenty books your players can find in a library for your modern tabletop RPG campaign.

1) Quantum Economics for the Modern Man (Second Edition)

2) Theory of Fish by Professor Applebottom

3) Poetry About Poetry About Poetry by Amy Steinbeck III

4) Why We Should Love Consequentialism by Martha Nussbaum

5) Thoughts of James Conant, Vols. 1–4

6) The Theory of Prepositions by Noam Chomsky’s Ghostwriter

7) 631 Essential Tips for the Modern Man, by Howard Mann

8) The Ethics of Reciprocity by Amy Drucker

9) Philosophy of Language by Professor R. M. Fish

10) A Defense of Free Markets by John Searle

11) Introduction to Ethical Epistemology by Professor E. O. Tucker

12) A Defense of Buddhism by Professor Arlene Shun-Kyong

13) The Philosophy of Philosophy by Charles Fynch

14) A Defense of Buddhism by Professor Arlene Shun-Gan

15) Red House, Blue House, a fiction novel by Amy Sinbeck

16) A Defense of Metaphysics by Professor T. M. Knucklebacker

17) Two Minute Meditations for the Busy Man by Professor F. F. Fredstone

18) The Philosophy of Language by Professor Randy Smith

19) A Defense of Fish by Arnie the Arbuckle

20) The Philosophy of Language by Dr Krinkle

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Paul Bellow

Paul Bellow

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