D100 Combat Encounters and Ideas

Looking for a solid d100 combat encounters table? You’ve found the right website! Below, I’ve got a list of ideas you can use in your fantasy tabletop campaign. At the end of the list, I’ll share a website where you can get thousands of additional encounter ideas for free. Ready? Let’s get started!

1) A party of five elves in dirty armor approach, carrying a covered wagon. “We have been tasked to bring this massive object to a man named … uh … uh … ummmmm…” After trying to stall, they attack.

2) A group of 2d10 giant ants climb down a nearby tree and attack. They are poisonous.

3) You see a small orc and goblin fighting. The goblin is winning. A hill giant comes up behind them and smashes the goblin with a club. The orc is shocked and angry. “He will pay for this!” Just about this time, the remaining orc and hill giant notice the party.

4) Up ahead you see a pack of wild dogs carrying off a giant rat. They are fighting over it and they do not notice your party.

5) An orc warrior, dressed in armor and bearing a shield and spear, stands on top of a rock and begins shouting. He’s gathering other orcs to attack you. Another 1d10 orcs will be called to the area for each minute the orc is allowed to yell.

6) A lone elvish warrior in dirty armor stands off to one side of the road and motions for your party to come over. When they do, he says, “I am Thurlun, a mercenary that has been separated from his group. Could you perhaps escort me to the town of Antel? I have some business I need to take care of there. My companions told me to wait here, but that was three days ago.” If the party agrees, he will wait until they let down their guard then attack.

7) A group of 1d10+2 giant spiders crawl up onto a rock and prepare to attack.

8) Overhead, a giant eagle swoops down and attacks.

9) An owl flying high overhead suddenly dives down at one of the characters. If it hits, it will inflict (1d8+1) damage.

10) A group of 1d4 hunters approach, bows drawn. “You are trespassing in our hunting grounds. We have had enough of the monsters that are protecting these lands. Today we will take care of you and be rid of you.” They attack.

11) A group of 1d8+2 dark elves approach and will try to charm the party. If succesful, they will lead the party into a dark cave, then attack. Half of them are spellcasters.

12) A stream flows from a cave into the road and makes it difficult to get through.

13) On a hillside, you see two warriors fighting with wooden swords. They are good with their weapons and jump around a lot. After 20 seconds, you hear a voice from the trees say, “Stop playing with each other and come down here to fight me! I have been waiting for you.” They stop and begin walking towards the forest at a brisk pace. A gnoll rushes out and attacks.

14) Two 5-foot-long snakes will slide out of the grass and attack. They are poisonous.

15) A group of 4d10 soldiers in armor and armed with swords and shields patrol the area. They will approach the party and ask, “I believe you are in the wrong place. I’d suggest you leave before you anger the king.” If the party refuses, they will attack.

16) A group of 3d6+2 goblins come rushing out of the woods and attack.

17) An orc dressed in tattered animal skins runs out of the woods, screaming at the top of his lungs. He is followed by 1d6+1 goblins who laugh hysterically. The orcs are unarmed, but the goblins are armed with clubs and blowpipes. Both groups attack the players when / if they notice them.

18) A small bear cub is crying in the woods. Halfway between the cub and the party, a bear attacks.

19) A group of 2d4 scouts for a local army are lying in wait for your party. They will notice your party ahead of time and sneak up to the back of the group to attack.

20) You hear the crunch of a footstep nearby in the woods. A half-orc assassin will wait for the best chance to attack.

21) A group of adventurers are setting up a camp for the night. They are not friendly.

22) A group of 2d4+1 orcs are running from something. Roll a 1d4 to find out what. 1) a group of 2d4+1 kobolds 2) 2d4+1 bugbears 3) 1d4 green hags on horseback 4) 1d4 hill giants

23) A group of 1d8+3 goblins are fighting over the remains of a wild boar.

24) A group of 4d10 soldiers, tired, dirty and thirsty, stop your party. “I believe we have been wandering in circles for two weeks now. We were tricked into coming here. The king is going to hear about this. If we ever find our way back, we will pay you for your assistance.” They then attack the party for no reason. The soldiers were charmed by a spellcaster who will appear late in the combat to mop things up.

25) A group of 3d8 wolfrats attack. They are hungry, and they want food.

26) Two humans and an elf are trapped under a fallen tree. They beg for help. If the party helps them, they will be attacked by 2d10 bandits.

27) A group of 1d4+2 ghouls have been heading towards the party for 2 days now. The ghouls will attack at an inopportune moment.

28) A pack of 2d8 wolves are milling about the road. The wolves are hungry and will attack unless fed / distracted with food.

29) A group of 1d12+2 orc warriors in dirty armor are standing around a fire. They are highly organized and disciplined. The orcs will not attack unless provoked.

30) A group of 5d10 soldiers in armor traveling to the war front will approach. If they notice your party, they will attack, thinking they’re bandits. They will keep attacking unless convinced otherwise.

31) A group of 2d10 ex-soldiers turned bandits patrol the area. They are heavily armed.

32) A group of 2d6+2 dark elf robbers are attacking a merchant. The PCs can help either side.

33) A merchant caravan is approaching. A merchant offers to buy the best items from your PCs. While conducting business, a wyvern attacks.

34) A group of 3d8 archers in dirty and torn robes are practicing shooting at marks (non-living targets). If your party gets within 100 feet, they will fire at your party for two rounds then flee into the woods.

35) A group of 4d10+2 dwarves are traveling to the nearest mine. If the dwarves see your party, they will demand to know why the party is near their mines. If the party does not satisfy them, they will attack.

36) A group of 3d8 gnolls are hunting the area. They attack on sight.

37) A group of 2d6+2 dark elves are camping for the night. They are looking for a group of dwarves to rob, but the party might do well too.

38) A group of 4d10+2 dwarves have been traveling for two days with their carts. They will invite your party to travel with them. If your party agrees, a group of 2d10 gnolls attack the caravan.

39) Up ahead, you hear a battle. Two elven rangers are battling a group of 2d20 dire wolves. If the players help the elves, the wolves will attack them too.

40) The sky is full of tiny winged creatures. When they pass, you see that the creatures have been eating the flesh of a dead horse. When they see you, they attack.

41) Your party comes across a fairy ring. There are signs of recent battle here – and the smell of death. If your party investigates, you find the remains of 2d6 elves that were killed by 2d6 witches who are still alive nearby and will attack.

42) A group of 4d10 kobolds rush out of hiding and attack – without weapons.

43) You hear the sounds of battle to the east. When you investigate, you find a group of 4d10 elves battling a group of 4d10 goblins.

44) A group of 2d12 goblins jump out of the back of an abandoned cart and attack.

45) A group of 2d12 kobolds ambush your party.

46) Two ogres are chasing a dwarf.

47) Two goblins are arguing loudly.

48) It is late afternoon, but the light dims and it begins to rain heavily. A group of 2d10 kobolds attack the party.

49) A group of giant bears are feasting on some dead bodies. They attack you if you get close enough.

Random Combat Encounters

50) As you go up the hill, you see a small group of elves gathering berries. They are in a spot of dense bushes and trees (with no clear paths) and they attack your party.

51) A group of 2d10 orcs ambush your party – they are eating a murder of crows.

52) A cloud of 10d10 giant bees come out of their hive and attack.

54) The party encounter a pack of wolves crossing their path. The pack leader is wounded and will run away if approached. The other 1d8 wolves will attack.

55) A shade attacks the party.

56) A group of 2d4 hobgoblins have been torturing / interrogating a lone elf. When the party arrives, the hobgoblins will demand a ransom for the elf.

57) A group of 2d6 kobolds approach your party and offer to guide them to their lair. Once they are in the lair, the kobolds attack.

58) A group of 1d12 elves are ambushing a group of 2d10 goblins.

59) A group of 2d6+2 ogres are hunting a group of 2d10 goblins. They have taken the goblins’ booty and are now eating the goblins’ horses. When the ogres see your party, they attack you too.

60) A group of 2d10 kobolds are hunting a rabbit. They attack you if they sense you nearby.

61) A group of 1d6+1 goblins are stealing milk from 3d10 big cats. The goblins will run away, but the 2d10 big cats will attack.

62) 2d6+2 kobolds are dragging a cart of corpses into the woods. If your party approaches, they attack.

63) 3d8 orcs are chasing a group of 4d10 halflings. The orcs will attack your party, but the halflings will run away if given the chance.

64) A group of 2d4+2 goblins are sneaking up on a group of 2d4 elves. When the goblins attack, the elves will cry for help as they’re just scholars.

65) 2d6 elves are fighting a group of 2d6 gnolls. The elves will run away when the party approaches.

66) A group of 2d6+1 elves are ambushing a group of 2d6+1 goblins. Both the elves and goblins attack the party on sight.

67) You see a group of 2d6+1 goblins kneeling and praying to a group of 3d6 orcs. Both the goblins and the orcs attack the party on sight.

68) A herd of 3d10 giraffes is charging towards the party.

69) A herd of 2d8 giant rabbits are running from a unicorn. The unicorn attacks the party.

70) A magical portal has opened on the ground and a group of 4d6 dwarfs is climbing out. They’re dwarves from another realm, and they attack on sight. Players will find strange, exotic weapons and armor if they defeat the dwarves.

71) A group of 3d6 skeletons is battling a group of 3d6+2 goblins. The goblins lose 2d6+2 due to the skeletons attacking them as well.

72) A group of 2d6+2 orcs are attacking a group of 2d6 reptiles. The orcs will attack your party on sight.

73) A group of 2d6 gnolls are ambushing a group of 2d6 humans. The gnolls will attack the party if they interfere.

74) A group of 2d4 ghosts materialize and attack the party.

75) A group of 2d6+2 skeletons will attack the party on sight.

76) You see a group of 3d8 beetles battling a group of 3d8 dwarves. The dwarves will run away when the party approaches, leaving the beetles to attack the players.

77) Ahead, you see a group of 2d4+2 elves battling a group of 2d4+2 humans. Both the elves and humans will attack on sight because the party interrupted an honor battle between the two groups.

78) A giant centipede rushes out and attacks the party. While they’re dealing with it, a gang of 2d20 baboons attack.

79) A traveler is being chased by a group of 2d6 ogres.

80) The ground shakes, and a giant snake slithers out of a hole and attacks.

81) You see 2d10 bandits ambushing a merchant’s convoy. They will attack the party if they interfere. The merchants will not reward the players if they help.

82) A group of 2d10 orcs rush out, wearing branches and leaves. They attack.

83) A group of 2d6 giant spiders attack.

84) A dark mist appears. Out of it a group of 2d8 skeletons appear and attack.

85) 2d6 kobolds attack. The leader is a shaman one level higher than the highest level player.

86) A group of 2d4 goblins sneak up and try to attack the party from behind at night.

87) A group of 2d6 wolves chase players, and attack if they get close enough.

88) 2d4 goblins rush out and attack.

89) 2d4 hobgoblins appear and attack.

90) A musician plays a song on his lute, luring party members away from the group so that 2d6 kobolds can attack.

91) A hill giant attacks.

92) An evil hag appears. She will cast evil spells, then disappears through a portal if she is close to being defeated.

93) A group of 2d6 goblins rush out and attack. After the battle, the party discovers 2d6 gold coins on the ground.

94) A group of 2d6 kobolds appears and attacks.

95) A group of 3d6 hobgoblins attempt to ambush the party in a narrow valley.

96) 2d6 giant spiders attack.

97) 2d6 hill giants.

98) An arrow shot from a nearby tree hits one of the players (preferably the most skilled fighter). An assassin has been tracking the party for a while and knows most of their weaknesses.

99) A vicious group of battle-mad minotaur warriors attack the party.

100) Two giant crocodiles attack the party.

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