DND 5e: 100 Things Found in a Dungeon

Welcome! Feel free to use this D100 list of things found in a dungeon for your next campaign. Some of the items are mundane while others are magical. Feel free to modify as you see fit – or just select what you want from the list. Putting these lists together and publishing takes time, so if you’d like to help out, become a supporter on Patreon for as little as a buck a month! Thanks. Now on to the list of 100 interesting items found in a fantasy dungeon setting!

100 Things Found in a D&D Dungeon

  1. A piece of wood carved into the shape of a goblin’s face that giggles insanely when the bottom is twisted. The face is 8 inches high and 5 inches wide.
  2. A bronze gong upon which is engraved the name of the original owner, one Ged the Botherer. If a character sounds it, the name of the owner is blurted out (in whatever language is appropriate) exactly 20 seconds later.  
  3. A large, rectangular shield fashioned from the tanned hide of a brown bear.
  4. A round shield covered with the studded scales of a green dragon.
  5. A long spear with a blade inscribed with the words “Aha! I’ve got you!”
  6. A vest of scale-mail made from the hide of a red dragon.
  7. A large silver key whose skull-shaped head is ornamented with a snake-and-bolt symbol.
  8. A fancy vase filled with fine sand, which is black when examined by candlelight.
  9. A set of musical pipes, fashioned from crystal and gold, that are played by blowing into their stems. Together they play a song, “Pretty Red Boots,” which is oddly haunting, yet sprightly.
  10. A bronze pole from which hangs a 100-foot-long chain. At the end of the chain is a small brass bell that gives off unsettling high-pitched sounds.
  11. A suit of chain mail whose links are very large beads strung on leather thongs.
  12. A black metal bottle that is empty and in good condition.
  13. Ten golden rings that will, if all of them are worn on fingers and toes, levitate their wearer.
  14. A small box of translucent green quartz.
  15. A magical map of the world, one inch to 100 miles, upon which are outlined the locations of all good and evil magic users in the world, as well as the locations of all secret magical libraries.
  16. A beautiful glass bottle, 3 inches high and 2 inches wide, containing a dried and withered love-knot.
  17. A chest engraved with a dwarf and a giant Leonin named Acrustous the Bold in battle.
  18. A scrollweight made of translucent blue crystal that keeps a scroll in place while it is read.
  19. A skull whose hollow eyesockets contain two good-sized chunks of amber.
  20. A chainmail hauberk that is dented and rusty, yet has been recently cleaned and oiled.
  21. A red leather cap with a brass bell on top of it. When the bell is rung it summons a 0-level brownie from any nearby wood.
  22. A pair of shears made from a single piece of gleaming white bone.
  23. A pair of saddlebags big enough for a war horse, but very light and made of blue silk.
  24. A small glass bottle of a viscous green liquid. A label on it reads “Elemental Soothing Oil: Take a drop only.”
  25. A wooden box that can be opened only when touched by fire.
  26. A weathervane in the shape of an arrow, pointing to the north, south, east, or west, depending upon the wind.
  27. A crystal bottle containing a cloud of vapor that changes color in light and darkness.
  28. A prismatic sphere the size of an apple that can be thrown up to a 100 yards, where it bursts in a flash of light, sending out a dozen brilliant beams of various-colored light. They are harmless but can stun.
  29. An urn that can be opened only by touching it with a rod made of the wood of a rowan tree. Inside is a pinch of magic lime for potion making.
  30. A block of wood crudely carved with the likeness of a dwarf.
  31. A large, powerful-looking battle-axe, but the blade and handle are made of a shiny metal that is of unknown origin. The battle-axe is an illusion. If used in battle, it won’t do damage even it appears like it is doing damage.
  32. Ten feet of hemp rope, one end of which is permanently fastened to a 3-inch high chunk of wood in the shape of a small, tattered shield.
  33. A small cauldron with a wide mouth, capable of holding 8 pints. The handle is made of brass and is hollow.
  34. A pair of slippers that allow a wearer to walk over any liquid as if it were solid. They are a size 2 – VERY small.
  35. A curved sword with a blade made of solid, transparent crystal. The pommel is brass.
  36. A small wooden box, 3 inches by 2 inches by 1 inch, carved with the images of rats.
  37. A large, 4-inch high metal jar with a twist-off lid. The jar is empty, but once a day, if it is shaken and then opened, a potato will appear in the jar.
  38. Thirteen 13-inch long stuffed and mounted black cats.
  39. A flute that is only heard by dogs. If played, it will summon 2d4 hellhounds.
  40. A 4 foot long bull whip with a short handle and a leather loop at the tip. The whip is unbreakable and will lash out of its own accord at the wielder’s opponents. The whip is intelligent and is named “Winthrop.” The whip has a sarcastic attitude but is good in battle.
  41. A ring that, whenever worn, makes the wearer invisible while under water and in total darkness. (i.e. it doesn’t do anything…)
  42. A brass gauntlet that enables the wearer to move and lift objects as if he had 21 strength.
  43. A pair of boots that enable the wearer to walk on water. They’re pink and made out of an illegal material.
  44. A large, clear crystal ball. A map of the local area is visible in it, but the image is constantly changing.
  45. A disc of green glass that is always warm to the touch.
  46. A 1 inch diameter glass sphere containing a half-inch cube of ice. The sphere is heavy for its size. If broken, the sphere will unleash an ice elemental that’s angry.
  47. A large, gold-colored metal cup, 4 inches in diameter and 3 inches deep. Any liquid put into it turns to distilled water.
  48. A pair of boots that enable the wearer to walk on water. They’re made of gold and the feet curl up like a duck’s.
  49. A large, clear crystal ball that’s merely decorative.
  50. A large crystal ball that can be used to communicate with a specific individual named Timothy anywhere in the world. If he is contacted, he will  be angry. The crystal ball was a prank pulled on him by a wizard long since dead.
  51. A small statue of a dwarven priest holding a mace. It can be used to enhance any weapon’s damage by +1. It only works once.
  52. An old, battered piece of white paper with a spell written on it. It can be used to cast a first level spell randomly.
  53. A small ball of string.
  54. A small (1 inch high) statuette of a raven made out of black obsidian.
  55. Three large, white mushrooms. If eaten, they will cause the eater to fall into a deep sleep for one hour.
  56. A small hand mirror that can be used to summon a Marid (a powerful genie) if it’s broken in front of a natural body of water.
  57. A small chest filled with white confetti.  
D&D SLIDERS: A small box containing a single piece of chalk. If used to draw a door, it creates a temporary portal that leads to a random location on another plane of existence. There’s only a very little bit of chalk left.
  1. A small box containing a single piece of chalk. If used to draw a door, it creates a temporary portal that leads to a random location on another plane of existence. There’s only a very little bit of chalk left.
  2. A small icon of a local hero. If the hero’s name is spoken while the icon is held, the icon transforms into that hero.  
  3. A small chest filled with bones.
  4. A small, leather bag containing an unusual piece of quartz. If the quartz is left outside for an entire night under a full moon, it will turn into an elephant.
  5. Fifteen oddly shaped balls of clay.
  6. A large, black oak chest that is magically attached to the ground.
  7. A small wooden box that is empty.
  8. A small vial of blue liquid that is ink.
  9. A large, empty chest that can be used to store and transport things.
  10. A small chest containing a large collection of gems. The chest was made from a rare type of wood and is worth 1000x more than the gems.
  11. Two small statues of mythological creatures that are holding hands.
  12. A small stone statue of a pixie. If you put it on your shoulder and say a command word, it will come alive and fly away, cursing you as it does.
  13. An ornate, two-handed sword in a leather sheath. The sheath is magical, and will automatically return the sword to the sheath when a command word is spoken. The sword is a +2 weapon that makes the wielder feel like a hero.
  14. A small, leather bag containing white powder. If the powder is thrown at a solid surface, everything on that surface turns white.
  15. A large, wooden chest that’s locked, but easily opened. There’s nothing inside.
  16. A small, leather bag containing a handful of tiny green leaves. It’s wizard weed.
  17. A bag of coins with a strange emblem on it. The emblem is the symbol of the thieves’ guild that once used this treasure chamber.
  18. An ornate, silver-colored key that fits the lock on an iron chest.
  19. The skull of a large snake that has a very tiny mouth.
  20. A small cup containing a single, red flower.
Things Found in a Dungeon: A small stone dagger.
  1. A small stone dagger. If a drop of blood is placed on the point, the cylinder becomes a +1 dagger for 2 hours.
  2. A small book filled with notes and drawings. The book was written by a mad wizard who used to live in these caves and tunnels.
  3. A yard-long piece of gold wire. If it’s eaten (a difficult task), it will give the eater a +2 bonus to intelligence for two weeks.
  4. A small, leather bag filled with 2d12 millipedes. They’re edible and will give the eater a +1 bonus to strength for three days.
  5. The skull of a large rat that has been transformed into a magical lantern. If it’s held, it provides light equivalent to a torch.
  6. A small ceramic jar containing a small, green, four-legged reptile that’s been dehydrated.
  7. A small, cube-like piece of ice that never melts. It’s one inch square and magically enchanted to protect the contents of any chest it’s placed in.
  8. A small pouch containing a small, plastic ring.
  9. A small plastic whistle. If you blow into it, all dogs within a mile will come running.
  10. A small leather bag containing 2d6 marbles. They’re painted with various pictures.
  11. A small, leather pouch containing 2d12 marbles. They’re painted with various dirty pictures.
  12. A small chest containing a 1-inch square piece of polished, pink crystal.
  13. A small wooden chest containing a small silver bell and a small silver cup.
  14. A small, leather pouch containing four marbles.
  15. Two old, yellowed pieces of paper. They appear to be certificates of passage, dated back to the reign of King Edward the Cougher.
  16. A small, wooden chest containing a small, dried out skull of a rodent.
  17. A small geneaology book that lists the names of all the rulers of the Kingdom.
  18. A small, rusty key. It fits the padlock on a wooden chest.
  19. A small wooden chest containing a dozen chicken claws.
  20. The skull of a cat that has been magically enchanted to act as a canteen. The skull can magically hold up to 12 gallons of liquid.
  21. A small, wooden chest containing a 1d8 inch diameter piece of polished, blue crystal.
  22. A small chest containing a leather bag. The leather bag is filled with 2d6 large, white teeth.
  23. A small chest containing 4d20 small white teeth.

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