100 Things Found in a Desert Caravan for DND 5e+

Greetings, gamer! I’ve put together a list of unique and interesting items you can find in a Caravan. You can use these items if players search a wagon or come across it as loot. Some of these items are just descriptions of items only found in a caravan and not a magical item or something of value. Still, it’s nice to have them to set the tone for a caravan.

I also understand that you may need an item for a specific encounter. That’s why most of these items have no rules attached to them. That way, you can add them to whatever scenario you are playing and adjust the difficulty based on how many of these items the party already owns.

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100 Things Found in a Desert Caravan

Here’s the list of 100 unique items players can find in a desert caravan.

1) A bolt of red velvet cloth. It looks like it was made for a large curtain.

2) A small leather pouch containing 3 gp. It’s not real gold.

3) A pair of sandals made from poorly cured leather

4) A wooden cup that hasn’t been washed in many moons. It smells of stale ale.

5) A steel dagger, rusted and sharpened.

6) A small shield made from the hide of a giant ground sloth. It’s cracked and has a large tear in the center.

7) A set of silver eating utensils that are missing several pieces.

8) An ivory horn with a carved minotaur head on the end. The horn is cracked and has a large chunk broken out of it.

9) A small blue glass vial containing a clear liquid. It smells slightly sweet and has a bitter aftertaste.

10) A well-used leather vest. While soft and supple, it has a few patches of hardened leather.

11) An inlaid wooden box containing a fine dining set. There is a large chip missing from one of the plates.

12) A small zebra skin rug with the head attached.

13) A large hand-carved wooden bowl that is scored and has a dark stain on the side. It smells of old cabbage.

14) A small statue of a gnome with a ridiculously large belt buckle. It is made from pewter and is quite heavy.

15) A large silver key that is old and tarnishes easily. It is covered in dust.

16) A fine eating set made from carved wood and decorated with gold accents.

17) A small wooden box containing a cocoon of spun silk and a dead moth.

18) A long sword with a broken tip.

19) A polished brass goblet that must have once been filled with wine. It is dusty and smells sour.

20) A gold ring with a cracked stone that is missing a large chip.

21) A small ball of yarn. It is tangled and clearly hasn’t been used in a while.

22) A pair of silver earrings with a spinning top on the stud

23) A small pouch filled with a variety of coins from different lands.

24) A large turtle shell. It is light, but the weight of it is quite surprising.

25) A small brass statue of a woman with a potbelly. It is a little worn, but very well made.

26) A blue and white striped scarf. It is very soft and has been well cared for by a woman.

27) A book titled My Life as a Wizard. It is filled with blank pages.

28) A small gray stone statue of an unknown person. It has a wide smile and google-eyes.

29) A small wooden box containing an ornate wine set. The bottles are empty.

30) A small silver flute that has a few dents and holes in it.

31) A finely made leather box containing a dozen silver pins.

32) A small silver vial containing a strange yellowish liquid. It smells of old cheese.

33) A gray woolen cloak made from a very scratchy material.

34) A pair of snowshoes made from a single piece of wood.

35) A long sword made from a blue crystal.

36) A white fur tunic that is missing one of the sleeves. It smells faintly of musk.

37) A small wooden cask. It is tightly sealed and has a metal pintet.

38) A large leather sack filled with dried mushrooms.

39) A smooth metal mask with a red jeweled eye on the brow. It is cold to the touch.

40) A pair of bloodstained leather boots. One has a small hole in it and the other is burnt.

41) A pair of breeches made from a strange material that resembles human flesh.

A small silver flute. It has a series of scratches on it and is covered in dust.

42) A small silver ring with a square blue gemstone. The gem is cracked and doesn’t sparkle anymore.

43) A pair of small wire cutters with a few chipped teeth.

44) A bundle of dried herbs wrapped in muslin cloth. It smells a bit like lavender.

45) An old wooden comb containing several small pieces of human hair.

46) A small silver flute. It has a series of scratches on it and is covered in dust.

47) A silver box containing a wooden spoon and a cracked bowl.

48) A small bronze lamp. The oil inside is corrupted and the wick is missing.

49) A tattered red canvas bag. It’s tied shut but looks like it leaks when it rains.

50) A small blue vial with a label in a foreign language. The vial is empty.

51) A small two-part melon that has mold growing on it.

52) A pair of leather boots with steel toes. One of them is split down the side and has several small holes in it.

53) A pearl necklace that is missing half the pearls. The bag it came in is stained with blood.

54) A small glass box containing a strange looking sea-creature. It has been preserved in lime juice.

55) An axe with a circular, sharpened edge. The haft is broken and rusted.

56) A small brown vial containing a purplish liquid.

57) A small silver book decorated with images of butterflies and flowers.

58) A small gold statue of a monkey in a top hat. It is hollow and the eyes have been scratched out.

59) A long bow with a quiver of arrows. The feathers are frayed and the string is broken.

60) A large tube of red paint with a label that reads: “It’s a spicy one!”

61) A large wooden staff decorated with carved faces. It is quite heavy.

62) A small wooden box containing three white feathers.

63) A large leather pack stuffed with odd-looking paper. It is sealed shut by a thick wax seal.

64) A leather backpack made from the back of a flayed boar. The eyes have been replaced with gold coins.

65) A small silver chalice. It is cracked and quite tarnished.

66) A small bronze birdcage containing a dead sparrow.

67) A large blue glass vase filled with water. It is covered in dust and has algae growing in it.

68) A bronze mirror with a strange painting on the back. It depicts some sort of weird creature.

69) A small silver box containing a piece of blackened rope.

70) A small wooden toy horse with a missing tail.

71) A small wooden toy soldier missing its head.

72) A small wooden box containing a glass marble.

73) A small copper box containing three silver rings. They are quite heavy.

74) A black leather mask with silver trim. It is stamped with the image of a skull.

75) A small silver bell that is about to fall apart. The clapper is loose and the inside is filled with rust.

76) A small silver box containing a piece of string that has been tied into a bow. It is decorated with tiny green gems.

77) A gold-plated iron sword with a large hole in the blade. The handle has been snapped off.

78) A long iron staff with runes hammered into the metal. The runes glow faintly.

79) An orange rope woven with golden strands. It is frayed at one end and stained with blood.

80) A small brass ring that fits tightly around the finger. It has an odd-looking compass rose carved on it.

81) A red velvet bag containing eight silver rings of different sizes.

82) A small bronze bell. It is cracked and covered in rust.

83) A small gold tube filled with a pink powder. It is hard and crumbles when touched.

84) A gold ring with a large emerald set in the center.

85) A small silver vial with a broken lid. Inside is a dark red liquid.

86) A small blue glass vial containing an unknown liquid. The vial is covered in cobwebs.

87) A large drum made from some sort of animal hide. It is covered in scars and has several rips in it.

88) A small glass vial containing a liquid that is slowly evaporating. It is stained with blood.

89) A small steel box containing a silver button and a small piece of wire.

90) A small glass vial with a strange golden liquid inside.

91) A small blue velvet bag containing a small wooden rod. There are several small pieces of paper inside as well.

92) A small silver box containing a piece of wire and a small piece of metal. They are covered in a thin layer of rust.

93) A small glass vial containing a clear liquid.

94) A small wooden box with a well-built lock. It is stained with blood.

95) A large iron container covered in scratches. There are several unidentified stains on it.

96) A small silver box containing a small piece of iron and a small piece of pyrite. It is covered in rust.

97) A small iron scroll case containing a piece of paper and a quill pen. The paper is blank.

98) A letter from a local warlord to a soldier. It contains a plot and a reward for the soldier if he succeeds.

99) A set of small blue and red beads.

100) A small iron box containing a piece of iron, a piece of copper, a piece of pyrite, and a piece of steel. They are covered in scratches and corrosion.

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