D100 Random Wizard Tower Encounters

Are your players heading into a wizard tower soon? Wizard tower dungeon crawl in your future? I’ve got a list of 100 unique and interesting encounters. This random wizard tower encounter table can serve as a springboard for your own ideas. They can be used for D&D, Pathfinder, or other fine tabletop RPG systems (We’re looking at you MERPs!) In all seriousness, enjoy this list of things in a wizard’s tower.

Random Wizard Tower Encounters

  1. Waffle Demon: A waffle demon is flying towards you. He is holding a plate of waffles. His name is George. He’s going to keep flying toward you until you stop him, but is otherwise not dangerous.
  2. Harn: A flesh golem created by the cults of Mythos to serve as a guardian. It is currently moving through the tower in a straight line, and while it will not harm anyone that doesn’t attack it. Also, it’s an easy target for thieves and fighters.
  3. Rabid Zombie: A zombie with rabies is moving toward the party, but not very fast. It will not harm party members unless they approach it, at which point it will attack them with its mouth.
  4. Treasure Goblins: Some goblins are hoarding the treasure in this room. They won’t attack unless you grab the treasure without paying them first. They will attack anyone who tries to leave the room with the treasure without giving them a fair share.
  5. Wizard’s Assistant: An apprentice wizard is trying to put out the fire with his bucket, but cannot succeed without some additional help. He’s been under a lot of stress lately, but isn’t dangerous.
  6. Treant: A sad and lonely treant wants to talk to someone about his feelings. If approached he will sit down and open up about his day. Otherwise, he is just walking around the garden outside the tower.
  7. Dwarf: A dwarf has been tasked with maintaining this tower. He will not harm the party unless they harm him. His name is Ruddy Ruckenstone, and he knows that he doesn’t have the skills to keep the tower up long enough to be a serious threat to anyone with a reasonable amount of combat experience. He just wants to do his job.
  8. Bandit: A bandit is standing guard in front of a room full of treasure. He won’t attack unless the party tries to leave without paying him what he demands.
  9. Hobgoblin: A hobgoblin has been left alone with nothing to do in this abandoned tower. He’s very bored. He’s also very pissed off. He has a spear he’s been sharpening for a week and he’s ready to let it out on someone. Also, those are not apples on that table.
  10. Ghost: An old Wizard who was killed here a long time ago is wandering the hall looking for his skull. He is initially very helpful, but will turn on the party if they take his skull from him and then leave the room.
  11. Vampire: A vampire is in the tower. He is likely to be traveling with a few human servants. He will not attack the party unless they enter the room where his coffin is, at which point he will wake up and attack them.
  12. Treasure Hunters: A group of adventurers came here to get treasure, but one of them was a traitor and has already taken most of it. The group is currently arguing about splitting the treasure.
  13. Baba Yaga: The witch Baba Yaga is walking through the tower, seemingly at random. She does know that she wants the mirror of Yaga, and will keep going until she finds it.
  14. Treasure: The treasure the party is here to retrieve is actually a huge pile of gold that is cursed to burn anyone who touches it. A group of 4d6 bandits is guardian the treasure. They are somewhere within the wizard’s tower.
  15. Plague Rats: A swarm of plague rats are tearing up the wizard’s tower. They are very hard to see, and will flee harmlessly if the party doesn’t get too close.
  16. Angry Tree: A sentient tree is sick and tired of everyone always walking around in its garden. If the party is peaceful and apologetic, it will let them move around. Otherwise, they better start making new friends.
  17. Rat King: The rat king is trying to gather a horde of rats to kill you all. He is currently working on a spell to let him control more rats than usual. He is currently in the library.
  18. An Unstable Spell: A spell the wizard was working on has destabilized and is now affecting the whole tower. The wizard was specifically trying to make a spell that would make the tower fall over quickly and efficiently. He decided he didn’t actually want to live in a collapsed tower, so he built this spell into the foundation. Note: This will be kind of hard to pull off if the party isn’t exploring in a top-down direction. You’ll have to have them visit the tower from the outside, see the whole thing fall over, and then go into the tower to find their way to their destination.
  19. Wizard Duel: Not so long ago, a single mage faced off against a group of cultists. They didn’t stand much of a chance, but they did manage to kill the cult leader and injure the mage before they died. The mage managed to escape with his wounded pride by turning himself into a rat and leaving through the secret passages, but now the cultists are up and about and they want their leader back.
  20. Nightmare: The wizard who used to live here was a great summoner and attempted to summon a powerful nightmare. The nightmare got out of control. It has not yet been put down, and wanders around the tower, looking for items of value.
  21. Bandits: The party has stumbled upon a small bandit camp in an abandoned tower. There are five bandits currently in this tower. There are also 5d10 gold coins in this tower, and it will take a human ten minutes to pick up one of the coins.
  22. Trap: There is a cleverly hidden trap on the staircase behind the wizard’s robe. If you can’t find it, you’re going to be in for a surprise. Note: this is kind of an obvious trap, but I like to include it anyway.
  23. Resonant Crystal: There is a large crystal on the floor in the centre of the tower. The crystal will resonate with all crystal weapons within 400 feet. The crystal will also resonate with the party’s weapons if they touch the crystal or play a tune nearby. If they do, they can choose to have their weapons do one of two things: get a free +1 damage, or get a free 1d4 sonic damage. Both effects only last while players are inside the wizard’s tower.
  24. Fallen Wizard: A painter wizard fell in love with a sculptor wizard. They could only spend one night together, but before they parted, the sculptor wizard gave her lover a work of art to remember her by. It was a beautiful statue, which had runes carved into the base. When the painter wizard returned home and gazed upon his gift, his love for the sculptor grew even more. He wanted to make the statue permanent, so he used a powerful symbol on the base of the statue. The symbol he chose caused his body to fall apart and he died. The sculptor wizard feels terrible about this and has decided to give the statue to the party. Of course, she will also want it back in one piece, so if it is damaged, she might come after the party.
  1. Unstable Runes: A long time ago, a wizard put a rune at the top of the tower which prevents the tower from being teleported into or out of. Another rune was put at the bottom of the tower which cancels out any teleportation, but it can only be triggered from the top rune. When these two runes are triggered, they cancel each other out, and the tower can’t be teleported into or out of. A group of 4d8 orcs are guarding the bottom rune. They won’t let anyone get close enough to activate it.
  2. Miniature Portal: The wizard who used to live here was also a master of creating portals. As a final test, he was going to create a portal that would be exactly the same size as a small marble. If it worked, it would allow him to make perfect portals for mice. He never got around to doing it though, so now this portal could be used by anyone two inches tall or smaller.
  3. Bandit Surprise: A group of 2d10+2 bandits decided they wanted this wizard’s tower for themselves. They attacked the poor wizard, who didn’t live to defend his tower. His ghost remained, though. He will keep the bandits occupied while the party deals with the real threat: The Bandit Leader has a wand of fireballs.
  4. Cultists: A group of 4d4 cultists has holed itself up in the wizard’s tower. They’ve been turning their captured prisoners into mindless slaves to deal with their bodies. The real problem is that there is a powerful diety of death (4th level) trapped in a small marble inside the tower. It is being worshipped as a god by the cultists. The party must not only defeat the cultists, but destroy their marble as well.
  5. Travelling Merchant: A travelling merchant was passing by when he saw a bush and a twig marked with a red X. Any wizard knows that that means “don’t go this way.” He decided to follow the red X. He followed it up the tower, into the tower, and got himself turned into a sheep. He hasn’t been able to find the spellcaster who did this to him, so he is stuck as a sheep in the wizard’s tower until he can find a way to undo the spell. The sheep is hungry, so if the party gives him a small bite of food, he will tell them how to undo the spell.
  6. Candle of Power: The candle in the table is enchanted to emit light for five minutes after being lit. If it is lit again, it will continue to do so for another five minutes. When it is lit for the 20th time, there will be a huge explosion. It’s been lit 17 times when players enter the room.
  7. Lame Steed: A wizard’s spell went wrong. Instead of creating a mighty steed to ride, he created a swarm of bees which were mounted on a stick. The swarm of bees will not attack anyone unless provoked.
  8. Wandering Shop: A travelling merchant has set up shop in a room on the second floor of the tower. He is selling various items. The items are all stacked on top of each other, which means that the merchant is looking for a small creature to help him with his business. Hint: The merchant is disguised as a stack of items.
  9. The Wizard’s Journal: The wizard who used to live here kept a journal. It is currently on the table in the first floor sleeping quarters. It has several entries of interest, including one on a powerful magic item he found in his travels. It is currently in the wizard’s tower somewhere, but its current location is not recorded in the journal.
  10. Party Animal: The wizard who used to live here was a bit of a party animal. Sadly, he, like all party animals, died. In his will, he told his underlings to throw a party for a year and a day. They have decided to follow his wishes, and have had this tower transformed into a party zone. Anyone inside the tower must make a saving throw or be compelled to party for 1d4 hours. The party includes many things: drinks, music, and dancing. There is also a portal to an abandoned mine shaft, which is where the wizard’s riches were hidden.
  11. A Sticky Situation: This room looks like it was once used as a dining room. The wizard who lived here had a parrot that he would often talk to. One day, he asked his parrot what kind of food it liked. The parrot liked enchanted jam. The wizard used an enchantment he had been working on and created a jar of “enchanted” jam. Unfortunately for the wizard, the enchantment was flawed and turned anyone who ate the enchanted jam into a sticky mess. The party can either get turned into a sticky mess, or they can help deal with the parrot, which somehow managed to find its way into this tower.
  12. Party Poopers: A group of 2d10+2 adventurers were out on an adventure. They got hungry and tired, so they decided to stop by the wizard’s tower. They were just a day too late. They are now stuck in a room with a bunch of plates, bottles, and dirty dishes. A swarm of bees is buzzing around one of the tables. The bees are poisonous, but there is a potion of healing hidden in the tower.
  13. Hungry Ghost: This room has several tables and chairs. It looks like it was once the dining room. A ghost is currently in this room. The ghost hasn’t eaten anything but the wizard’s food, so it will attack anyone who tries to eat.
  14. A Change of Scenery: The wizard who lived here had a pet dragon. He loved his pet dragon so much that he made a room for it. The room is now inside the wizard’s tower, levitating a few feet off the ground. If the party enters the room, they will be inside the lair of a dragon. It will be angry. Note: This room is actually part of a series of rooms that make up the dragon’s lair. The lair is designed to look like it is floating in mid-air. There are also several traps scattered throughout it.
  15. Buried Treasure: One half of the room is covered in a pile of treasure. The other half of the room has a table and chair. Beside the table is a note. The note tells of the treasure, and gives a clue as to where it is buried. One of the items in the pile of treasure is the wizard’s old magic ring. If the party digs up the treasure, they will need to make a saving throw to avoid becoming cursed.
  16. Sunken Treasure: The other half of the room is filled with water. It is presumed that there is a hidden room under the water with vast riches. The wizard who lived here didn’t want anyone to know about the treasure.
Wizard Tower Encounters in the Towers of the Evermore Mages
  1. Escaped Prisoners: The room used to be a torture chamber. Now, it is filled with several escaped prisoners. They are currently fighting over a dusty chest full of gold pieces. They will attack the party on sight.
  2. The Party’s Over: This room is full of bottles and trash. It was once used as a dining room. The wizard who used to live here had a pet snake named Barney. Barney was nice, but very protective of his master. He also liked to eat rats. In the past, there were a lot of rats in this room. The wizard liked to feed Barney rats. Barney went into a frenzy one evening and broke out of his cage. The wizard and his underlings were tired of cleaning up after Barney, so they killed him. He is now a vengeful ghost.
  3. Love Potion: This room was once used as a library. The wizard who lived here was a collector of rare books, and kept a large collection here. One of the books is a book of love, given to him by his wife. The book is cursed and slowly transforms anyone who reads it into a love crazed lunatic.
  4. Wandering Magic Broom: This room was once used as a library. It is currently occupied by a magic broom. It is angry that the wizard’s underlings have been using it to clean up trash. It will attack anyone who steps into the room.
  5. The Chimney: This room looks like it was once used as the kitchen, or dining room. The floor is covered with soot, and there is a crack in the ceiling. A chimney has fallen out of the ceiling, allowing the party to climb up the chimney and onto the roof of the tower. The chimney also breaks through into the floor of the wizard’s private quarters.
  6. Wights Attack: A group of three wights are currently in this room. They are here to steal a magic ring the wizard left in this room.
  7. A Secret Passage: In the far corner of this room is a small door. It leads to a secret passage. Inside, hiding, is a man named Al. Al is a thief, and he is currently trapped inside the wizard’s tower. He will tell the party all he knows about the tower, the mad wizards, and their plans. Al will also tell the party about a secret passage that leads to the roof of the tower.
  8. A Daring Escape: A group of 2d6+3 gnolls are currently in this room. They are planning on breaking one of their comrades out of the wizard tower. They are currently working on removing the bars on the window.
  9. A Day at the Beach: This room has been magically transformed into a beach. It is currently occupied by two merfolk who are busy chatting up two sirens.
  10. A Curse: This room looks like it was once used as the wizard’s bedroom. Inside is a magic mirror. The mirror curses anyone who looks into it. It also is a portal to the nest of a red dragon.
  11. Where Did the Wizard Go? This room was once used as the wizard’s bedroom. The wizard who used to live here disappeared. The wizard’s bed, clothes, and personal belongings are still in this room. There is also a magic mirror in this room. It shows the wizard’s upside down sleeping face.
  12. Doorway to the Gods: This room is currently being used as a “meeting place” by several gods.
  13. A Message: This room is currently occupied by several underlings who are waiting for a message. It is believed that the message will contain information on several secret plans.
  14. The Magical Board: The party stumbles across a large table with a chess board drawn on it. The chess board is protected by a magical force field. The chess board is being used to play a game of chess. The players are a group of magic users. The party will have to make a saving throw to avoid being teleported into the game.
  15. A Killer Maze: A minotaur has made his home in the tower’s basement. He is also trying to expand his maze. If players enter his maze, make a saving throw. They will either be trapped in the maze, or will be teleported to a random room in the tower.
  16. A Deadly Game: The party stumbles across a bridge over a chasm. If a character touches the bridge, make a saving throw. If they fail, they will fall into the chasm and be teleported to the top of the tower.
  17. Orc Defense: Two half-orcs named Zag and Zork are currently in this room waiting for the party. They are hoping to catch the party off guard and kill them. They are also waiting for a message.
  18. Fire Attack: A gnome wielding an unstable Wand of Fireballs approaches the party and demands that they leave or he will attack. He is accompanied by two goblins.
  19. Elf Ambush: A pair of elf guards are waiting for the party. They demand that the party state their business. They have orders to kill anyone who cannot do so.
  20. Goblin Party: A group of goblins, led by a hobgoblin named Wart, are currently in this room eating, drinking and gambling. They have made this location their home and will not let the party pass peacefully.
  21. Dueling Wizards: Two wizards are currently in this room trying to kill each other with spellfire. A large number of dead halflings lie on the floor. The party should be able to pass by if they are careful.
  22. Rear Guard: A group of hobgoblins are waiting for the party. They are going to delay the party long enough for their master to get away. The hobgoblins are commanded by a hobgoblin named Vexx.
  23. Evil Merchants: A group of merchants (merchants are always evil), led by a merchant named Giff, are currently in this room going over their plans to rob a nearby town or village. They will not allow the party to enter.
  24. Illusionary Wall: A group of goblins have made a fake wall and have painted it to look like the real wall. It is set to act like a normal wall until the party passes by. Once one person touches the wall, it will disappear and the goblins will attack.
  25. Dust Monster Encounter: A dust monster is currently hiding in this room. It is waiting for the party to pass by so it can attack them.
  26. Wraith Encounter: A wraith is currently hiding in this room. It is waiting for the party to pass by so it can attack them.
  27. Treasure Hunt: A drow named Glynis is currently in this room doing a treasure hunt. She will not let the party pass.
  28. Tentacle Encounter: A group of kuo-toas are currently in this room holding up a large group of villagers who they have captured. The villagers do not want to be freed, they are happy where they are.
  29. Zombie Attack: A group of 2d6 zombies is currently in this room. They are attempting to capture the party and take them back to their master. The master will keep the party alive so that they may fight in his arena. The zombies are commanded by a zombie named Bob.
  1. Flying Creature Attack: A group of flying bats are currently in this room. They are attacking a group of soldiers who are attempting to defend a large treasure. The creatures are commanded by a winged creature named Damb.
  2. War Party: A group of 2d6 hobgoblins is currently in this room. They are waiting for the party to attack so that they may fight them. They are commanded by a hobgoblin named Blarg.
  3. Wild Animal Encounter: A group of 2d6 giant rats are currently in this room. They are waiting for the party to pass by so that they may attack them.
  4. Goblin Ambush: A group of 2d8 goblins is currently in this room. They are waiting for the party to pass by so that they may attack them.
  5. Bat Attack: A group of 2d10 giant bats is currently in this room. They are attacking a group of armored guards who are attempting to defend a large treasure. The bats are commanded by a bat named Biff who is a wizard in disguise.
  6. Orc Ambush: A group of 2d8 orcs is currently in this room. They are waiting for the party to pass by so that they may attack them.
  7. Snake Pit: A group of 2d10 giant snakes is currently in this room. They are attacking a group of villagers who are attempting to defend a large treasure. The snakes are commanded by a snake named Slither.
  8. Nightmare Encounter: A nightmare is currently in this room. It is waiting for the party to pass by so that it can attack them.
  9. Halfling Ambush: A group of 2d4 halflings is currently in this room. They are waiting for the party to pass by so that they may attack them.
  10. Insect Swarm Encounter: A swarm of insects is currently in this room. They are attacking a group of soldiers who are attempting to defend a large treasure. The insects are commanded by a swarm of insects named Squeak.
  11. Mimic Encounter: A mimic is currently in this room disguised as a normal treasure chest.
  12. Gargoyle Encounter: A group of 2d4+2 gargoyles, led by a gargoyle named Raven, is currently in this room and will attack the party.
  13. Goblin Ambush: A group of 2d6 goblins rush out of a portal and attack. They gain surprise.
  14. Fire Giant Encounter: A fire giant and his guards are currently in this room. They are going to attack the party, but they are waiting for everyone to get together in one spot.
  15. Wizard’s Duel: A green dragon and a red dragon are currently flying around the tower, fighting each other. The red dragon is trying to capture the green dragon’s treasure.
  16. 2d4+2 wights materialize and attack. If they lose half their number, they will flee.
  17. A fire elemental is currently attacking a group of soldiers who are attempting to defend a large treasure.
  18. An air elemental is currently attacking a group of soldiers who are attempting to defend a large treasure.
  19. A water elemental is currently attacking a group of soldiers who are attempting to defend a large treasure.
  20. 2d6 trollkin attack. Their half-troll bodies regenerate slowly, but they will not be able to regenerate if their heads are severed. If the party retreats, they will regroup and return later.
  21. A manticore attacks. The tail and the spiked tail are separate attacks. The head and the spiked tail deal triple damage on a critical hit.
  22. A basilisk attacks. The gaze freezes creatures.
  23. A hydra attacks. The extra heads are separate attacks.
  24. A xorn attacks. The xorn is vulnerable to magical weapons and to fire.
  25. A fire giant waits outside the tower. He offers the party one of three chests. All of them are mimics. The fire giant will laugh as the players fight the mimics.
  26. A medusa is currently in this room with a group of stone golems. She is trying to capture one of the stone golems to turn it into a guardian. She will ask for the players’ help.
  27. Thirteen dwarves are currently in this room drinking and causing trouble. They are not easily intimidated and will attack the party if they are provoked.
  28. Robbed Merchant’s Revenge: The party passes by an alley and a merchant named Pribble approaches them. He tells the party that he was robbed and that the thief is in the nearby tavern. The party will be able to get into the tavern by placing their hands on the side of the building. Pribble is a mimic.
  29. Skeleton Attack: A group of 2d4+2 skeletons attacks the party. Their bodies will self-heal if their bodies happen to be broken apart.
  30. A mummy attacks. The mummy has 2d4+2 wights protecting him. The wights will follow the mummy and attack any dead bodies nearby that are not protected by magical means.
  31. An invisible stalker will attack anyone it can get its hands on. If the invisible stalker kills anyone, it will take their blood, drink it, and become visible.

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