5e DnD Noble Background Ideas

Do you need noble Background 5e ideas? I’ve put together a list of twenty interesting noble background you can use in D&D 5e for fleshing out your character. They can be adapted for other tabletop RPG systems too, so don’t fear.

They’re meant to help tickle the imagination of good, creative D&D DMs who want to spice up their campaign with something a little different. Or, for players who want to get into their next character.

Without any further ado, let’s jump in with a noble backstory list for D&D that’s worthy of royalty!

D20 Noble Backgrounds

Here’s my list of twenty noble backgrounds you can use for your D&D fantasy character. Some do not have a noble title to mix it up a bit. Again, check with your dungeon master first! They have final say on your character in their world.

1) Royally Rustic

You come from a wealthy farming family whose wealth, power, and influence lies among the fertile lands of the upper valley region. Your great grandfather was former merchant just elevated to nobility before he died. You are a rich landowner.

Because you’re considered by some to be “Rustic Royalty,” your noble nature is inverse to that of other nobility in Grabisco Kingdom. Still, your character wields significant political influence, and another former merchant just elevated to nobility wants to help you expand your power.

2) Noble of the Purple Order

An ancient family of title and rank in Grabisco Kingdom, the Purple Order was founded by a warrior-mage who forged a magic suit of purple plate mail which he used to fight alongside with the ancestor of the King and Queen of Grabisco.

The sacred artifact known as the Purple Plate became a family heirloom that was passed down to generation after generation of the first born sons of the Purple Order’s family bloodline. You carry a noble title because of this artifact.

It was stolen when you were young, and you’ve been charged with finding and recovering it… someday. When your character wields significant political influence, you will be happy. Your family and whatever title you can muster is what you desire.

3) Noble of Blood

You have been born into a noble family of ancient lineage that once played an important role in the political affairs of the kingdom. Unfortunately, your family has been reduced to just a minor noble family due to a political conspiracy from the royal court. .

You are determined on doing whatever possible to reclaim some of your family’s lost glory and power… if that’s even possible. Coming from a position of privilege, you look down on the lower classes. A family and whatever title they hold is all that matters to you.

4) Noble of the Lichen Clan

You are the last surviving heir to the Lichen Clan of Grabisco Kingdom. This is the clan of mystical spellcasters who were highly regarded in the Wizards Guild. You still have a position of privilege, but it’s not as great as it was in the past.

Unfortunately, you haven’t inherited their gift, but they have taught you how to fight with your fists. The ancient tradition of the Lichen Clan has been passed down from father to son for generations, and you intend to follow in that tradition.

5) Noble of the Spoiled

You come from an affluent family with great wealth and power. Your father was the last of his line, so his death left your mother and you as the only surviving heirs to the old family fortune. You can determine your noble title with your dungeon master.

Unfortunately, your mother is an unreasonable woman. She feels you should remain at home and oversee the family’s financial holdings and investments while she enjoys them herself. You’re a young adult running away from home, with no money and no resources.

6) Usurper

You are the secret son of the deceased king and queen of the country, who were unable to have offspring. You have been raised in secret until recently when you overheard a plot to start a civil war in the kingdom. You’re now on the run without a position of privilege.

You must find a way to avoid the wrath of the people and ensure your claim to the throne is made known. Whatever adventure you’re on, you’re constantly looking over your shoulder, hoping the Dungeon Master doesn’t throw a surprise at you at an inopportune time.

7) Noble of the Twin Kingdoms

You are a noble of the Twin Kingdoms, an elven kingdom that lies to the north of Grabisco Kingdom. You’re an adventurous type, and you were sent to live as a guest in the human kingdom as a diplomatic gesture between the two kingdoms.

Unfortunately, the royal family was targeted by a wizard’s curse that turned you into a werewolf! You must travel to Grabisco Kingdom and find a way of reversing the curse before you hurt someone you love – or get killed when you’re a monster during the full moon.

8) Noble of the Northeast

You are the son of a noble of the rich and fertile farmlands that lay to the north of Grabisco Kingdom’s rich soil farmlands. Your father is a hard and unfair man who favors his eldest son above all the others, and so you’re off on your own now.

You fight with your fists and your magic, and you’re very smart with numbers. You have some money, but you’re not sure how long you can keep traveling, for you’ve exhausted your supplies. Your position of privilege might not be enough to survive.

9) Hero of the Steedlands

You hail from the Steedlands, a rich grassland kingdom to the east of Grabisco Kingdom. You are a great warrior and are a veteran of the many wars and battles fought between Grabisco Kingdom, the Eastern Kingdom and the Northern Horde.

You are a friend of Prince Paul, and your two kingdoms have enjoyed a long and prosperous alliance. Your position of privilege has allowed you to become friends with many other powerful people. Your family owns land all over the kingdom.

10) Noble of the North

You are the son of a noble family that had a stronghold in the northernmost reaches of Grabisco Kingdom. The Dragons (who were once the rulers of the land) are close to making their return, and your family has long been a thorn in their side.

Your noble title offers you a position of privilege, but you determine your noble title will not be around forever if the dragons get more powerful. While your family owns land around the kingdom, the dragons are eating that up quickly.

11) Noble of the Wild

You come from a noble family that was once very close to the King and Queen of Grabisco Kingdom, who were both distant relations. Your family, the outsiders of Grabisco Kingdom, joined with the royalty of the south when they overthrew the Dragons.

Unfortunately, all of your family was slaughtered in that attack, and you’ve been raised in secret by distant relatives who are nobles in the south. You’ve been told your entire life that the King and Queen were responsible for your family’s death, and now you plan on avenging them.

12) Noble of the Deep East

You are a noble of the Eastern Kingdom, a powerful kingdom to the east of Grabisco Kingdom. The land is rich with gold, which is mined from beneath the surface, and you have amassed a great fortune. The head of the family, your father, has blessed you.

Noble Background 5e
DND 5e Noble Background Ideas

Unfortunately, you have run out of money and resources, and you must find a new source for your needs.

13) Noble of the Deep South

You are a noble of the Southern Kingdom, a powerful kingdom to the south of Grabisco Kingdom. Your kingdom has been foolishly building its military against the Dragons, whom they feel are the true enemy of the land.

As a result, you’ve traveled to the north in order to find a way of weakening the Northern Horde so that the southern kingdom will be more willing to join you.

14) Inheritor of the Royal Titles

You are the last surviving member of a noble family whose wealth, power and influence dates back to the ancient times of myth. When you are more experienced, you will inherit title and land.

The old kings of the land have crafted powerful titles and lands, and as the last of these dynasty, your role is to once more unite both of these and lead them back to their former glory.

During the course of play, your character will attempt to accomplish a series of tasks which will lead to the final quest where your true background will be revealed. (You’re ruler of multiple realities…)

15) The Last of His Name

You are the last surviving heir to the noble family that once ruled the entire kingdom. The king is dead and so are you relatives. Your father, a baron, was killed on the battlefield, and the queen was killed by a terrible curse.

You are the only one left to restore your family’s honor and lay his spirit to rest. As you adventure, you must restore honor to your family’s name… and find a suitable mate for a bundle of heirs to make sure your family name continues for centuries to come. You are not a landowner.

This can lead you on side adventures as it’s your main goal in life – to have a family. Unfortunately, you frequently choose the wrong women. As your character gains levels, your chances of finding the right woman increase. Your noble title and the authority that title carries can only take you so far as an aristocrat because your family has been through so much.

16) The Last of His Line

You are the last surviving heir of a noble family whose lineage has long since faded from the pages of history. Your family has long since perished, although you have never truly known the reason. You are the head of the family now that all others are dead.

As you adventure, you must re-establish your family in Grabisco, and bring its former glory back to the fore. You may be a Hero or an Anti-hero, but your main goal in life is to restore your family legacy and become an aristocrat by whatever means necessary.

17) Heir of the Iron Castle

Your family rules the Eastern Edge of the Kingdom, a desolate region where there are no towns or villages, and no people. The house of Black Iron is the last remaining bastion of civilization along the edge, and its members work as guards of the towns that lie beyond the castle walls.

Your noble title is sullied, but you are still nobility. You carry a noble title with you wherever you go and love showing it to people. You are a young man, and it is a heavy burden, but you are strong and capable. You must uphold your family’s honor.

18) Heir of the Deep East

You are the heir to the Eastern Kingdom, a powerful kingdom to the east of Grabisco Kingdom. The land is rich with gold, which is mined from beneath the surface, and you have amassed a great fortune with a baron as a father.

You are a very clever and capable man, and you are now looking for a new challenge. You think you would like to try your hand at becoming a Grabisco noble, so you have traveled from the land of the East to the land of Grabisco.

Unfortunately, you have run out of money and resources, and you must find a new source for your needs. Your position in the family isn’t the greatest at this time and you have no official title, but you plan to change that as soon as you can. (You at least want a title…)

19) Noble of the Wooden Woods

Your family are famous for being noble bards who hail from a small village in the northern region of the kingdom of Grabisco. Your family is a long line of entertainers who know dozens of fantastic stories.

Your family teaches the children of your village how to perform, how to play music and how to tell stories. You live in a beautiful country cottage deep in the forest, and you are a master of telling stories and performing.

20) Noble of the Deep South

You are a noble of the Southern Kingdom, a powerful kingdom to the south of Grabisco Kingdom. Your kingdom has been foolishly building its military against the Dragons, whom they feel are the true enemy of the land.

They have already been at war with the Northern Horde, so they are very strong and wealthy. You’ll never be able to get them to see things your way until they’ve taken a serious loss. Your position in the family is powerful, but you crave even more power.

5e DnD Noble Background Ideas?

Here’s some videos I found that are decent for helping with a noble background in DND 5e. (You might also like my list of DND plot ideas!)

Noble Background in 5e DND:

  • Skill Proficiency List: History, Persuasion
  • Languages: One of player’s choice
  • Tool Proficiencies: One type for tool proficiencies – ie gaming set or musical instrument
  • Starting Equipment: A set of fine clothes, a signet ring, a scroll of pedigree, and a purse containing 25gp
  • Personality Trait 1: True kindness to all classes
  • Personality Trait 2: A desire for carnal pleasures
  • Other Personality Traits: A scoundrel with a disproportionate taste for extravagance. Shunned by the rest of the nobility. Keeper of a scandalous secret that could shatter the family. Is your family old and established? You are hated by a member of the family and love it. You are loved by a member of the family and hate it.

Noble Flaws

Need some DND 5e flaws for character depth?

  1. Pride
  2. Jealousy
  3. Drunkenness
  4. Lascivious
  5. Greedy
  6. Cowardly

Noble Ideals

  1. Honest
  2. Trustworthy
  3. Loyal
  4. Selfless
  5. Humble
  6. Righteous

Playing a Noble: Closing Thoughts

Come up with a game plan for your noble title (and the authority that title carries) – then stick to it. Whatever title you hold, talk to your dungeon master about a variant feature that you might want to use. And don’t be upset with your DM if they do not want to use that variant feature. This is the way in D&D.

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