100 Low-Level Random Forest Encounters

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Here’s my list of random forest encounters for a fantasy tabletop RPG like Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder. If you like these, be sure to check out Random Encounters AI for thousands more encounters!

1) You hear the sound of leaves rustling. A wolf darts between two trees before running away.

2) Up ahead, the forest path clears. You see a deer grazing on some grass. It turns and sees you before fleeing.

3) The forest thins out. A white stag with a golden horn watches you from a distance. You can see more forest beyond it.

4) A black bear sniffs the air. It sees you and starts growling and looking ready to pounce.

5) As you enter the forest, you hear the sound of a bear and cubs somewhere nearby.

6) You hear birds chirping. You see several small birds pecking at the ground and an owl on a branch above.

7) A squirrel runs up the tree and disappears into the leaves.

8) A fox runs away from you and into the bushes.

9) You see a deer grazing, and another round the corner.

10) You see a deer on a hill. It looks at you and flees back the way it came.

11) You see a hawk and several smaller birds picking at a carcass.

12) You see three deer grazing. One of them bucks up before coming right at you.

13) You see a beautiful purple butterfly flitting between flowers.

14) You hear crows cawing. As you approach, you notice a dead fox on the ground.

15) It is very quiet. You see a little rabbit behind a bush.

16) Three squirrels play chase

17) A hawk flies overhead. It lands on a branch.

18) You hear cawing. A group of crows sits high in a tree, watching you.

19) You hear the sound of rushing water.

20) You hear the sound of moving water. You see a river or stream.

21) You hear the sound of water dripping.

22) You hear the sound of running water. You see a large waterfall.

23) You see a pond. A group of 1d4 goblins are fighting over a dead deer. If they notice the players, they will attack, retreating if they get below half their health.

24) Two old men stumble out from behind a tree, bickering about how one of them is trying to steal the other’s beer. They are too drunk to notice the players.

25) There is a wonderful smell of fresh-baked cookies coming from your right. You see a small clearing with a small cottage. A young woman is baking cookies. She will ask you to taste test them, and will give you one for free.

26) A small stream allows you access to the other side of the forest. On the other side, you see a hill with a watchtower on top of it. You see a large group of adventurers, either resting or fighting against each other, depending on the players.

27) A loud noise in the forest canopy overhead startles you. You see a large bird (raven or eagle) quickly fly away.

28) You see a small brown bear lumber around a tree. It is eating some berries. If the players get too close, it will charge them and attack. It’s an orphan.

29) You hear in the distance the sound of a hunting horn. You see a group of 4d6 hunters and a large stag. They do not notice the players at first.

30) A white stag with a golden horn watches you from a distance. You can see more forest beyond it.

31) You hear the sound of a creek or stream nearby. As you approach, an alligator leaps at you and atacks.

32) A group of 1d4 goblins is walking through the woods, complaining about how hungry they are. They look like they haven’t eaten in days. They won’t hesitate to attack the players for food.

33) You see a young deer with a broken leg. It looks like it was caught and bitten by a bear.

34) You see a bear and two cubs playing. You also see two more cubs lying dead on the ground.

35) You see a deer grazing. It spots you and runs away.

36) A black bear sniffs the air. It sees the players and growls menacingly. It is trailed by a cub. If the cub spots any of the players, it will run away.

37) Three owls are perched on the top of a tree. They are watching you intently. They fly away after you get closer.

38) Two elven rangers appear from behind a tree, demanding to see your hunting license. They are not violent, but they are serious about their jobs.

39) A stream crosses your path. It is flowing fast. You can hear the roar of a waterfall nearby.

40) A dark-skinned gnome is running through the forest with a bunch of spears. He is followed by a group of angry fairies brandishing bows and arrows.

41) A group of 2d4+2 elves are on a hunting trip. They are dragging a large deer behind them.

42) A group of 1d4 halfling hunters are hunting a dire bear with a lot of dogs. They seem to be getting the upper hand on the bear.

43) A giant spider descends from the trees and attacks!

44) A traveling magician is looking for an audience to practice his latest trick. He offers to show his trick to the party. It turns out to be a magical illusion that allows him to hide his staff and cloak under a cloak. His name is Adrik Fecksword. He is an entertaining fellow who is witty and well-liked. He says he is willing to join the party if they have room for him.

45) A group of 2d6 elves are hunting boars. They are surprised to see the players.

46) You see a deer drinking from a stream. It senses you and tries to run away. It is caught by a bear. The sounds of a struggle are heard.

47) A lot of people are camping in the woods. They are being attacked by 2d6 giant rats. If players help them defeat the rats, the group of people will reward them with a potion or 2d20 silver pieces.

48) A group of 1d4 wizards is studying a book near a campfire. They seem upset and disheartened. They see the players and immediately stop their study. They beg the party not to look at their book. If you players look at the book they will see a spell book with a series of notes in a different language.

49) A group of 1d6 goblins are dancing around a campfire. They see the party and attack.

50) A group of 2d4 dancers are entertaining a crowd of elves. They are celebrating a recent marriage.

51) A glade. In the center, a druid named Hruumi is preparing for a ritual. He is surrounded by 2d10+7 elves. If any of the players enter the glade, Hruumi will attack. If players kill him, they will take the druid’s staff and a magical stone that was used in the ritual.

52) As you walk, you hear 1d4 squirrel zombies chanting what sounds eerily like, “braaaiiinnnsss…”

53) The sound of breaking branches is heard in the distance.

54) The party hears a voice crying for help. The voice can be heard faintly and is coming from a cave.

55) 1d4 elves are sitting around a campfire. They are talking about a recent battle.

56) You see 1d4+4 knights riding a horse through the forest. The knights are looking for a group of missing children.

57) A group of hunters is riding through the forest. The hunters are 1d4 humans. They are looking for a pack of wolves that have been attacking the farms near the forest.

58) The party hears a noise and see a 1d6 goblins and 1d4 kobolds fighting. If players don’t approach, one side will win. If players attack, the kobolds and goblins will join forces.

59) You come across a strange log that appears to be a sentient tree. It speaks to you and asks you to deliver a message to the king of the forest. The message is “The dryad asks for help. The trees are sick and the only cure is in the castle of the red dragon.”

60) You see 1d6 elves playing a forest game. They invite the players to join if they like.

61) The party sees 1d6 soldiers gathering supplies and planning their next move. They want to get to the other side of the forest and find safe haven to recover and prepare for the next battle.

62) A man named Halen is walking through the woods. He is looking for an animal that he hit with an arrow. He thinks it may be hurt. He has not seen the party.

63) The party finds a large tree with two 1d4+2 men hanging from it. They are dead. Their clothes look like the clothes of the king of the elves.

64) You see 1d6 elves walking along a path. They are looking for a group of people.

65) You see a group of elves standing around a fire.

66) A group of 1d4 fairies. They are playing a game of hide-and-seek.

67) Two men named Farag and Derg are lost in the woods. They are looking for a safe place to sleep. They are speaking a different language.

68) A woman named Maga is lost in the woods. If players help her, she will give them a map. She says the map will show the fastest way out of the forest. Mega is not too bright.

69) Thunder booms and lighting flashes in the distance.

70) You see a couple camping in a forest. Their tent is surrounded by a 1d4-feet-diameter circle of mushrooms.

71) An old man with a beard is sitting by a fire. He is looking at his map and cursing. The man’s name is Ethir. He is looking for mushrooms to eat.

72) 1d4 hunters are hunting boars. They are surprised to see you, but they will be friendly and offer advice on traveling through the forest.

73) A patrol of 1d8 soldiers is riding through the forest. They are looking for goblins.

74) A group of 1d4 druids are discussing the forest and what must be done to take care of its needs.

75) The party comes across a small shack. Someone is in the shack. The person in the shack speaks in a strange language. His name is Marcz. He is a drunk elf that has been banished from his adventuring party. He says he will join the party. He is a terrible fighter.

76) A man wearing an orange cloak with a red dragon on it is walking through the forest. The man is lost. He is looking for the road. His name is Thomas and he is a mercenary. He will join the party if they show him the way.

77) A woman named Tibra is asleep on the ground. There is a campfire nearby. Tibra is a witch. She is hunting a powerful red dragon that has been terrorizing the nearby villages. She is looking for the dragon’s lair. She looks like she is only a few days journey from the lair. Tibra says she has seen a group of people wearing red dragon shirts close to the lair.

78) The party sees a group of elves. They are carrying a statue of a female elf. The statue is made of white marble.

79) Two humans are foraging for food. They seem to be friendly and invite the party to join them for dinner. Their names are Jake and Ellie.

80) The party sees a large dragon flying overhead.

81) A group of 1d4+2 goblins is riding through the forest on horseback.

82) As the trees thin, the party notices a large castle nearby. The castle is surrounded by a stone wall with 2d8 guards protecting the wall.

83) The party sees a man dressed in old clothes. He offers to tell players their fortune for 1d8 silver pieces. He is a fraud. He will also sell the players a fake map.

84) The party comes across two sisters named Bella and Maria. They are gathering berries. They invite the party to join them.

85) A man named Andor is running through the forest. He is being chased by 1d4 dire wolves. He will give the party a magic potion if they kill the wolves.

86) The party sees a group of 1d4 soldiers gathering supplies and preparing for a battle. They will ask the party to join the battle against a local goblin camp.

87) The party sees a group of 1d4+2 elves. They are chasing a giant wolf and scream for help.

88) The path ahead ends and dead-ends into a large boulder. The party can hear something large and heavy breathing behind the boulder. It is actually a rotund man named Clarance who is trying to scare the party away from the area so he can look for lost treasure.

89) Three men are gathering firewood. They are speaking in a language that you don’t understand. They do not look like they are from this region.

90) A young boy is playing with a stick in the dirt. He falls down and scrapes his knees. He starts crying. A nearby woman comforts him. She seems suspicious. She keeps looking over her shoulder. She leaves with the boy. The boy’s name is Brendan. The woman’s name is Stacy. She is trying to get the boy back to his parents.

91) You come across a group of 1d6 elves. They are hunting wild boar. They do not want help from the party.

92) The party sees a band of 1d4+2 elves. They are traveling with a large, black war horse. They are scouting the area for a nearby goblin camp. The elves will ask for help from the party against the goblins.

93) A group of 1d8 soldiers are gathering supplies. They are preparing for a battle against some goblins. They are willing to let the party join them if the party is looking for mercenary work.

94) A group of 1d4+2 vultures are circling above the party.

95) A group of 1d8 soldiers are gathering supplies. They are preparing for a battle against some goblins. They are willing to let the party join them if the party is looking for mercenary work. The pay is not good, but they will be well fed.

96) Two hungry children are looking for their mother.

97) A man named Phillip is building a stone wall while his wife watches. Their two children are watching the progress of the wall. Phillip is an NPC sent by the king to build the wall. He will offer to hire the players to do some of the work.

98) You come across a group of 2d4 merchants. They are trying to establish a trade route near the forest.

99) The party sees a group of 1d6+2 men. These are the local hunters, trappers, and woodsmen. They are gathering supplies for the winter. They are willing to sell the party some supplies.

100) The path gets darker. The party reaches a cave. The cave entrance is closed by a large boulder. The party will have to find a way around the boulder to enter the cave.

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