100 Great DND Bartender Names

I’ve put together a list of 100 great DND bartender names. Feel free to use them in any fantasy tabletop RPG campaign you have going currently. Be sure to bookmark the site as I’m continually adding new free RPG content.

1) Cap’n ThompsonMale Halfling Barkeep (Chaotic Neutral) – Cap’n Thompson is a retired pirate who has set himself up as an innkeeper/bartender. He has a horrible temper but is a great cook. He loves the ocean and sailing his ship. He has a pet monkey named Artoo.

2) GerdoMale Half-Elf Barkeep (Lawful Good) – Gerdo is a quiet half-elf who is always willing to help a customer who is in need. He is well aware that the bar is a major information hub in the city and pays attention to all the conversations around the bar.

3) The Fat Man – Male Gnome Barkeep (Neutral Good) – “The Fat Man” is more of a title than a name, as nobody has ever seen his face and lived to tell the tale. The story goes that he was once a respected nobleman, but he was cursed by a nasty witch. The curse robbed him of his face and his fortune and left him with nothing but the clothes on his back and the bar. Since then, he hires a different bartender for each shift, but demands that they all start and end the day with a drink of mead in his name.

4) Daisy Smalls – Female Human Barkeep (Lawful Neutral)- “Daisy Smalls” may look like a helpless girl, but she is cold-blooded killer who won’t hesitate to kill if the coin is right. She is the leader of the local mercenary squad and uses her bar as a recruitment center. She’s not really evil or good, just balancing the scales of fate, but on the right side.

5) The Iron Maiden – Female Dwarven Barkeep (Lawful Neutral)- The Iron Maiden serves as the hangout for all of the dwarven mercenaries in the city. She often works with the local thieves’ guild and sells an array of magical items for an inflated price. She is rarely seen without her trusted battleaxe. It is rumored that her entire body is covered in magical plate armor.

6) Rolf The Blind – Male Half-Elf Barkeep (Lawful Neutral) – Rolf’s eyes were stabbed out with pins by his psychotic father in order to “make him more powerful”. He spends most of his time tending the bar and dispensing wise advice. He believes that he sees the world better than others because of his loss of sight and it often offers him insights that others don’t notice.

7) Bricktop – Male Dwarf Barkeep (Chaotic Neutral) – Bricktop is an unpredictable dwarf who is always trying to come up with a new scam or way to make money. He is a true king of hustlers and often employs spies to collect information for him.

8) Wilbur Soothe – Male Dwarf Barkeep (True Neutral) – Wilbur Soothe is a drunken dwarf who likes to tell tall tales about his life as a sailor. The stories get wilder each time he tells them, but everyone goes along with them because he’s such a likable guy. He often breaks into song to entertain patrons.

9) Wolfgang The Pintail – Male Human Barkeep (True Neutral) – Wolfgang is the caretaker of the Dancing Donkey Inn, named after the statue of a donkey which stands outside. He is quiet, mysterious and competent and doesn’t really like interacting with people that much.

10) Corriander – Female Elf Barkeep (Lawful Good) – Corriander is extremely friendly and always smiles and welcomes customers. She often has conversations with patrons, but never reveals any information which might incriminate her or her patrons. She refuses to sell alcohol to anyone who she thinks will use it for evil purposes.

11) Cobb Scroon – Male Dwarf Barkeep (Chaotic Good) – Cobb Scroon is more of a guide than a barkeep. He loves helping lost travelers and is a skilled tracker. He has a pet giant badger named Scrappy and a hidden cave where he hosts secret meetings of ‘Good Citizens’ trying to overthrow the local government. He loves treasure hunting and is willing to sell information about hidden tombs/caves that he knows of.

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12) Rodger “The Rod” Jarrow – Male Human Barkeep (True Neutral) – Rodger Jarrow is more of an entertainer than a barkeep. He sings bawdy songs, dances, juggles and even runs inanimate objects over with his cart (which he calls ‘Lucky’). He is often the last one standing at the bar after closing time due to his ability to drink immense amounts of ale without passing out or throwing up.

13) Jordain the Kindhearted – Male Half-Elf Barkeep (Lawful Good) – Jordain is one of the nicest people you could meet on the street. He gives free food to the poor, but charges a hefty fee to thugs and criminals to keep them out of his bar. He is extremely calm and kind and his front is often used by spies to get information.

14) Nico The Whistler – Female Elf Barkeep (Chaotic Good) – Nico is a quiet, mysterious elf who whistles a lot. She is extremely cautious and will only make deals with someone if they are willing to give up something valuable in return. She is also known for being able to bring someone back from death without magic.

15) Ralzin Silverhand – Male Human Barkeep (Neutral Evil) – Ralzin Silverhand is the leader of ‘The Order of The Silver Hand’ cult. He is ruthless but charismatic and is able to keep his followers in line through fear and pain. He always has a large sum of gold on him and is often the target of assassination attempts by those opposed to his cult.

16) Zapper – Male Half-Orc Barkeep (Lawful Evil) – Zapper is a simple minded orc who has a special connection with animals. He uses them to rob houses and shops, but gives the money to the poor, because he’s not an evil orc, he just grew up alone in the woods with animals and doesn’t know any better.

17) Robin Goodfellow – Male Gnome Barkeep (Chaotic Good) – Robin Goodfellow loves playing pranks on everyone he meets, but will go out of his way to help anyone in need. He always has a basket of food he is willing to give away, but never more than half of it at a time.

18) High Laudanum – Female Halfling Barkeep (Chaotic Good) – High Laudanum is an addict who uses her bar as a transaction center for drug dealers. She never deals the drugs herself, but she’s always looking for new willing buyers and sellers to help her fund her own habit. She usually has some magical items hidden in her bar which she sells to help pay for her addiction.

19) Quaker Oats – Female Human Barkeep (Neutral) – Quaker Oats is all business, but she loves her family and tries to be good person. She’s gotten involved with some rough characters to help protect her inn and runs a black market ring out of her basement.

20) Cropex The Fly – Male Gnome Barkeep (Chaotic Neutral) – Cropex The Fly is both the owner of the bar and the leader of the thieves guild. He’s a good leader and treats his followers very well. He has a special talent for breaking codes and puzzles and has used it to find the most out of reach treasures in the world.

21) Madam Puddles – Female Halfling Barkeep (Lawful Evil) – Madam Puddles runs the most elegant brothel in The City. She’s in charge of all the girls at the brothel, but she doesn’t have any of her own workers. She recruits women who she then trains in the art of seduction and blackmail.

22) Captain Craig – Male Half-Elven Barkeep (True Neutral) – Captain Craig is a retired sailor who has taken on the duties of running a tavern. He is aware of the dangers of sailing, but he enjoyed the adventure while he was out at sea. His daughter used to work for him as a barmaid, but she was kidnapped by pirates and he hasn’t seen her since.

23) Smiley – Male Human Barkeep (Lawful Neutral) – Smiley is always smiling and greeting his customers like old friends. He’s friendly to everyone who comes into the tavern, but he’s also very good at keeping secrets. He’s often used as an informant by those in the government because he can keep a secret when he wants to.

24) Samuel Greensword – Male Human Barkeep (Lawful Good) – Samuel Greensword is the only inn keeper in his part of The Kingdom. He keeps many secrets because he has to, but he always enjoys helping those who need help. He loves his family and would give his life to protect them.

25) Clutch Groinshield – Male Half-Orc Barkeep (Chaotic Good) – Clutch Groinshield is a half-orc who doesn’t like anyone knowing his real name so they just call him Clutch. He lost his family in an Orc raid when he was young and has vowed revenge ever since. He carries two warhammers that he calls ‘Linda’ and ‘Lola’.

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26) Little Bo Peep – Female Gnome Barkeep (True Neutral) – Little Bo Peep owns and manages 3 brothels, 1 being in each of the 3 main areas within the city, including the slums outside The Kingdom walls. She is able to bring men and women together in a way that doesn’t involve money, as long as she is paid beforehand. She loves to sing while she works and often puts on shows for her wealthy clients.

27) Cheeky Monkey – Male Halfling Barkeep (Lawful Good) – Cheeky Monkey is a very intense individual who carries around a large mace that he calls his ‘Battering Ram’. He has a large collection of battle axes placed around the bar and can often be found sharpening them. He’s clumsy and has broken many chairs because of his large weapon. He is always getting into fights and breaking furniture.

28) Cadwalder – Male Human Barkeep (Chaotic Good) – Cadwalder has a knack for fixing things around the bar. He takes a lot of pride in his work, and will fix the most minor problems for free. If a client is willing to pay, then he’ll fix anything, no matter how big or small it is.

29) Whiskey Steve – Male Dwarf Barkeep (Neutral) – No one knows how old Whiskey Steve truly is. He always has a bottle of whiskey in his pocket and will share it with anyone who’s willing to pay for it. He doesn’t have any family so he spends most of his time behind the bar.

30) Alan Wagglebottom – Male Gnome Barkeep (Chaotic Neutral) – Alan Wagglebottom is always dancing when he’s on the job and loves to sing while he works. His singing spells have gotten him into trouble before, but he always manages to talk his way out of it.

31) Jimbob – Male Halfling Barkeep (Chaotic Neutral) – Jimbob loves flipping coins and playing cards in his spare time. He added a second story to his bar so he could have a room where he could flip coins all day without bothering his customers. He usually has a small audience of gamblers who are willing to bet large sums of money on the outcome of his flips.

32) Otis – Male Human Barkeep (Lawful Good) – Otis is secretly a member of ‘The Order of The Silver Hand’ cult. He was forced to join after several failed assassination attempts, but he actually believes in their cause of helping the poor through organized crime.

33) Snugglepumpkin – Female Halfling Barkeep (Neutral Good) – Snugglepumpkin loves cooking and has created recipes for nearly every kind of meat or vegetable you can find in the kingdom. She’s very thoughtful when it comes to her craft and gives out her recipes freely, assuming she trusts you enough to not steal them. She loves children and tries to make time to bake cookies with them whenever she has the time.

34) Slyde – Male Halfling Barkeep (True Neutral) – Slyde is a master locksmith and runs several ‘underground’ businesses on the side, including but not limited to: smuggling and gambling. He’s always willing to make a deal with anyone as long as they are willing to pay him his price.

35) Barney – Male Human Barkeep (Lawful Evil) – Barney is an insane psychopath who loves to watch people squirm. He once had a dog that he would put into a metal cage and lock it to the ground in the center of the bar. He would then challenge anyone in the bar to try to open the cage and free the dog. Many people attempted and failed, and he would delight in seeing their frustration and pain. He would laugh manically before finally putting an end to the dog’s suffering in a violent manner.

36) Oddchild – Female Gnome Barkeep (Lawful Good) – Oddchild has such a mass of tangled hair atop her head that she’s never seen without her hat on. Her customers claim that they can hear birds chirping or even crickets inside of her head whenever she gets excited or upset. Her bar is always well cared for because she spends most of her time sweeping out the cobwebs that have accumulated during her long hours of sleep. She secretly wishes to meet an adventurer and offer them work, perhaps even becoming an adventurer herself someday.

37) Elmo – Male Dwarf Barkeep (True Neutral) – Elmo has a serious drinking problem and can be found passed out in one of his many empty bottles at any time during the day. He likes to give advice on romance to his customers, although he has never had a girlfriend or wife.

38) Gaylord Brimstone – Male Human Barkeep (Chaotic Evil) – Gaylord Brimstone is a necromancer who specializes in raising the dead from bodies floating in nearby rivers. He feeds them, gives them specialized weapons, and tells them to attack anyone who threatens him or his bar. He enjoys seeing the looks on people’s faces when they first discover his undead army and are often heard screaming for their lives as they attempt to flee from the bar.

39) Kegwort Campbell – Male Dwarf Barkeep (Lawful Good) – Kegwort is secretly involved with the local clergy of ‘Dungeons The Arm of The Gods’ which is a dwarven brotherhood devoted to seeking out treasure and giant-kin to slay. Whenever a traveling priest comes through looking for soldiers, he sends his best bouncer over to sign them up immediately.

40) Leona – Female Human Barkeep (Chaotic Good) – Leona is a rogue who steals from her own customers. She’s very good at what she does and has never been caught, although she has gotten a lot of glares from angry customers who want to throw her across the bar to teach her a lesson.

41) Mexiknight McSolomon – Male Human Barkeep (Lawful Neutral) – Mexiknight is a former adventurer who decided to retire and run a bar when he made it big from selling his loot. He keeps his best gear on him at all times just in case a fight breaks out, although it’s very rare for anything too violent to occur at the ‘Unfriendly Giant’.

42) Jazz Hands – Male Halfling Barkeep (Lawful Good) – Jazz Hands is one of the kindest halflings you’ll ever meet. He loves to give anyone who he can spare an extra helping of his famous stew, and will often go out of his way to help others. Whenever he receives money, he’ll tip his customers with gold rather than silver and copper. He even decides to add on a few drinks whenever he sees someone has nearly finished their current drink.

43) Noggin – Female Gnome Barkeep (True Neutral) – Noggin loves making bets with her customers on just about anything. If she’s not betting with the regulars, she’ll often try to get new patrons to bet on stupid things like: ‘how many bugs can you fit in your mouth’. She secretly thinks that her bar would be better off if she could close it for a year and bring in more customers afterword by making it ‘re-opened’ again.

44) Derk – Male Human Barkeep (True Neutral) – Derk is an elderly man who knows how much coin he has because he’s kept count of it for most of his life. He refuses to move from behind the bar, even after he’s retired, because he doesn’t trust anyone enough to count his money for him. He secretly enjoys watching children tumble around the bar when they do acrobatic tricks on the tables without ever falling off.

45) Hustler Harry – Male Human Barkeep (Neutral Evil) – Harry is an alcoholic who makes sure everyone knows how hard it is being him. He tries to make himself feel better by putting down anyone who’s not as terrible as he is, although no one actually believes him. He’s always quick to accuse any man or woman who has a drink in their hand of having a drinking problem, and typically whines about it as much as he can.

46) Kal – Male Half Orc Barkeep (Lawful Evil) – Kal was once a respected member of his tribe, who was sent to the surface to trade with the humans. Someone decided to assassinate him and use his form to infiltrate the tribe, who has now begun killing members. He was eventually captured and shipped back to his tribe for justice, but got away before it could be handed out. He knew he’d be executed if he went back, so he traded his tribe’s insignia for that of the ‘Unfriendly Giant’ and now lives a new life as a barkeep.

47) Pelpar – Male Human Barkeep (Chaotic Neutral) – Pelpar is a liar with no sense of reality. He loves to make things up, even if they’re contrary to what he’s said in the past. He’s always trying to get his customers to buy drinks based on his lies, which most people believe and end up buying his bar’s overpriced beer. Needless to say, he’s not very rich and doesn’t make much money.

48) Karmic Chuck – Male Human Barkeep (Lawful Neutral) – Chuck is a former guard who lost his job because of crime he committed. He was fired after someone managed to frame him for being involved with the crimes, although he still thinks he was innocent and is out to prove it in some way or another. He bought the ‘Unfriendly Giant’ so that he could serve drinks from behind the bar where no one would recognize him, and still try to find some good in everyone who comes through the doors.

49) Goldmouth Malone – Male Halfling Barkeep (Chaotic Neutral) – Malone is a former adventurer turned barkeep who retired after selling all of his loot. He has a lot of gold from looting dungeons and selling items on the open market, although he knows that most of it will eventually run out and he’ll need to find another way to earn an income rather than live off the remains of what he’s earned in previous adventures.

D&D Bartender Names
D&D Bartender Names

50) Alton – Male Dwarf Barkeep (Lawful Evil) – Alton used to be a dwarf mercenary who refused to go by his true name due to reasons unknown. He bought the ‘Unfriendly Giant’ because he hated not using his abilities to make money, although after hearing that it could get pretty rowdy at times, he decided not to have any dwarven staff during closing hours. He’ll only hire humans.

51) Torath – Female Human Barkeep (True Neutral) – Torath loves to wear as much gold as she can, although she knows she’s too small so that it weighs her down. She’s always trying to convince others to wear more gold themselves, although most people just end up laughing at her. She loves to make bets with her customers, but never plays fair to get more money because she thinks it’s ‘monopoly money’ and it doesn’t matter how much it is.

52) Red Eyes – Male Half Orc Barkeep (Chaotic Neutral) – Red Eyes is a giant half orc who was looked down upon by his family because he was born with red eyes. He hates his family and no longer speaks with them, although he still feels like a part of them. He works as a bartender to earn money while having fun doing it, and would never want to get a job outside of the bar world.

53) Mordenkainen – Male Human Barkeep (Lawful Neutral) – Mordenkainen was once the most powerful wizard in the lands, but after he grew bored with it all, he quit and opened a bar. He’s still a brilliant wizard, but does it all in secret by performing tricks for money for his customers. If you ask him for a match or a light, he’ll often have matches on him, which magically light themselves when you hold his hand for a few seconds.

54) Lirith – Female Half Elf Barkeep (Lawful Good) – Lirith is the best archer you’ll ever meet, and will easily win any archery contest you ask her to enter. She works hard selling drinks at bars so she can earn enough money to fund her next adventure, although everytime she comes back in town she decides not to travel on any more adventures until she needs more money. She keeps her arrow collection above the cabinets at the bar, and uses them to decorate the bar whenever there’s a special event.

55) Ricky – Male Human Barkeep (Lawful Neutral) – Ricky has a reputation for being shady, but there’s a reason why it seems like he’s always on the wrong side of the law. He secretly loves to bathe in gold coins and burn his enemies alive when no one is looking, although he acts like a moral man who can’t live without the law unless you see him alone with no one else around. The only way you’ll know that he’s a criminal from looking at him is if you see his tattoo on his arm with the word ‘CROOK’ written in big letters.

56) Greendog – Male Halfling Barkeep (Chaotic Neutral) – Greendog is a former adventurer who turned to bartending after learning all he could from his adventures. He loves to make drinks using herbs, plants, and anything else he can find outside of the bar, although he knows it’s hard to sell drinks like that in most places. People often come in expecting something sweet, so he has to be tricky and make his own recipes to try to get people to buy a drink.

57) The Blackbeard – Male Human Pirate Barkeep (Chaotic Evil) – Blackbeard knew a lot of things would be harder when he retired from being a pirate, but he didn’t know it’d be this hard. Once a feared pirate captain on the high seas, he now serves drinks at a bar that’s also named after him. He’s been managing to scrape by on his captain’s salary and money from selling his treasure, but still isn’t doing very good. He spends most of his time at the bar since it’s his only way to make money, although he’d love to spend more time on the seas instead of on land.

58) Keltry – Female Half-Elf Barkeep (Lawful Good) – Keltry is a hard worker who works up until she falls asleep every night. She loves her job as a barkeep and makes sure that everyone gets their drinks whenever they want one. She refuses to let anyone pay for their drinks because she doesn’t want anyone to be homeless or poor, although she makes exceptions for dwarves and gnomes because they’re too short. If she happens to have any spare time, she likes to go outside and play some bard music while singing along with it.

59) Red Tide – Male Human Pirate Barkeep (Lawful Evil) – Red Tide is the king of all pirates in the waters around this area. He used to be as feared as any shark on the high seas before he retired, but now he’s doing pretty good as a barkeep so that he can sit behind the counter and still enjoy the feeling of being feared. His crew reminds him of why he became a pirate in the first place and they terrorize anyone who enters the ‘Unfriendly Giant’, although if you’re nice with him he’ll likely give you free food or other special treatment.

60) Zero – Male Human Wizard Barkeep (Neutral Evil) – Zero is one of the most evil wizards in existence and doesn’t care if anyone knows he is, although he doesn’t want to draw too much attention to himself in case he’s too easily defeated. He serves as the local barkeep in this village, although he sometimes serves drinks to vampires who come in looking to drink on the down-low. He often gets free drinks because the barkeep knows that he could tell people about the vampires and ruin their business.

61) Mustachio – Male Dwarf Bartender (Lawful Neutral) – Mustachio is a huge fan of mustaches and loves to grow his own. He has an extremely long mustache that runs down his face and covers his mouth, although he’s too poor to actually afford any lip balm. He loves making drinks and knows everybody in town, although he has one special friend that he likes to hang out with every night when they both get off from work.

62) Corral – Female Gnome Bartender (Lawful Good) – Corral is a famous gnome who has traveled the world and done many great things for the gnome people. She’s not very powerful, but she’s well-versed in the ways of bartending and she always serves up drinks with a smile on her face. She enjoys people drinking her wonderful drinks, although it does make her slightly sad when she has to kick tavern patrons out for bad behavior.

63) Swordfish – Male Halfling Pirate (Chaotic Good) – Swordfish is a fearsome pirate who is constantly fighting the Royal Navy. Although he knows that they’re just doing their job protecting the seas, he simply has to fight them because they interrupt his business. He’s spent a long time looking for the sea king’s treasure, but hasn’t been able to find it yet. He often asks adventurer’s looking for work where they’ve traveled recently and if they’ve heard of any rumors of where treasure may be hidden in the sea.

64) Glitz – Male Human Barmaid (Neutral Good) – Glitz is known around town as the snobbish barmaid who always has her nose stuck up in the air. She’s actually a pretty nice person and just likes to act like that because she thinks it makes her look more intimidating. She has an eye for fashion and wants to buy designer clothing for everyone in town if possible. She usually puts her money towards her friends first, although she does spend a lot on herself as well.

65) Hamshanks – Male Half-Elf Barmaid (Lawful Good) – Hamshanks is so named because he’s always seen with a ham leg in one hand and a mug of ale in the other. He’s the kind of guy who loves getting slammed drunk every night and then spending the rest of the morning serving drinks to whoever needs one. He’s not a very interesting guy most of the time, although every once in awhile he’ll tell crazy stories about his adventures that’ll make people laugh for days.

66) Madame – Female Human Bartender (Lawful Neutral) – Madame is the nicest lady in town and she owns the nicest bar. The glasses in the bar are made from fine crystal and everything is clean and orderly, although she’s got some questionable clients who she doesn’t want to be seen with in public. She doesn’t like fighting, but she knows that it happens sometimes. She’s always willing to hire adventurers to stop people who won’t leave peacefully when she asks them to.

67) Pappy – Male Halfling Bartender (Lawful Neutral) – Pappy is an extremely old man who is still working as a bartender even though he’s close to death. He enjoys talking about random things before slowly slipping away. He doesn’t mind if adventurers come in to drink and have a good time, but he hates when they start causing too much trouble in his bar for other people to enjoy themselves. He’s a very interesting person who has seen many things over the years and he has lots of stories to tell the many customers who come into his bar each night.

68) Tusk – Male Dwarf Bartender (Lawful Good) – Tusk always wears his full set of armor when he’s out of his home in case anyone attacks him unexpectedly. The only reason he works as a bartender is because he needs money for new weapons and armor to continue fighting for good. He enjoys talking about his adventures, although he never gives out specific details about what happened when he was on the field of battle.

69) Kiki – Female Human Barkeep (Chaotic Good) – Kiki is a really fun girl who loves to party. She’s always looking to socialize with new people and she tends to befriend people who may not be very good influences on her, although she doesn’t care because she knows that they’ll make her life more fun. She refuses to let anyone buy drinks for her because she says that money would just come in between their friendship and she doesn’t want anything coming in between her friends.

70) Orange Juice – Male Halfling Thief Barkeep (Chaotic Neutral) – Orange Juice is a sneaky halfling who uses his charm in order to sneak out of paying for drinks. He never steals anything and he’s very trustworthy, although he really doesn’t mind lying to customers and telling them that he’s going to get their drink but then never actually doing it. He steals from customers who are too drunk to notice that they’ve been ripped off.

71) Jugs – Male Human Barkeep (Neutral Good) – Jugs is a really big guy who enjoys watching the fights that happen in his bar. He especially likes seeing smaller men beat up on larger men because he knows that it’s not easy for weaklings to do so. He used to be a fighter himself, but he retired after he realized that he was getting a little bit too old for the job. He doesn’t mind adventurers coming into his bar and he even knows a few tricks that can be used in order to increase their chances of winning fights.

72) Tank – Male Dwarf Barkeep (Lawful Neutral) – Tank is a large fighter who used to be in the army. He had a few rough patches during his service and he doesn’t really like talking about it now, although he occasionally ends up telling stories about his time in the military. He owns his own bar where he likes to serve drinks, although he never serves anyone who isn’t able to pay or make some other sort of deal with him. He likes to make sure that everyone knows that the bar is his and his alone, although he’s perfectly fine with renting it out to others if the price is right.

73) Milhouse – Male Half-Elf Barkeep (Neutral Good) – Milhouse is so named because he has a large forehead that looks just like Milhouse from The Simpsons. He is a very common guy who loves drinking and socializing with people and making sure that everyone around him is having fun. He doesn’t care about charging customers or anything like that, although he does set up different prices depending on which items they’re ordering. He doesn’t mind lending money to regular customers if they’re good debtors, although he always requires collateral or weekly payments in order to make sure they don’t run off without paying him back on time.

74) Kegman – Male Human Bartender (Neutral Evil) – Kegman is the guy who always wears a mask when he’s out serving drinks. He won’t ever remove it for any reason other than drunkenness, although most people don’t like looking at his face anyways when it’s uncovered anyways because he has horrible burn scars all over it. He’s quiet and he likes to listen to other people talk, although he’s never without a drink in his hand. He’s constantly thinking about how to take over the world and he’d do anything to do so. He’s also working as an informant for the local thieves guilds and he loves when adventurers come in to his bar because he’s happy to listen to anything he may be able to use for blackmail later on.

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75) Chuggy – Male Human Bartender (Lawful Evil) – Chuggy always refers to his customers as “Captain” because he feels that it’s very important to treat people with respect. He’s got a very dry sense of humor and he likes telling old war stories, although he always ends up leaving out all the gory parts of them, much to the disappointment of anyone who’s listening. He’s always willing to help adventurers out and he’ll often give them information, although it’ll cost them money.

76) Skyler – Male Half-Elf Bartender (Chaotic Neutral) – Skyler is a very strange character who works as a bartender because he enjoys being surrounded by drunk people. He prefers serving drinks at night and he could never handle sunlight on his face, even though it doesn’t burn him or anything like that. He enjoys the late night hours when everyone is drunk and everyone is having fun, although he’s often seen complaining about the customers and how boring they are and how lame their lives are. He doesn’t see himself as superior in any way, although he does look down on others who are less interesting than him.

77) Biff – Male Human Barkeep (Lawful Evil) – Biff hates everything about adventurers and he hates it when they come into his bar trying to get drunk. He normally makes sure they don’t drink anything without paying for it, at least until they’ve left his bar once and then he’ll forget about it anyways. He also loves when adventurers start to fight with other patrons of the bar because then it means that everyone is scared of coming around and dealing with him. He actually earns some sort of profit whenever he deals with adventurers because he charges a portion of ever bit that they get from others, but he’d rather charge them upfront if possible.

78) Super Joe – Male Dwarf Bartender (Chaotic Neutral) – Super Joe is so named because he always wears an orange cape and a superhero shirt around his waist in order to protect his clothes from beer stains. He doesn’t care about keeping his bar clean and organized, although all of his money is kept in a vault that can defend itself against anyone who tries to steal from it automatically. He’s usually a jolly and random individual and he seems to be a big fan of magic, although he never talks about what he does with it.

79) Tooty – Female Dwarf Bartender (Lawful Evil) – Tooty is a very clumsy and always drunk, even though she tries to act as if she isn’t. She enjoys playing practical jokes on people, although she’s not really very good at them and she ends up just throwing beer on people instead of spraying it from a hose across the room. She doesn’t like doing any cooking herself and she often asks the customers to make their own food whenever she’s staff is too busy and she has to cook for them anyways.

80) Hammer – Male Dwarf Bartender (Lawful Good) – Hammer is a jack-of-all-trades kind of character who can serve drinks all day long, work as a bouncer when he needs to, and also work as a cook if he really needs to. He enjoys working in the kitchen cooking up meat and vegetables while he’s serving drinks at the same time. Although most people find him to be a really positive person, they also find him to be a bit annoying because they can never get rid of him and they don’t really want to talk with him, especially when they don’t have any coin on them.

81) Twisted – Male Halfling Bartender (Neutral Evil) – Twisted is a halfling who enjoys wearing a dead cat on his head whenever he’s out socializing. He loves making practical jokes with his cat and he thinks it’s hilarious whenever someone gets pissed off at him for doing this. He thinks that every time he does something like this that he’s serving as an inspiration for the rest of the world because he thinks people are getting tired of those who think too highly of themselves. He believes that everyone is better off treating others like their equals, although it almost seems like he mostly acts this way when he wants something from others.

82) Bob – Male Human Bartender (True Neutral) – Bob is really slow moving at aiming whenever he goes to serve drinks. He also frequently asks his guests what they want to drink even though they’ve already told him more than 10 times already. He also tends to stare at things around the bar instead of doing his job so he often gets in trouble with his manager for these reasons. He’s not very popular among the waitresses at his bar because they think he brings down the morale of everyone else there with him. He actually doesn’t really even like bartending, although he finds it enjoyable enough to keep doing it.

83) Billy – Male Human Bartender (Chaotic Evil) – Billy is an entrepreneur who likes to own a lot of different businesses. He likes owning bars because he loves the chaos that’s constantly inside of them. He’s always looking for ways to make a profit and he doesn’t really consider the customers of his bar as customers, but as something he needs to get rid of as soon as possible. He’s constantly inventing different ways to get the customers off of his bar when they don’t have money to pay for their drinks and he’s constantly trying to pass off bad food to them so that they’ll leave sooner.

84) Stumpy – Male Dwarf Bartender (Lawful Good) – Stumpy is a stereotypical dwarf who loves to drink and tell old war stories with his customers. He tends to forget peoples names very easily, although he still likes to talk with everyone and he likes everyone in the bar where he works at. He works very hard at serving all of the patrons because he feels that it’s the only way that they’ll respect him and all of the hard work he’s put into running this place. He also really enjoys being around magic because his father had been a great magician in his younger days and Stumpy feels that he’s destined for great things in magic, although he’s never shown anyone his skills yet.

85) Dartanious – Male Human Bartender (Lawful Neutral) – Dartanious is really into sports, although not really for any sports team per se. He just likes watching people hit each other with flying objects and seeing someone run around a track at a high speed without getting hurt. He loves watching people play games where they have to move things from one point in another and he especially loves watching people shoot things at other things. He basically doesn’t like any kind of sport where they’re not hitting each other or they’re not shooting something at something else, although many people think he’s crazy anyways just because of his favorite kinds of activities.

86) Champ – Male Half-Orc Bartender (Lawful Neutral) – Champ doesn’t mind getting hit on by female adventurers who want some romance with the bartender, although he very rarely goes through with the flirting. He likes his job as a bartender because he gets paid a good amount in tips and everyone usually tips him well because they find him to be a very energetic and positive person, even if it’s just an act. He loves watching others fight over drinks and just about anything else, although he also loves brewing his own ale that he often gets people to try. He often will give away free drinks to customers who he thinks are attractive enough and he sometimes likes to talk about his family, who all happen to be very attractive as well.

87) Benji – Male Human Bartender (Lawful Evil) – Benji is a really evil bartender, although he doesn’t have much of a personality. He likes being around evil people, although he’s very confused about why so many people think he’s evil as well. All Benji wants to do is serve all of the customers drinks and collect as many tips as possible and he also wants to spend his time managing his bar. He’s not evil because he wants to rule over everyone, but because he just wants to make a profit and be left alone by everyone.

88) Amie – Female Halfling Bartender (Lawful Neutral) – Amie is a adventurous female halfling who loves to be a bartender just because she can travel the world and get paid for it. She loves the excitement of serving drinks to all of the different people that come through her bar and she loves talking with her friends about all of their adventures as well. She’s learned everything there is to know about the bar business after running her bar for over 20 years, although she never plans on stopping and she loves taking care of her neighbors when they need anything.

89) Ray – Male Human Bartender (Lawful Good) – Ray loves being a bartender because he gets to help everyone who comes into his bar. He also gets free drinks and food from most of the other customers which is always nice as well. He likes being around people and he likes to talk with them often while they’re at his bar. He feels that the best way to get good tips on your drinks is by talking with the customers personally, although sometimes this doesn’t work out very well. He loves treating customers well and making sure that they have a good time while they’re at his bar, although there are some customers that don’t want to talk with him as well.

90) Dave – Male Human Bartender (Chaotic Good) – Dave isn’t really a fan of rules, although they’re sometimes necessary, but only when rules are necessary. He loves making drinks and then pouring them into random containers that have nothing at all to do with drinking them, although everyone always seems to enjoy this kind of madness anyways. His bar is full of strange decorations that don’t quite seem to fit in with some of the more mainstream decorations around him in this city, although that’s another reason why he likes his bar so much. He loves the strange drinks that he can sometimes make for his customers and he loves the strange characters that come into his bar.

91) Jordan – Female Human Bartender (Lawful Good) – Jordan runs her bar like a half-elf might run one, although she never seems to have a problem with money. She’ll often do anything at all even if it means hurting herself or money, although she’ll never hurt others just to get money. She loves being a bartender because she gets to meet new people every day, although she gets really stressed out when her employees aren’t doing their job right and when her bar looks like a mess. She’s always trying to keep everything cleaned up, even if she’s not supposed to, and she absolutely hates it when her bar doesn’t look as pretty as it should be or when she doesn’t make enough money in a day.

92) Drake – Male Draconic Bartender (Lawful Good) – Drake is a large dragonborn who often gets mistaken for a dragon because of how large he is. He’s constantly trying to get people to leave him alone at his bar, although they don’t seem to listen very well and they love bringing him all sorts of weird drinks. He also doesn’t mind serving them all special liquor in hopes that they’ll go away sooner. He likes running his bar because he can often hang out with the good customers, although he doesn’t like having so many people come into his bar without him recognizing them right away. He also likes that he can serve dragons and other monstrous humanoid type creatures, although he often likes to punch them when they’re done drinking anyways.

93) Jack – Male Gnome Bartender (Chaotic Neutral) – Jack is a fallen paladin who prefers serving drinks to serving the church anymore, although there are times where he misses the old days. He’s constantly finding himself in trouble for serving drinks to everyone, including the evil people who might be in his bar. He doesn’t care about money and he just likes to have fun with everything else. He also loves watching people fight over things and he loves giving out free drinks to customers. He has a lot of friends who work for him because he always has something for everyone to do at his bar and he loves giving everyone their own section of the bar that they can manage whenever they’re there as well.

94) Mike – Male Human Bartender (Lawful Neutral) – Mike is an average bartender who just happens to be good at doing it as well. He’s not really a fan of the drama and the excitement of the bar like some other bartenders might be, although he doesn’t mind it when it comes to his bar. He loves the drinks he can make and he loves getting to meet new people every day, although some of them get on his nerves a little bit. He’s always trying to keep people out of trouble and he will occasionally help those who need it, although he’s not always the best at doing so. He’s just glad that usually they get out of their own trouble.

95) Shane – Female Elf Bartender (Lawful Neutral) – Shane is a bit of a fortune teller and she can see the future of others and sometimes herself. She’s a pretty cool bartender in most people’s opinions, although her powers sometimes get her in trouble when she sees things that might go wrong in the future. She has a lot of friends from working at this bar and she loves the strange drinks that come her way. She doesn’t really like it when she has to make drinks for people who speak in tongues, although she’ll still serve them for whatever reason.

96) Jane – Female Human Bartender (Chaotic Evil) – Jane is a sultry sort of woman who just likes to cause chaos wherever she goes. She spends more time doing her own thing than serving drinks at her bar and often gets into fights with her customers over nothing at all. She’s trying to collect information on all of her customers, as well as their families, friends, and enemies, in order to use this information later in life, although she doesn’t know what she’ll need it for yet. She loves making strange drinks and she loves throwing liquids at everyone, although she won’t hurt them too much even though they are mostly the reason why she fights with people so much.

97) Kate – Female Dragonborn Bartender (Chaotic Good) – Kate is a calm bartender who doesn’t seem to have too much of an issue with anyone or anything in particular. She’s not really a fan of the screams that come from her bar, although she doesn’t seem to care too much when they happen anyways. She’s constantly trying to get fights to stop breaking out while also trying to serve drinks when they’re most needed by everyone. She’s also trying to figure out what everyone needs, as well as everyone else in the city, although she has no idea why she’s doing this right now.

98) Gordon – Male Half-Orc Bartender (Chaotic Good) – Gordon is a gentle giant who just loves his job for some reason. He loves getting to serve drinks to anyone and everyone who comes into his bar, although trouble always seems to find a way to come into his bar. That’s why he has to start doing his job more seriously from time to time. He’s always trying to pull fights apart and he loves to serve drinks to those who have the most interesting orders. He also loves the strange drinks that people bring in every once in a while, although he also doesn’t really mind serving people normal drinks when they’re just so thirsty.

99) Anna – Female Human Bartender (Chaotic Good) – Anna is a bartender who was originally a waitress when she was younger, although she’s kind of out of practice at this point in her life. She likes coming up with new drinks and she likes combining the ingredients that others might find very useful, although not all of them are good for people in the long run. She has a lot of friends from her adventures and she often gets into fights with her customers over things that don’t matter at all. She also loves making her guests fight each other for whatever reason as well.

100) John – Male Halfling Bartender (Lawful Neutral) – John is a bit of an odd bartender in some people’s opinions because he prefers to spend his time alone working on strange potion mixtures in a back room instead of having fun with everyone else. He loves being in the center of the city where there’s a lot of people walking around, although he doesn’t like getting involved with their business. He just wants to make sure that they’re enjoying themselves and that they’re having fun, although he does it in his own way. He also loves to serve drinks up to anyone at all whenever the bar gets too silent for him, although he does it in a creepy way sometimes.

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