100 DND Campaign Hooks for Fantasy RPG

Are you in search of some good campaign hooks for your D&D or other fantasy RPG campaign? If you play tabletop frequently and are looking for some story hook ideas, this page will interest you. Keep reading and feel free to use my list of 100 interesting and unique DND campaign hooks.

100 DND Campaign Hooks

  1. The Lost City – The party hears rumors of a lost city that was built in the ancient past by giants. They were forced out by a band of very powerful sorcerers, and the city has been abandoned for centuries. In their travels, players encounter an ancient stone tablet that is covered in alien runes. The map from the tablet leads to the lost city.
  2. The Love Of Gold – The party gets an opportunity to find some lost gold that was left buried after an ancient battle. They just need to find the treasure map of a long dead treasure hunter. This hook could lead to a great Indiana Jones-style adventure with parties excavating an old battlefield or the dungeon where the treasure was left behind.
  3. A Sinking Feeling – A local spider-teller is spreading tales of a lost temple beneath the waves. The temple is said to be filled with riches that have been underwater for centuries. The party can either survive the perils of the deep to explore this sunken temple and recover the treasure, or they can track down the spider-teller and learn more about the treasure from him.
  4. A Forgotten Soldier – A party member hears a rumor about his missing father. The party member’s father was a soldier in an army that was defeated in battle. He was left for dead, but he struggled for his life and managed to get away from the battle. He was teleported to a strange cave, which he escaped from and washed up on a beach on the other side of the world. The party member wants to find his father, but he has no idea what happened to him or where he ended up.
  5. The Lost King – The party encounters a strange hermit in the woods who is rumored to be a wizard, but the wizard is extremely delusional. He believes he is the king of a lost kingdom who was deposed by his brothers in a war. He’s stuck in the past and thinks that he’s still battling his enemies. His home is filled with old, dusty books and artifacts. He tells the party that his kingdom is out there somewhere, and he can lead the party there if they help him defeat his brothers.
  6. The Fallen Hero – Rumors begin to spread about an old hero of a fallen kingdom who was once renowned for slaying dragons and fighting giants. The hero was once considered a great warrior, but he was known for being a kind man who fought for justice and helped others. No one has seen him in at least 100 years. Players hear rumors of him living in an old mansion outside of town, haunted by ghosts and evil spirits from the old kingdom that’s been gone for centuries.
  7. The Madman’s Story – A halfling bard named Bertram is convinced that he’s the only surviving member of an ancient order of warriors. He traveled to the capital city to seek asylum, but he’s so insane that the council turned him away. He’s on the run from the city guard, and he’ll attack anyone who crosses him. Bertram tells wild tales of evil monsters that are lurking in the woods. He says he hid from them for months, and now he’s ready to return to the woods to slay them. The party can either help Bertram or capture him, but either way, he might have some valuable information about evil creatures that are lurking in the woods.
  8. Don’t Go Into The Woods – A young woman approaches a party member and tells them that her brother is missing. Her brother often went into the woods outside of town to practice magic, but he never returned from his latest excursion. The siblings fear that something has happened to their brother, so they ask the party to investigate.
  9. A Troubled Man – A guard approaches a character in town and warns him that his father has been acting strange lately. He warns the party that his father has been talking to himself and muttering strange things in his sleep. The guard is afraid that something is wrong with the father and wants the party to investigate.
  10. The Lost Mine – A half-orc seeks out a party member and asks for help in finding out where her grandfather hid a fortune in gold from a cursed mine. She doesn’t know where the mine is, but she knows that her grandfather left clues to its location somewhere in his house before he died. She’s looking for someone to help her find the location of this treasure.
  1. The Crumbling Tower – A traveling merchant is passing through a town when he hears rumors that a tower outside of town has been crumbling away over the years. He asks around and finds out that the tower was built by a wizard who disappeared decades ago, and no one knows what happened to him. The merchant has heard rumors that the wizard was a prisoner of demons in his tower, and now the demon lords are looking for him. The merchant is worried about the fate of the wizard and wants to find out what happened to him.
  2. Makazo’s Magic Cheese – A famous cheese merchant named Makazo has heard rumors of a “magical” cheese that can be found in a dungeon that’s not far from town. He has a heavy debt to repay to a local gangster, and he heard that the cheese can help him pay off his debt. The merchant wants the party to help him find this cheese and bring it back to him.
  3. The Dragon’s Secret – A half-elf traveling entertainer is going through a town when he hears rumors that the town’s mayor is hiding a secret. He wants the party to break into the man’s home and steal a journal that might have information about a dragon’s lair located in the mountains.
  4. The Witch Hunter – A witch hunter approaches the party and warns them that there’s a local woman who is a witch. He warns that she is using her magic to murder local orphans, steal from passersby and take over the minds of town officials. The town and its mayor have been corrupted by her power. He wants the party to help him deal with this witch.
  5. Dragon Park – Children begin to disappear from towns around the country, and there are rumors of a creature that lives in a hidden park outside of town that’s filled with statues of creatures. Children will often play near the park and explore its statues, but they’re not allowed to play there. Some adults believe that an evil wizard built the park, but no one knows where he went or what happened to him.
  6. The Betrayed King – A group of pilgrims is traveling through a town, and they come across a priest who once served at the royal court of an ancient kingdom. The king was overthrown by his own brothers, and the priest was exiled because he refused to join them. He tells players the story of his king and how he was betrayed by his brothers, but he says a secret treasure was left behind that belonged to the king. The priest believes that the party can return this treasure to its rightful owner.
  7. Beneath The Tower – An old farmer tells a party member that he had a strange dream where he stood outside of an old tower on the outskirts of town and watched it collapse into a pile of rubble. He says this tower has been abandoned for years and isn’t safe for anyone to enter. The farmer wants the party to explore the tower and learn more about why it’s falling apart because he believes it’s a message that a great evil is coming.
  8. The Traitors – A group of renegade soldiers who travel the land in disguise comes across a party member while they’re traveling through a dangerous forest. The party member is from a nearby town and recognizes the soldiers, but he pretends to be an innocent merchant and tries to get away from the soldiers. After the party member leaves, the soldiers figure out their identity, but they don’t know where he lives or who he talks to. The soldiers have orders to kill him if they ever find him.
  9. The Sacking of Knight’s Keep – A group of knights is traveling through a nearby town when they hear stories that their keep is being sacked. One of their squires left the group and joined a group of raiders who are burning the keep and killing everyone inside. The party travels to their keep and fights the raiders, but they come across some disturbing evidence that leads them to believe that this wasn’t a random act.
  10. The Flaming Skull – Rumors begin to spread around a kingdom that a goblin shaman was captured by a clan of barbarians and was imprisoned in their stronghold. He’s going to be publicly executed, but he bribed one of the guards and escaped while he was being transported. Players must follow the goblin’s trail to find out where he went, and they must find him before he can regroup with his clan.
  11. The Evil Costume – A traveling merchant returns home after a long journey and tells his family that he met a strange man in a faraway kingdom who wore a funny looking costume. Other people told him it brings bad luck, but some people wear it to ward off malicious spirits or sorcerers. The party is asked to travel to this kingdom and find out everything they can about the man who wears the costume. They’re told it’s better to wear the costume than to be attacked by evil spirits or by someone who’s trying to cast a spell on you.
  12. The Magic’s Price – A young woman approaches the party and asks them to help her brother who has been poisoned by a group of merchants. They say they sell magical items, but they use poison on their customers if they can’t pay for their goods. The woman says her brother has a rare disease that he caught while exploring ruins in a faraway country. He needs more of the poison to complete his cure, but it can only be found in this group’s shop. She begs the party to help her get it before her brother dies.
  13. The Dragon’s Revenge – An ancient seer approaches the party and asks them to find a bandit leader named Ivan who is located in an abandoned castle on the other side of a dangerous forest. Ivan killed an ancient dragon who was the seer’s mentor, and now he wants revenge for his death. He tells the party that Ivan is trying to recruit brave men to join his gang, but he’s planning an attack on a nearby town. The seer wants the party to destroy Ivan’s gang before he can carry out his plot.
  14. The Vanished Ship – A group of sailors arrives at a port and asks if any ships have come in recently. They’re lost at sea, and they think they saw a ship that went by their boat during the night, but they’re not sure if it was just a ghost ship. The sailors want the party to help them track down the other ship and find out if it’s really haunted.
  15. The Giant King – A group of giants is planning an attack on a nearby town, and they’re recruiting local thugs and criminals to help them. Players are asked to stop these giants from reaching the town by any means necessary. The giants don’t want their true identities to be discovered, but players will have to trick them into revealing their plans.
  16. The Cursed Island – An island in a remote archipelago is cursed by an evil cleric who wants to punish himself for his sins. The cleric cast a spell that drains his magic energy whenever he casts a spell, and he can only break the spell if he casts enough spells to drain all his magic energy. An entire generation has passed since the island was cursed, and now this cleric is old and frail. He wants the party to help him cast a spell that will lift the curse and let him leave the island.
  17. The Murdered Pirate – A group of pirates is traveling through an area filled with dangerous reefs when they come across a shipwreck. One of the pirates mysteriously goes missing while exploring the shipwreck, and there are signs that he was murdered. His friends want nothing to do with the dangerous reef, but they want answers about what happened to their friend. They ask the party to explore the shipwreck and find out who killed their friend.
  18. The Giant’s Gift – A giant approaches a party member and tells them about a giant king who lives in a nearby mountain range. He’s suffering from an incurable disease, and he’s dying from something that happened long ago. His daughter is trying to protect him from getting sicker, but she makes him so happy that she’s becoming sick as well. She doesn’t know how much longer she can protect him. The giant wants the party to collect the ingredients needed to make a powerful healing potion, and he’s willing to pay anything they want.
  19. The Stolen Crown – A group of goblins has stolen an ancient crown from a nearby kingdom. There’s a big tournament coming up where the winner is supposed to get the crown as a reward. The goblins are going to sell the crown to the highest bidder. The kingdom would rather see the crown destroyed than see it used in a tournament, but they don’t want to be seen as violent. They ask the party to find a way to keep the crown out of the tournament without damaging it.
  20. The Lonely Ghost – A ghost is haunting a manor house in a nearby town. He’s a ghost of a slain nobleman that was murdered in the manor house more than 50 years ago. He wants to get revenge on the last surviving member of his family, but he wants the party to find another way for him to do it. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone else, but he can’t leave the manor house until he gets his revenge.
  21. The Dead Robber – A group of thieves and their leader are trying to rob a merchant while he travels through a dangerous forest. One of their group gets killed by some sort of beast while trying to steal something from the merchant, and they’re forced to retreat after losing their third member. The merchant follows the thieves back to their lair and asks them for help stopping whatever killed his guard. If they help him, he’ll give them whatever treasure they stole from him as payment.
  22. The Cursed Manor – A group of adventures is asked to help clear out an old manor house that was overrun by undead during a recent war. The owner of the manor house never had any children, so he wants the adventurers to find his family fortune and spread it among local orphanages and homeless shelters. If they clear out the undead and clean up his mansion, he’ll give them all of his money when they finally complete their mission.
  23. The Fallen Champion – A group of adventurers finds a rotted chest buried in the ground near their camp after a day of adventuring in a missing city that was destroyed during a war. Inside the chest is an old set of armor and a silver ring. Their leader is a paladin, and he knows that this set of armor belonged to a champion of some sort. He wants the group to find out what happened to the champion, and he asks them to recover his armor and return it to his family.
  24. The Cursed Talisman – A group of adventurers kills a powerful vampire and takes an ancient artifact from her lair. This artifact is an ancient talisman that gives its user powerful magic abilities, but it’s also cursed. Those who wear the talisman will die of a horrible disease within 3 months, and they’ll rise from the dead as a powerful vampire. The vampires that created the talisman want the party to go on a suicide mission, and they’ll give them anything they want as payment.
  25. The Forgotten Treasure – A dragon asks the party to complete a series of dangerous tasks in exchange for helping them find a lost treasure in his fire lair. He knows that the treasure was lost hundreds of years ago, so he’s not sure what it was or what it was worth. The dragon will give them any one item of their choice as a reward for finding this treasure for him.
  26. The Cursed Amulet – An old wizard comes to the party and asks them to help his family retrieve a powerful magical amulet that he lost many years ago. He gave the amulet to his daughter when she was young, but he believes that she lost it when she was traveling with her husband. He wants to give them anything they want in exchange for finding the amulet for him.
  27. The Pirate’s Chest – A group of pirates is trying to take over an island that contains a valuable treasure. They want to build an island fortress where they can hold important prisoners and store all of their treasure. They’re willing to pay the party enough gold to make them all rich if they help them take over the island.
  28. The Dragonspawn – An old wizard wants the party to kill a powerful half-dragon that’s terrorizing a nearby kingdom. The dragon has killed hundreds of people and burned down entire villages in its attempts to gain power over the land. It also kidnapped an important member of the kingdom’s royal family, and it plans to kill him in front of the kingdom’s leaders unless they accept its demands for war. If this half-dragon is killed, the kingdom will be peaceful again.
  29. The Wronged Merchant – A rich merchant in a nearby kingdom is upset about how a local noble family is treating him. The noble family doesn’t want to give him the same kind of respect and treatment they give the rest of the merchants. The merchant has hired an assassin who’s disguised herself as a servant in the noble family’s castle. The merchant wants the party to help her kill the head of the noble family, and he’ll give them anything they want as payment.
  30. The Forgotten Tomb – A group of adventurers comes across a tomb belonging to a forgotten hero. This tomb is hidden under water, and it’s surrounded by a powerful curse that prevents anyone from approaching it. The adventurers are willing to risk the curse and go into the tomb, but they’re not sure what they’ll find inside.
  31. The Corrupt King – The king of a nearby kingdom is suffering from an incurable disease that’s causing him to waste away. He’s willing to pay the party a large amount of gold if they can find a cure for his disease. They’ll have to travel far and visit many different cities to find out where a cure for this disease might be.
  32. The Wandering Merchant – A traveling merchant tells the party that he has something that they’ve been searching for for a long time. The merchant’s wagon is being guarded by a powerful beast, and the party will have to contend with it if they want to speak with the merchant.
  33. The Tainted Harvest – The crop of a nearby kingdom has been cursed, and the kingdom’s people are starving to death. The kingdom’s leaders are in desperate need of a powerful cleric who can lift the curse. If they don’t find one, the kingdom will collapse.
  34. The Shortage of Supplies – A nearby kingdom is struggling to feed its people. A long war has drained their resources, and they can’t afford to buy food from other kingdoms. Their leaders are looking for anyone who can help them find a source of free food in the wilderness so they can survive until their own crops are ready to harvest.
  35. The Mirage Island – An island has appeared in the middle of a nearby ocean, and it’s covered in beautiful foliage and fruit trees. Many ships have tried to sail towards this island, but each ship was destroyed by strong winds and powerful waves before it was able to reach land. The party will have to figure out why this island is cursed before they can set foot on it.
  36. The Village of Secrets – A small village has been terrorized by a series of unexplained murders. Most of the victims were killed by their own weapons and appear to have committed suicide. The party is sent to investigate these mysterious deaths, and they’ll have to figure out the reason why before the murderer strikes again.
  37. The Savior of the Damned – A group of adventurers comes across a group of undead creatures at night while they’re traveling through a graveyard. One of these undead creatures begs the adventurers to save its life. It tells them that it’s not evil and that it used to be a good person when it was alive. It promises to tell them how to destroy the necromancer that created it if they help it find a way to become undead again.
  38. The Water Demon – A group of traveling merchants tells the party that they’ve been attacked by a powerful water demon while they were traveling down a river. The water demon has killed many people and destroyed many boats, but no one has been able to defeat it. The merchants are willing to let the party stop the water demon in exchange for anything they want.
  39. The Forsaken Village – A nearby village was destroyed by a powerful storm. The party will have to figure out what happened to the village and why it was destroyed.
  40. The Accursed Cave – An old hermit is afraid to leave his cave because he’s afraid that a powerful demon will find him and drag him to hell. He’ll give the party enough gold to make them all rich if they’ll venture into the cave and kill the demon for him.
  41. The Bloodthirsty Beast – A group of adventurers comes across an evil creature that’s feasting on the body of the dead. It tells them that it’s never eaten fresh prey before and that it wants to eat them. It vows to chase them forever if they refuse to let it feast on them.
  42. The Mutated Ogre – An ogre has been living in a community of humans for 15 years, and it’s been terrorizing the townspeople by killing and eating them. One of the townspeople had to kill the ogre before it killed anyone else, and he didn’t know why it was doing this to them. The ogre has been living alone on a nearby island, and the townspeople have been afraid to go near it. They want the party to kill the ogre and bring back its head so they can display it in their town square.
  43. The Town of Magic – A nearby town has been cursed with a powerful curse that traps everyone inside of it until they die. If anyone tries to leave, they’ll feel an intense burning pain throughout their entire body, and they’ll die shortly afterwards. The party will have to figure out how to break this curse before they can leave town or they’ll be trapped there forever.
  44. The Mysterious Treasure Chest – An old sailor tells the party that he found a treasure chest buried in the sand at a beach. He wants to keep the treasure, but he’s afraid that the spirit of the person who put it there will come back and get him. The party can keep the treasure if they’ll promise to protect him from the spirit that put it there.
  45. The Poisoned Well – A group of heroes comes across a small village that has no fresh water supply. Water is being delivered to the village by a group of merchants, but the village’s wells have been poisoned by an evil wizard. The water merchants have refused to stop delivering water to the village, and the village leader will reward the party for defeating the evil wizard and saving their village.
  46. The Forgotten Hero – An old man tells the party that their kingdom is missing a powerful relic that was used by their legendary hero to defeat the evil tyrant that ruled their land in the past. The old man will only tell the party the quest if they bring him the horn that was once used by their great hero.
  47. The Magician’s Amulet – A magician has come to town, and he tells the party that he can use his magic to solve their problems. He’s offering a deal where he’ll use his magic to solve their problems if they’ll give him a gift as payment. He’ll give them three gifts to choose from. If they pick the amulet, he’ll put a curse on them instead of solving their problem.
  48. The Cursed Castle – A well-known castle has been cursed for hundreds of years. Anyone who enters the castle will be trapped in an endless nightmare, but the castle still attracts treasure hunters who want to enter it. The party can enter the castle if they can find a way to escape the nightmares before they die.
  49. The Cursed Throne – A king has been cursed with a terrible illness that he can only be cured from when he dies. He has three sons, and they want to know which one is destined to succeed him on the throne. The king has told his sons that the chosen one will be able to sit in his throne without being poisoned by the curse, and they’re all trying to prove they should become king.
The Sick Knight – Created with DALLE-2
  1. The Sick Knight – A knight has been sent on a quest to defeat an evil dragon, but he’s fallen ill and he’ll die before he gets there. The king has told him that he can only be saved if he defeats the dragon, and he’s looking for someone to complete his quest for him. If the party goes on this quest for him, he’ll reward them with a magic item that will allow them to gain a new ally.
  2. The Healer’s Apprentice – A healer has come to town, and she’s looking for someone to go with her on her travels. She can only be cured of her illness if she travels around with her apprentice and learns how to be a healer, but she doesn’t have anyone who can do this for her. She’ll reward the party with a magic item that will help her cure her illness if they’ll travel with her for a few weeks.
  3. The Warrior’s Trial – A warrior has come across an ancient trial that he must complete in order to become an immortal. He can’t complete it on his own, but he can complete it if he has help. The trial is guarded by an immortal spider that will only let him pass if he has someone to help him defeat it. The warrior will reward the party with a magic item if they’ll help him complete the trial.
  4. The Fallen Knight – A knight has fallen in battle and is being carried to a nearby castle on a stretcher. He wants to find his sword and finish the battle that killed him, but he doesn’t have the strength to do it on his own. If he defeats the creature that killed him, he’ll reward the party with a magic item.
  5. The Vampire’s Secret – A vampire has come to town, and he’s trying to adopt a human daughter. He asks the party if they can watch his adopted daughter while he goes out for the night, but his daughter will only be allowed out if she’s wearing a special pendant that allows her skin to stay pale. If they don’t know that she’s a vampire, they might be tricked into believing she’s a human child.
  6. The Hungry Wolves – A village has been attacked by wolves that are eating the children, and the party has been asked to kill them. The local hunter has told the party that the wolves are actually shapechangers who are only pretending to be wolves. He says the shapechangers turn into wolves once they eat enough humans, and eating a human transforms them into a large wolf.
  7. The Betrayed Hunter – A hunter has been captured by a group of people who are planning to cook him for dinner. He was captured during a hunt and he was hunting on their land. They believe he must be punished for what he did, but they’re willing to let him go free if he can fight their champion in combat. They want to use this as an opportunity to prove their champion is better than any hunter in the land.
  8. The Pet Cemetery – A group of children has been captured by a group of evil creatures and imprisoned in a nearby cemetery. The children have been turned into undead creatures, and they’ll turn into full vampires if they’re not killed before they become adults. The party will need to find the children and destroy their bodies before they turn into full vampires.
  9. The Lucky Coin – A guildmaster has heard of a person who’s been using a lucky coin to defeat everyone who’s challenged him to combat. He wants to challenge him to a duel, but he doesn’t have a lucky coin, and he’s afraid the man will only accept his challenge if he has the lucky coin. The guildmaster will ask the party if they can find another one of these coins and bring it back to him so he can challenge the man to a duel.
  10. The Ring of Truth – A sorcerer has come to town with a ring that he says will make anyone tell the truth when they wear it. He tells the party that if they bring him a rare gem, he’ll give them the ring. The party must bring him a rare blood gem from a dragon that lives in a nearby cave before he’ll give them the ring.
  11. The Lost Catacombs – A group of people has been captured by a group of evil undead creatures, and they’re being kept in a nearby catacomb. There’s a powerful lich leading this group of undead creatures, and she’s planning to feed on their souls once her army of undead creatures grows large enough. She’s already captured hundreds of people from nearby villages to turn them into undead creatures, and she won’t stop until she has an army large enough to conquer the entire kingdom.
  12. The Dragonhunter’s Son – A dragonhunter has brought his son to town while they search for the dragon that killed his wife. He’s searching for someone to train his son in the art of dragonhunting, and he wants to know if the party is up for the job. He’ll offer them magic items if they defeat the dragon that killed his wife, and he wants to use this opportunity as an opportunity to start over with his son.
  13. The Golden Contest – A dragon has challenged everyone in the kingdom to kill it, and one of the party members has been chosen as a representative for their town. This person is going to battle the dragon, and the rest of the party will go with them if they want to. The dragon has only given them a day to prepare, and this person is supposed to go dragonhunting the following day.
  14. The Lost Wizard – The king has lost one of his trusted advisors to a group of evil wizards. It’s said that these wizards plan to overthrow the king and take over the entire kingdom. If the party doesn’t find this wizard before the king’s birthday, he’ll die or be turned into an evil wizard. It’s said that the wizard traveled through the mountains to reach a nearby town where he planned to seek asylum, but he never returned.
  15. The War of Attrition – A nearby kingdom is planning to attack the party’s kingdom, and they’re planning to do it in three months. Their goal is to occupy their kingdom with just one of their armies so they can focus on attacking it with their other two armies. They have a powerful gold dragon on their side, and they’re using its powers to spy on their kingdom. If the dragon sees a weakness in their kingdom’s defenses, it will fly back to its master and tell him about it. It’ll only return to its master once a day, so the party has three months to prepare for the attack.
The Princess of Thieves
  1. The Princess of Thieves – An evil princess has captured a member of the king’s court, and she’s demanding that the king hand over his daughter in exchange for this member of his court. The princess is known to be a master thief, and there’s no chance that her army will agree to release their prisoner unless they get what they want. They’re demanding ten thousand gold pieces, and they want them in just one week. The king is willing to give his daughter to these thieves instead of handing over the ten thousand gold pieces, but neither option is acceptable to his daughter. She wants her friend to be returned safely, but she doesn’t want her father to give his life up for someone he can get back safely in three months. She wants to find this princess and steal back her friend before her father will agree to give her to these thieves.
  2. The Missing Paladin – The party is asked by a god of justice to find a holy warrior who was sent on a quest to defeat a powerful evil dragon. It’s been months since the knight-errant left on this quest, but his god hasn’t heard from him in a while. She wants to know if the party can find him and bring him back to her realm so she can bestow a blessing upon him.
  3. The Lost Army – The party is asked to look for the lost army of King Larrond. King Larrond was a powerful king who was killed by an evil sorcerer that has since taken over the kingdom. The party is asked to find the king’s army and lead them in an attack against the evil sorcerer. If they succeed, the kingdom will be returned to its people.
  4. The Fairy Queen – A fairy queen has asked the party to rescue her husband from an evil dragon. The dragon has captured him and is planning to eat him soon. The fairy queen has promised to grant the party three wishes in exchange for saving her husband, but she might be lying about this.
  5. The Dragon’s Hoard – An evil dragon has stolen a large amount of gold from a nearby spellcaster, and this spellcaster wants the party to retrieve it for him. He says that if they can get it back, he’ll reward them with powerful magic items.
  6. The Steeple of Knowledge – A nearby town has a steeple that was destroyed by an evil monster known as the Mind Flayer. A monster known as a Mind Flayer can wipe out all the knowledge of an entire kingdom, and this one destroyed the steeple of knowledge in a nearby town. The Mind Flayer left behind a mind flayer egg, and it’s growing quickly. This mind flayer’s god is known to have an interest in the nearby kingdom, so it’s possible this Mind Flayer is working for its god.
  7. The Medusa – A group of evil monsters has kidnapped a great wizard, and they’re planning on feeding him to a medusa that lives on an island in the ocean near their kingdom. No one knows if he’s already dead or not, but this medusa is extremely powerful. If she leaves the island, it could overrun the nearby kingdom with a horde of stone golems, so it’s best for the party to stop her before she leaves the island.
  8. The Dragon’s Hoard – An evil dragon has stolen a large amount of gold from a nearby spellcaster, and this spellcaster wants the party to retrieve it for him. He says that if they can get it back, he’ll reward them with powerful magic items.
  9. The Lost Heir – The ruler of a nearby kingdom has disappeared, and his daughter is missing as well. It’s said that she was kidnapped by an evil witch who lives on an island in the ocean, and this evil witch is planning to eat her. The ruler’s closest advisers are in a power struggle, and they’re each claiming to be the rightful heir to the throne. The people of the kingdom want the party to rescue their missing princess and bring them back to their kingdom before they choose who will rule over them.
  10. The Siege of Gis – The party is asked by a group of elves to help them defeat an evil wizard that’s invading their kingdom. This evil wizard has kidnapped dozens of elves, and he’s using them to create undead creatures that will fight for him.
  11. The Stone Giant – A group of stone giants have invaded a nearby kingdom, and they’re forcing its citizens to mine for gold for them. It’s said that these stone giants will ask for gold as tribute every year, and this kingdom is going to fall into ruin this way. It’s up to the party to end this threat before the kingdom is ruined by these stone giants.
  12. The Dragon’s Hoard – An evil dragon has stolen a large amount of gold from a nearby spellcaster, and this spellcaster wants the party to retrieve it for him. He says that if they can get it back, he’ll reward them with powerful magic items.
  13. The Dragon of Justice – A dragon that was once a great hero of the land has died, but he doesn’t want his legacy to die with him. He wants his party members to find a way to resurrect him so he can fight evil one more time. If he returns to life, he’ll fly back to his sacred resting place and return to his long slumber. His party members will be able to use his holy weapon until he returns again.
  14. The Conspirators – A small group of conspirators have surrounded a king and convinced him to begin a war. They plan to use this war as a way to overthrow the king and claim his kingdom for themselves. An investigation into the conspiracy reveals that one of these people that the king trusts is involved. The conspirators want the party to convince the king to start a war with a neighboring nation. Once the war starts, they’ll overthrow the king and take his place.
  15. The Bounty Hunt – An invading army is camped outside of the kingdom, and they’ve set up a siege that’s making it difficult for the kingdom to get supplies. A bounty has been placed on a nearby ogre’s head, and a group of mercenaries have hired the party to bring him in. It’s said that if they capture him, they’ll get a huge reward for bringing him in.
  16. The Artifact Hunter – An evil wizard has just opened a portal to another plane, and he plans to use it to release an army of demons onto the world. A group of adventurers has already retrieved an item from this plane that can close the portal before it’s too late, but they were ambushed by demons on the way back and most of them were killed. Their party members have located this item in their possession, but they need it returned to a nearby town before it falls into the hands of their enemies.
  17. The Grudge – A wizard is holding a grudge against one of his former pupils, and he’s sent his golem to kill them. The party is asked by a local noble to help his village fight off this golem, but it won’t be easy. This golem is made up of thousands of tiny little creatures that are held together by magic and are capable of moving like a swarm. This golem can take on any form and is completely immune to magic.
  18. The Bear Problem – A group of brown bears has invaded a nearby town, and it’s up to the party to get rid of them before they destroy this town.
  19. The Execution – The party is asked by a local nobleman to save his old mentor from being executed by the king. It’s said that this old man is accused of betraying the kingdom, but he swears that he’s innocent.
  20. The Mysterious Tree – A group of elves has been captured by an evil wizard, and they were taken to his castle. The party is asked to rescue these elves before they’re turned into monsters and forced to fight in the evil wizard’s army.
  21. The Dangerous Beasts – A group of druids has been captured by a group of rangers, and they’re being held prisoner in a nearby dungeon. A local noble asks the party to save these druids before they’re used for experiments.
  22. The Heirloom – A nearby kingdom is moving their royal family into the city and the royal family’s heirloom is going to be passed down to their heir. This new prince is going to need a bodyguard to protect him at all times, and a large reward will be given to whoever can protect him.
  23. The Reluctant Warrior – The party is asked by a local nobleman to help free his people from the tyranny of a nearby kingdom. This kingdom has begun enslaving and forcing his people into labor, and the party is asked to save his people from this fate.
  24. The Mire – A group of townspeople have been disappearing, and it’s up to the party to find out why. It turns out that this town is built on top of a mire. People are disappearing because they’re being dragged down into this dark bog and eaten by this monster who lives there.
  25. The Round Table – A group of knights is forming a secret order, and they’ve asked the party to join them. It’s said that these adventurers must swear an oath of chivalry, but they don’t have to do this if they don’t want to.
  26. The Holy Quest – The party is asked by a local cleric to help him destroy a demon that was summoned by an evil spellcaster working for an evil god. This demon is looking for a way back to his home plane, and he plans to use his magic users to cast spells that will send him back home. He has hidden himself away inside a nearby cave, and he’s planning on keeping himself hidden while his spellcasters cast spells that will send him back home. He needs these spellcasters alive in order to cast these spells, so if you destroy them, he won’t be able to cast the spells that will send him home.

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