DND Meals Made from Monster Parts: D100 Food Ideas

This is a list of 100 funny and frightening meals made out of monster parts and other Dungeons and Dragons Food Ideas. It’s for a fantasy tabletop RPG like D&D or Pathfinder.

If you’re like me and you enjoy food and D&D, you’re going to love these creative and funny monstrous meals. We tried to include as many of the monsters we could, but we know for sure that there are more that we missed out on.

We hope this list will give you some ideas for your campaign. And if you know a D&D food recipe that we missed, please let us know.

Fun DND Food Ideas

1) BBQ Goblin Toes: The toes of a goblin cooked over an open flame. Gooey enough to require a knife instead of a fork.

2) Goat’s Legs: Goat’s legs, preferably freshly killed, cooked slowly over an open fire. Good served with mushrooms.

3) Halfling Innards: The intestines of a halfling cooked slowly in broth. Delicious eaten hot.

4) Giant Rat Stew: Rat meat slowly cooked over an open flame with vegetables. A traditional dish eaten the night before a fight.

5) Snicker Snack: Snicker Snack is technically any meal eaten in the act of snickering. Most common prepared form is Orc heart sausage wrapped in tanned doppelganger skin.

6) Stinging Nettle Soup: Stinging nettle soup, made with wood nymph meat, St. John’s Wort, or Stinging Nettle.

7) Gnoll Roast: Gnoll or Ogre meat roasted over an open flame. Best served with a side of berries.

8) Kobold Potatoes: Potatoes cooked in the skins of Kobolds.

9) Yeti Delight: A traditional meal of the savage ice plateau tribes, yetis are traditionally hunted and eaten.

10) Bixie Fritters: Fritters made from the legs of a Bixie. Boiled in syrup and then fried to a golden brown.

11) Banana-coloured Bug Surprise: The surprise is that it’s banana-coloured. Inside is a Bug.

12) Bat-wing Biscuits: Bat wings fried to a golden brown and served with cheese or gravy.

13) Gnome Stew: Gnome meat prepared in a variety of ways. Most commonly Gnome Stew, made with Gnome meat, wild mushrooms, and herbs.

14) Slug Pie: A traditional dessert of the Dark Mountain tribes.

15) Glitterbug Fritters: Fritters made from the legs of a Glitterbug. Boiled in syrup and then fried to a golden brown.

16) Spider Stew: Cooked spider served with mushrooms, wild herbs, and seasoned with powdered Banshee bone.

17) Orcen Rump Roast: The most tender cuts of meat from an Orc, slowly cooked over an open flame.

18) Goblin Surprise: The surprise is that it’s a halfling halfling. Inside is a Goblin eyeball or two.

19) Bugworm Sausages: Insect larvae from the legs of Braug Bugworms, Crunchy and savoury.

20) Bogey Bread: Made from dried goblin jerky, bogey mushrooms, and powdered Banshee bone. A traditional dessert of the Dark Mountain tribes. Often eaten on the day before a battle to rile up one’s bloodlust.

21) Goblin Liver Surprise: The surprise is that it’s cooked inside of a Goblin liver! Usually served with fresh vegetables. Commonly fried in butter or lard unless you have Burster Lizard fat available, which is considered superior for frying purposes by all civilized races through some sort of unnatural magic quality it has that causes your taste buds to explode into joy if your eat it. According to legends, this was first discovered when a group of Hobgoblins left their campfire unattended while they went out on patrol along the southern boundary of their territory and returned two nights later to find that all their goblin slaves’ livers had been fried to a crisp and were ready for consumption.

22) Goblin Tongue Surprise: The surprise is that it’s actually hobgoblin tongue. Goblin’s make and sell this dish by the bucket-load to Orcs, who happily pay it because hobgoblin stew tastes worse than goblin tongue. This is the only thing that justifies their existence in Orkish society, although exactly why it should be so is not clear.

23) Rogue’s Liver Surprise: The surprise is that it’s actual rogue’s liver! Not entirely legal everywhere. Served with freshly harvested wild mushrooms for an extra kick in flavour and a healthy boost in nutrition, which makes you a better rogue when caught stealing from underpants gnomes and their dangerous cousins, solid smell gnomes. A must have meal when planning a heist!

24) Gnoll Jerky: Gnoll or Ogre meat dried over an open flame or put on a spit over an open fire for several hours until the flesh cracks but doesn’t fall off of the bone making this great to take on camping trips and especially while adventuring or fighting orcs. Served best with a side of berries, although we’re unsure which berries match the taste of gnoll meat because we can’t get our hands on any right now.

25) Mossman’s Pie: This simple dish is made from the horns of a mossman after they’re removed from the beast. The meat is then compressed into a pie crust and slow cooked over an open flame to proper tenderness.

26) Orcish Rice: Made from lice harvested from orcs, this nasty dish is loved by certain tribes of hill dwarves who consider it a huge treat to eat.

27) Plum Pudding Surprise: The surprise is that it’s actually made completely of gela herring! Garnished with chopped worm bits.

28) Hag’s Liver Feast: Often consumed by the Drow of the Underdark, this is made of liver from any of several different types of hags. It often accompanies freshly harvested eyeballs with a side order of Bloodwine for dipping.

29) Glitterbug Pie: A fancy dessert made by Dark Mountain tribes. One of the rarest and most sought-after dishes in all the world, you won’t find it outside their caves – much like glitterbugs themselves – except in underground markets where it goes for five times its weight in gold; guaranteed to make you queasy or outright give you dysentery no matter how cautious your preparation and cooking methods. (But boy does it taste good!) Served hot in steaming pastries for two and cold as an untouched steak left on a battlefield to dry out for a few days.

30) Hill-Giant Nuts: This odd dish is consumed by members of the Consortium of Human Enthusiasts. It consists mainly of nuts, large chunks of sirloin, and hand-sized stones.

31) Goblin Stew: A common snack for traveling Drow soldiers. This is made by having a goblin sit in an iron pot filled with blisterbloom sap until it dissolves into the sap after which you scrape off the dissolve flesh and serve it with fresh obsidion berries they picked up on their last jaunt through hell.

32) Worm Surprise: The surprise is that it’s actually just one worm cut up into several different pieces! Typical garnish is Dwarven meat jerky or Orc mustard! Serve hot or cold, but not frozen! (If frozen, thaw before serving.)

33) Hill Giant Heart Stuffed With Dwarf Meat: Served hot like a kebab or a side dish with cold tiny eyeballs on the side. This dish is popular in some Orcish communities, particularly those that live near hills and mountains.

34) Orc Stew: Made by mixing orc meat with water and then cooking it for four days. The name comes from an old joke between Orcs and Dwarves about Orcs stealing Dwarf stew right out of the pot when they weren’t looking while ignoring their own meat which was placed in a different pot nearby so it wouldn’t get cold or something like that. Nobody can remember exactly how it’s supposed to go anymore, but everybody has heard about the joke some time or another so you end up making recipes like this out of sheer habit even if you don’t necessarily understand what you’re doing.

35) Lich Molasses: This sweet dish is made from ground-up phlox silk and sugar. It can be served hot or cold depending on the time of year and your personal preference.

36) Dragon Stew: This dish consists of various unrelated ingredients like Drow tongues, dragon eyes, bars of gold, and heck even a few severed fingers from your friends if you can pull it off.

37) Manticore Meatballs: Made from the internal organs of a manticore after the beast has been butchered for its meat. Served with toothpaste and a garnish of coins for flavour!

38) Minotaur’s Liver Surprise: The surprise is that it’s actually a bear’s liver! Also known as grizzly bear liver surprise which makes this an odd dish to find in orcish dining halls or goblin hole-farms because bears don’t like orcs or goblins, instead preferring to live alone on mountaintops where no orcs or goblins live. There is not much interest in hunting bears by either orcs or goblins anyway; instead they prefer large insects like cockroaches, beetles, etc. These are more nutritious than dragonfly wings are. Still someone cooks this.

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39) Bloated Tarantula Surprise: The surprise comes after the meal is eaten. Players who consume this dish will suffer from a mild case of gas causing many to belch or fart uncontrollably for 2d12 hours.

40) Kobold Liver Surprise: The surprise is that it’s actually a leopard’s liver! In fact it is quite popular with Blasted Valley goblins who have learned how to train leopards to catch kobolds for them, then cook and eat the kobolds fresh while they’re still alive. Needless to say this makes some kobold tribes quite angry at their more successful cousins who respond by stealing some of the goblins’ gold and jewels from time to time when they can get away with it. This practice has been going on for so long that nobody really remembers why it started, but they keep right on doing it because it’s a tradition now which gives the tribe a certain mystique that’s been lost from contemporary kobold society.

41) Bug Surprise: The surprise is that it’s actually not bug meat at all! This dish is entirely made from pudding and candy, as well as other ingredients. It does not include any bug parts whatsoever.

42) Goblin Soup: It simply consists of boiled goblin meat served with a garnish of mushrooms and mosswine sauce! Served with fresh vegetables and a hearty bowl of dwarven ale for dipping purposes to cut the grease if desired or to wash down an unexpected belch if you’re lucky enough to be able to afford dwarven ale. Commonly consumed by dwarves who have been abandoned by their parents at goblin-retreat centers where they are fed this for the rest of their lives! It is a delicacy that makes the taste buds dance with joy!

43) Ghoul Fried Hamster Hearts: Made from recently slain ghouls, this hearty dish heals a player to full health if consumed.

44) Mastiff Meatballs: Homemade by all sorts of creatures who love to make them, including ogres, goblins, orcs, kobolds and humans. This is a hard recipe to prepare because you need to use the massive teeth and jaws of a mastiff as the main ingredient so you can grind the meat up for this dish. You might need some help from your friends or family members for this but it’s worth it if you want tons of tasty balls!

45) Orcish Lard: This delicious dish is made from ingredients that are likely to give you a heart attack! The surprise comes after the meal is eaten. Players who consume this dish will suffer from a mild case of cardiac arrest which will cause them to have a heart attack immediately, killing them instantly. It’s quite popular among orcish chemists who are always looking for ways to kill people off so nobody gets wise to what they’re up to.

46) King’s Sandwich of Earl: This tasty lunch treat commonly eaten by nobles and royalty alone in their private chambers. It is made from the ground-up horns of unicorns poured into the shape of a sandwich and served on a heaping mound of pixie dust. If you eat this, your intelligence will be raised to 20 for several minutes and then return to normal once you’re finished chewing it up. It’s quite addictgive and expensive.

47) Blood Grog: Made by players who like drinking and even more drinking! They take all sorts of ingredients that can be mixed together with alcohol or water, such as orc blood, goblin blood, human spit and even the tears of angels (be sure no angel sees you gathering these if you want them to keep crying). Mix these ingredients together with some wine or ale (or any other alcoholic drink) in large batches. You can feed this to people who are hungover because the effects will make them feel much better! It might taste bad at first because it’s hard getting used to drinking blood but once they become accustomed to it it’s not as bad as it seems.

48) Chaos Soup: This dish is for those who like mayhem and chaos with every bite! It requires you to mix together a bunch of dangerous ingredients that can result in your death but the surprise comes after you eat it. Some players will suddenly become desperate for a bathroom break and need to do something about their sudden urge to urinate or poo, often ending up dying from bowel cancer, a deadly parasite or some other malady they contract from eating this dish. It’s made from the flesh of Chaos Gnomes.

49) Baconballs: This dish is made from ham, cheese, eggs and other tasty ingredients. It’s a common grub in taverns and inns in the big cities of the world where it’s popular among Warrior classes. In rare cases (cheap dives), actual pig balls are mixed into the dish to drive down prices.

50) Plate of Plenty: This commoner dish is made from boar heads and hooves. Cheap to make, it’s a soupy mess that isn’t appetizing to look at but can often be part of a tasty meal, especially when the cook is trying to cut costs and save money on ingredients.

51) Dire Rat’s Head: Made from actual dire rats that were killed, skinned and cooked. This dish will make you feel very threatening for several minutes! It is said that the heads contain a magical power because they are made from such powerful creatures. In some cases it’s true, in others it isn’t…

52) Orcish Pudding: Made from orc skulls which have been ground into a fine powder then mixed with other nasty or unsavory ingredients for this pudding to be made. The real surprise here comes half way through the meal when you try eating it and find out you can hear the screams of the orcs who were killed for this dish until you swallow the food!

53) Paladin’s Porridge: This commoner dish is made from a mixture of fresh and dried meat and cheese with some gruel mixed in to make it easier to eat. It’s high in protein and will give you enough strength to wield heavy weapons or perform feats that weaker warriors can’t do.

54) Orc Soup: Made from orc remains such as spines, hearts, eyeballs and other body parts that are pretty hard to identify once their cooked. If eaten it will increase your Charisma by 2 points but at the cost of -2 Wisdom for several minutes if not hours or days depending on how much was consumed at one time. This item is good for making friends with ogres and orcs because they’ll like you more after eating this soup! It makes them not hate you as much!

55) Orcish Stew: This dish is made from the flesh of orcs that have been stripped of their skin then cooked to mush in a big pot that’s usually filled with ingredients like marrow, bones and stinky onions. It’s cheap because it doesn’t require much skill to make but you need red meat for this soup, preferably orc meat. If it’s not orc meat, the cooking process will be different or not work at all. You can also substitute human or hobgoblin remains and still get the same effect (same with gnome remains).

56) Goblin Loaf: This commoner dish is made from little goblins who are made into loaves and baked until done. They often serve them up at taverns and inns but they taste terrible if they aren’t slimey enough (not enough goblin parts) or too slimey. If they aren’t cooked right, a goblin loaf might come to life and jump out of the oven!

57) Fly Bread: This is an uncommon dish made from flies that have been ground up into a fine powder then mixed with other ingredients to make it tasty. They’re often used for cooking stew because they give the soup extra sauce and flavor by being ground into flour from which bread can be made. Another popular use is mixing them into your cereal or eating bowls of fly bread as a snack. The real surprise happens after you eat it. It makes you fly for several minutes afterwards! You’ll be able to float around like a bumble bee or fly like an eagle for 1d6+2 minutes.

58) Centaur Burgers: Banned in most civilized nations, this dish is made from centaurs that are slaughtered then cooked into burgers. They taste like horse meat which can be quite tiring to chew on but they’re good for giving you extra strength and making you feel strong. This recipe is also known as The Thrill of the Huntious!

59) Orclope’s Heart: Made by orcs who feed their own hearts to other orcs, this commoner dish is popular among orcish cooks because it tastes great and can cure poisonings within minutes if properly prepared. It’s commonly consumed by fighter-class characters at the end of each dungeon raid to help them recover their health so they can go back into battle with their comrades or search for more treasure in the next room! It often speeds up recovery process if it is consumed before combat has begun so players can go full force right away without needing to rest!

60) Basilisk Bread: Made from basilisk eggs that have been blended up into a mushy pulp, this commoner dish is served with fresh vegetables or fruit dipped in it. A must-have for anyone who wants to become more attractive to the opposite sex! It’s so good that you’ll be able to attract potential lovers by using your scent alone without even needing someone who is dating you. It makes you so fragrant that the smell will attract the attention of every creature within 1d20 yards of you for several hours after eating it!

Bug Surprise: The surprise is that this isn’t made from bug parts but instead contains delicious ingredients like pudding, candy, cookies and frozen berries which are all mixed together with frozen bug parts!

61) Bug Surprise: The surprise is that this isn’t made from bug parts but instead contains delicious ingredients like pudding, candy, cookies and frozen berries which are all mixed together with frozen bug parts! No actual live bugs were injured during the making of this meal because they were all frozen beforehand then ground up into a paste before being added. You get to see the surprise revealed when you get to the bottom of the bowl!

62) Monster Pudding: This is pudding made out of monster parts that are mixed into it, making it more than just your every day pudding. It’s very popular with drunk dwarves who love getting their hands dirty while eating at taverns. The type of monsters used to make this dish include goblins, orcs, ogres and merfolk (shark meat). All these ingredients are either ground up or chopped fine before being added to a mixture which includes other foods like brown sugar, eggs and milk. It’s perfectly safe for consumption because all parts used were thoroughly cooked before adding them in! Of course if you drink too much then you might end up vomiting! So eat with caution lest you want some fun on your plate rather than in your stomach!

63) Trogdolyte Burgers: This is a typical peasant dish made mostly from the ground up flesh of troglodytes. The edible parts are mixed together with other ingredients like brown sugar, eggs, milk and vegetables before being made into burger patties which are then grilled. It’s great for when you want to taste the forbidden or get that adventurous thrill without actually risking your life in real combat!

64) Squeaky Cheese: This delicious cheese is harvested from the squeaking tree frog whose legs are cut off. When you eat it, it will squeak for several seconds until it stops making noise. This is because the cheese causes pressure to build up inside its stomach so that when you bite down on it, air comes rushing out through its mouth causing everything around it to start squeaking! But don’t worry because once all of this air has been released it will stop making noise! The cheesy burst of flavor is really worth it, especially for anyone who wants to have a taste of the forbidden without breaking any rules!

65) Giant Centipede Hot Dog: One way to make centipedes less scary is to cook them. This gives you the delicious flavor of giant centipedes without worrying about those stingers getting anywhere near your mouth because they’ve been chopped off and cooked first! It’s great as an appetizer for those who want something tasty and easy to eat like a hot dog! You can’t go wrong with this monster meal, unless you’re allergic…

66) Gnoll Scoops: These frozen treats are served in several popular flavors like chocolate chip, peanut butter and cookie dough. They were made out of giant gnoll parts ground up together with other ingredients like eggs and sugar. It might sound gross but you’ll soon forget all thoughts about gnolls when you bite into the creamy flavored cold treat! The cold flavor will also remind you that summer is near and it’s time for ice cream!

67) Zombie Noodle: This dish is made out of zombie flesh and noodles. It’s great for when you want a nutritious meal to fill your stomach without all the extra fat and calories from meat. You’ll be able to enjoy this hearty meal while feeling good about yourself because it can really help your diet in a positive way! It tastes like regular pasta, but has all the protein and nutrients of zombie parts! If only zombies were more tasty then this could be an actual option when talking about cannibalism. As it stands though, I think humans taste better than zombies because we’re not undead freaks that eat other people in order to survive…

68) Kitten Surprise: This delicious soup was made by combining kobold brains, the hearts and livers of kittens, and other ingredients like vegetable broth, carrots and onions. You can’t go wrong with this delicious soup which will make you feel warm inside even in the coldest weather! It’s also easy to make which means you can make it yourself at home when it gets a little too cold out for comfort. Just cook everything together in a large pot before eating!

69) Orc Popcorn: This dish was made from ground up orc meat that was then mixed into popcorn while being cooked. What makes it different from normal popcorn is that instead of being buttery or salty, this one has a light cinnamon taste to keep things interesting! It’s very easy to eat so anyone should be able to try eating some orc popcorn at least once… If they dare…

70) Manticore Meatballs: These meatballs are made from minced manticore parts that are mixed with other ingredients like bread crumbs, eggs and milk. Like any meatball, it should be cooked before eating. Most people prefer to eat these meatballs with spaghetti noodles or some other type of pasta so that they can easily get the food down their throat without chewing too much. The taste is good but should be eaten in moderation because it’s quite spicy!

71) Gorgon Head Soup: One way to make gorgons less scary is to cook them. This gives you the delicious flavor of gorgon heads without worrying about getting turned into stone while you’re trying to take a bite! It’s great as an appetizer for anyone who wants something tasty and easy to eat like soup! You can’t go wrong with this monster meal which will make anyone feel warm inside even in the coldest weather where giants live!

72) Frog Wonder Soup: This soup is made out of frog meat ground up together with other ingredients like chicken broth, vegetables and rice. It’s great for when you want something tasty but easy to eat like soup. Just cook everything together in a large pot before eating! The taste is pretty good, especially if you enjoy the flavor of frogs! If you don’t like this recipe though then try making rat wonder soup instead!

73) Bug Bait Stew: This stew was made by combining many different types of bugs including ants, beetles and crickets. They were all first boiled or fried before being added into a pot with other ingredients like fish stock, spinach leaves and tapioca which gives it that thick consistency that any good stew should have. It might sound gross but many people actually enjoy this meal which makes them less suspicious than they would be if they were just eating a bunch of bugs on their own!

74) Kobold Salad: This is a salad made from chopped up kobold parts along with other ingredients like mayonnaise, fruits, vegetables and spices. You can’t go wrong with this monster meal which will make anyone feel warm inside even in the coldest weather where giants live! It’s also very easy to make which means you can make it yourself at home when it gets a little too cold out for comfort. Just chop up all the ingredients and mix them together before serving!

75) Warlock Sliders: Warlock Sliders are tasty treats that you’ll want to eat again and again. They’re made from ground warlock meat mixed together with brown sugar, eggs, milk and foods like carrots which gives them that earthly flavor that makes them so good! Those who don’t normally eat warlocks will be surprised to find that they’re not that bad when cooked up into delicious treats like these!

76) Manticore Wings: These manticore wings are great for making people think about eating monster parts more often. They’re so good to eat that you’ll want to serve them at every dinner party or event where you have people over. Best of all, it’s really easy to make! Just cook the manticore wings in some tasty butter on the stove before serving them up with a pinch of salt on top! It’s hard to go wrong with this monster meal which will make anyone feel warm inside even in the coldest weather where giants live!

77) Minotaur Meat Plate: This is a protein packed meal made from minotaur meat ground together with vegetables and spices. It makes for an excellent main course but can be eaten as an appetizer or even a side dish. You won’t find this recipe in any cookbooks but that doesn’t mean it’s not delicious. It’s great for when you want something new and exciting on your plate!

78) Hellhound Burger: Here’s a tasty treat you can make from those leftover hellhound meats. It looks scary but it’s really not that bad. In fact, many people prefer sausage to beef which is what makes this recipe stand out from others, you’ll find that it’s quite refreshing to eat a meal made with these unusual ingredients!

79) Otyugh Sausage: This is a hearty meal made from foods like spinach and hot dogs not to mention ground up otyugh meat which gives the sausage its green color. Don’t be afraid to try new things and give this dish a shot! You might be surprised at how delicious it tastes if you can get over the fact that you’re eating monster parts!

80) Orcs on a Stick: This recipe requires just two ingredients – orc meat and sticks – perfect for when the party needs food on the go. It’s easy to prepare as long as you have a good supply of sticks on hand. You’ll always be prepared for those long journeys when you have these tasty orc skewers ready to eat!

81) Ogre Stew with Morel Mushrooms: This hearty stew is full of flavor and a great way to warm up during the winter. It’s made from ingredients that most people will already have in their kitchen like onions, wild garlic, morels and ogre meat – one of the best meats around! Don’t be afraid to serve this stew at big parties or dinners because it’s also low cost which means you won’t spend too much money on it.

82) Minotaur Surprise: This lunch is sure to put a smile on any face because who would expect an item called “Minotaur Surprise” from the menu? This light meal is especially good for those looking for something on the go. All you need is one cup of ranch dressing, two cups of roast minotaur meat and some salt to taste. Just mix everything together in a big bowl and enjoy!

83) Gorgon Hamburgers: These tasty gorgon burgers are just the thing you need to calm down after a long day of adventuring. They’re made with ground up gorgon meat which makes them very filling but also completely tasteless so don’t worry about having to put anything on them like ketchup or mustard. It’s perfect for those who like their meals plain!

84) Tarrasque Toast: Have you ever thought what it would be like to eat tarrasque? Well, now’s your chance because tarrasque toast is one of the most delicious dishes out there (second only to warlock sliders). It’s made with the finest bread you can find and tastes even more delicious when it’s grilled.

85) Gibbering Mouther Tartlets: These tartlets are made from trimming of gibbering mouthers which means they’re all ready to go! Just mix tasty ingredients like eggs, potatoes, spices and gibbering mouther meat together in a bowl and bake them in the oven. You’ll get 6 servings out of this real tasty treat that you can serve anytime of day or night!

86) Titan Steak: This recipe is great for when you have a surplus of titan steak to cook up into something delicious. Spread some honey over your hot titan steak before eating it with a side order of deep fried leeches. Yum! That will give your body plenty of energy for all those long quests ahead where the characters will need to be careful not to get hit by the titan’s fists!

87) Vampire Steak: This recipe is super easy and its ingredients can be found in most kitchens around town. Just mix together some olive oil, garlic and minced vampire meat and you’ll be on your way to making a delicious meal that will fill you up better than any other steak you’ve ever tried!

88) Dragon Claw Stir Fry: If you’re looking for something with a bit more kick then look no further than this fiery dragon claw stir fry. It’s like an ordinary stir fry but with dragon meat mixed into it which gives it a unique taste that many people love. Good luck trying to save any leftovers because these will go fast once they’re on the table!

89) Cockatrice Salad: This tasty salad is so delicious that everyone who tries it will want to eat it again and again. It’s made with fresh ingredients like carrots, spinach, parsley and grapefruit which all goes well with the chopped up cockatrice meat. It’s so good that you might even want to serve this at all your dinner parties!

90) Cockroach Surprise: Here’s a recipe that won’t cost you much money but will deliver lots of flavor when served up with some delicious cockroach surprise boiled into it! You’ll need some lemon juice, ginger root, peanut butter, sugar and of course cockroaches to complete the recipe which shouldn’t be hard to find anywhere in town. This is a great way to get children excited about eating monsters since they’re used to seeing cockroaches all around town!

91) Slaad Salad: This tasty salad is great for when you’re looking for something healthy and nutritious on a hot day. You can use any type of slaad meat that you like and mix it with fresh vegetables like beans, broccoli, carrots and tomatoes for a full meal that will fill anyone up!

92) Griffon Egg Omelet: These omelets are so tasty that you’ll find yourself making them again and again! They’re made from gryphon eggs, cheese and slaad meat which all goes great together. You can even top it off with some chopped up griffon eggs which will spice things up a bit. It’s a great recipe for any adventurer who wants something on the lighter side to eat while they’re out slaying monsters on quests!

93) Grimlock Surprise: This recipe takes a little more preparation time before anyone can enjoy it but it’s definitely worth the wait when you see the look on everyone’s face as they taste this delicious dish. It only takes 10 hours but it’ll be worth every minute of waiting! Just make sure to keep your mouth shut while your friends are eating their grimlock surprise or you might spoil the surprise for them! (The surprise is that you use whatever ingredients you can find…)

94) Tomato Potato Pancakes: This odd breakfast dish is made from giant centipede legs and tomato potato pancakes. The legs are just fried up with some onions and tomato potatoes which you can eat to your heart’s content! Have fun making this great recipe that will give you something to eat while you’re out trying to kill giants for their treasure!

95) Elemental Poppy Cakes: Just mix together some elemental ingredients like fire, lightning, cold and poison for a full breakfast that’s sure to fill you up! This one is great for trying to protect your household from the big bad elementals that are out there in the wilderness. Just make sure not to burn yourself when mixing all those ingredients together!

96) Shadow Caught Fish: This recipe will really impress anyone who tries it because of its unique ingredients and taste. The secret lies with catching shadow fish which can be hard but after you catch them then it’s easy enough to slice them into pieces and mix them into a delicious stew that will satisfy anyone’s hunger anytime of day or night!

97) Minotaur Chili: This recipe is great because of its strong chili flavor which everybody loves. It also cooks up quickly compared to some other monster recipes so if you want something fast then this is the dish for you! Just mix together some minotaur meat with chili peppers, beans, tomatoes and whatever else you can find. It’s a great recipe to make when you’re traveling around trying to slay minotaurs with your party of adventurers!

98) Potion of Monster Detection: You’ll need several ingredients in order to make this potion including fresh parsley, dragon scales and the poisonous tongue of a poisonous dragon. Once all the ingredients are mixed together then all you have to do is drink it in order to detect monsters which will come in handy if you want some extra protection out there while fighting dragons!

99) Gelatinous Cube Sandwich: This sandwich will put hair on your chest because it’s made from gelatinous cube meat that comes straight from the dungeon below town. What better way is there than using dungeons found below towns when they’re right underneath our feet! The sandwiches are pretty easy to make so it’s a bit of a miracle that we haven’t run out of gelatinous cube meat yet!

100) Wyvern’s Wings: This recipe is a little harder to make than some of the other recipes on this list but it’s definitely worth all the effort you put into it. Just find a way to catch a wyvern and cut off its wings then mix them up with jelly or whatever else you can find for an extra tasty meal that will fill you up better than any other food!

More Dungeons and Dragons Food Ideas?

There you have it, 100 different recipes to make with monster parts and fun Dungeons and Dragons Food Ideas for tavern encounters and more. I hope you enjoyed this list and that it got your creative juices flowing! It’s fun to think about all the possibilities especially when it comes to mixing together innocent ingredients like eggs, tomatoes, beans and carrots for a tasty treat you can serve while traveling through the dungeon below town!

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Paul Bellow

Paul Bellow

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