D100 DND Swamp Encounters for One-Shot

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Looking for DND swamp encounters for a one-shot adventure? I’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of 100 random swamp encounters. If you read to the very end, I’ll share a website where you can get thousands of additional random encounters for free, so stay tuned. First, let’s take a look at 100 intriguing swamp encounters for Dungeons and Dragons or another fantasy tabletop system. Let’s do this!

1) In the water up ahead, you see a bunch of dead fish, floating belly up.

2) A half-elf walks out of the forest bearing a large sack. He stops and watches you for a moment then slowly fades into the woods.

3) There is a pile of several hundred arrows on the road. It looks like there was a fight here. The arrows are tipped in a strange reddish substance. Oh, wait. That’s blood…

4) In the distance you can see what appears to be a half dozen flaming logs in the water. As you approach, the logs raise their heads and wave at you. The heads of the logs appear to be part of their bodies. These strange creatures are a cross between an ent and a crocodile and was invented by a nearby wizard. They are called Flugons.

5) On the shore is a group of three giants playing cards. There is an eye in the middle of the card table.

6) The trail forks before you, but you see a group of old men from town playing a game of chess. None of them are paying any attention to you. If you want to wander off, no one will notice.

7) Off to the side of the path you see a copse of trees. You can hear sobbing from inside. You can find an old woman in the trees who appears to be grieving over a fresh grave. It is her husband, who was killed for being a spy for a nearby settlement. She will explain to you exactly how he was killed, who did the killing, and the complete history of conflict between her village and the neighboring settlement. If you go back to the settlement and challenge the leader who killed her husband to a duel, she will be very appreciative.

8) Off to the side of the trail, you find the body of an adventurer. He was attacked from behind and killed without a sound or chance to defend himself. There is a dagger through his throat. Although the body is covered in flies, there is hardly any smell. At his feet is a drinking mug made from gnome bones.

9) Smoke rises from a distant copse of trees. It smells like a barbecue. As you get closer you can hear grunting and the crackle of a fire. A small group of goblins are cooking a wild boar over the fire. When they see you, they yell, “Would You Like Some Roast Beast?”

10) Ahead, you see a small sand hill. It is moving. When you get closer, you see that it is a sand hill giant. Not much farther along, you find the second entrance to the giant’s lair… a pile of sand.

11) As you cross the dry creek bed, a bunch of centipedes start to crawl out of the crevices…

12) You enter a camp. As you step out of the woods you are surrounded by a group of regular humans. They look angry.

13) A group of children are playing on the trail. They hold back as you approach. One little girl shouts, “Watch out for the [curse word] big men!” Her two companions run off.

14) A dwarf is digging at the edge of a wide pit. He notices you and says, “It’s a long fall.” He waves you away.

15) A book-burning bonfire is stacked in the middle of the trail. There is a sign on a nearby tree, “Books Smell Like Dragons”

16) A rustling in the bushes draws your attention. You see a large snake emerge from the undergrowth. “Hello,” it says, “I am the Fae of Coils”.

17) There is a shallow grave with a mound of rocks on top of it. It looks as if the body was no more than a few days under the rocks.

18) A group of kobolds are huddled around some glowing fungi. They look worried.

19) A scaly hand reaches out of a dark crevice in the cliff face. Then another. As you back away, a huge yellow and black lizard-man emerges.

20) A small wooden boat with oars floats down the river. There is a sign on the bow. It says, “PLEASE STEER CLEAR. Plague!”

21) A stone statue of an elf is on the side of the trail. It is a little weathered, but you can see that the artist was not very skilled.

22) The trail comes to an end. It is marked by the remnants of a campfire. There are the remains of a small mushroom. It is the only thing still recognizable.

23) You hear a sound like a flute. You see a halfling bard named Thadeus Thornthistle playing a flute.

24) A cat is sitting on a stone. He jumps down and turns into a giant man. He is an illusionist named Gurnank the Mad.

25) The path is flowing with swamp water. You hear a roar and look up. A dragon is flying above you.

26) A bridge made of vines and rough-hewn planks crosses the river. On it is a sign: “Thank you for supporting the local economy. This bridge was built by Happy D & D Construction Company!”

27) A hag and her two orc bodyguards walk down the path. They are carrying sacks that are bulging with coins.

28) The path narrows and the trees crowd in. You hear a sound like a giant rolling a bowling ball. You see a giant bowling balls, one after another, coming your way. The path is blocked.

29) You see a gnome who looks very similar to Elminster. He is sitting in a tree, singing and playing a mandolin.

30) The path is blocked by a wall of fire. Cune, a fire genasi, is on the other side. She is a mage and wants to fight any enemies of the land, especially the invading Blue Dragonarmy.

31) A group of hobgoblins are sitting at a campfire. They are cooking and laughing. They say they are going to pillage and kill the Zhentarim.

32) The trail leads to a stone bridge. On top of the bridge is a sign. It says, “WELCOME TO THE TOWN OF GREED. WE HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT.”

33) You see an old woman tending the garden. She is talking to a young rabbit. She has a small array of tools next to her. The tools are made of gold, silver, and platinum.

34) The trail ends in a circle of standing stones. You see a barbaric warrior coming toward you. She walks up to a stone and starts to pray to it. She sacrifices a gold ring.

35) You see a small lizard sitting on the trail. It is roasting an insect over a small fire. The lizard says hello. It says it doesn’t harm travelers. In fact, it helps them.

36) The trail is on fire. A group of goblins are running along it. They say that it is the annual goblin race and fire run.

37) You see a group of soldiers marching on the trail. They are shouting and singing. One is carrying a gold-plated lute.

38) The trail goes up a hill. The hill is made of gold and platinum. A sign says the ruins of the City of Gold are at the top.

39) You walk into a small clearing. Suddenly, it starts to rain silver coins. It clears and a rainbow appears. The rainbow fades and a treasure chest is left.

40) You see a sign. It says, “The sorceress Gladys the Greedy is at the end of the trail. She will trade your gold for a simple bauble.”

41) You see a deep pit by the side of the trail. A green dragon is sleeping at the bottom.

42) A group of 2d4 giant crocodiles emerge from the water. The crocodiles are covered in armor.

43) An elephant with a saddle on its back emerges from the reeds.

44) A large number of birds are circling overhead, waiting to land.

45) A trap door is in the middle of the road. It covers a pit. It has been covered for 20 years. The spiders that made the pit are long gone.

46) There are 100 pounds of +1 iron ingots on the ground.

47) You see a man chasing a woman. The man is slimy and has green scales. The woman is beautiful and is wearing armor. The woman is the evil person in this situation.

48) You see a man lying on the ground. He is surrounded by 3d4 beautiful women. The man is quite handsome. He is a noble named Gradiun Thornhoggle.

49) You see a merchant sitting on the ground. He is wearing a tunic and looks like a pauper. He looks up at you and smiles. Suddenly, he is wearing gorgeous, magical, enchanted armor.

50) You see a man and a woman. They are in an argument. They are wearing tattered old clothes.

51) You see a city in the distance. It looks like a big, prosperous, old city. It is an illusion.

52) The townspeople are throwing rocks at the party. They have mistaken the party for an invading force.

53) A small building appears to be abandoned. There is a mimic living inside.

54) A merchant selling exotic trinkets rides past you on a giant millipede. He will stop and trade, but his prices are high. He will not sell his mount.

55) You see a man fishing. He’s wearing no clothes and seems to be happy.

56) You see a man wearing high-class robes. He is sitting next to a stream. He has a staff and is reading a book. He is the same level as the party.

57) An old, fat lady is arguing with her husband. She wants to buy a pet pig. Her husband does not like pigs. He wants to buy a pet bear.

58) You see a man and a woman in a clearing. The man is dressed in finery. The woman is dressed as a peasant. They are both in love.

59) A slave trader rides by on a giant beetle. He is checking his inventory. He has 1d4 slaves in his party, four gnomes who need help.

60) A tribe of orcs exits their camp and invites you for dinner. They have a cast-iron pot. They will not let you leave. YOU are the dinner. The shaman leader has a Charm Person wand with 34 of 52 charges remaining.

61) A noble named Amser Chand will ride by offering a thousand gold for anyone who can tell him where he can find the lost Scepter of the Ancients.

62) Up ahead, 2d10 gnolls are fighting over the carcass of a cow. A pack of 2d6 wolves is waiting for the gnolls to kill each other so they can dine on the winner.

63) Two rangers are hunting for giant spiders and have a net. The spiders have them trapped. They need your help. If you help them, they will give you a magic grappling hook.

64) An intelligent zombie will run into the party, warn them of the danger, and then run away. There is a big blade sticking out of his back. A necromancer is nearby in the swamp.

65) The party sees a small village where the peasants are fighting amongst each other. They need your help. The king of the elves is trying to take over the human village. The king of the humans is trying to take over the elf village. The king of the dwarves is trying to play both of them against each other. The king of the gnomes is trying to take over both of them. The king of the goblins is trying to take over all of them. A dragon has moved into the abandoned elven village on the hill.

66) A wight in a boat offers to ferry the party across the river. It is a trap.

67) Two halfling rangers approach the party and demand that they hand over their herbs. The halflings are herbalists who want herbs.

68) It is still sunny, but the clouds are moving faster than they should.

69) The party sees a group of elves and dwarves are fighting over a treasure chest. The chest is empty.

70) The sky overhead is filled with thousands of birds. They do not appear to be flying south for the winter.

71) The party sees a group of 6d6 goblins riding 2d6 giant spiders. The goblins are riding toward the party.

72) The party sees a group of 2d12 elves. They are sitting down beside the trail, eating. They are upset about something. They will help the party for a bag of copper coins.

73) A 1d10-foot statue of a rat is blocking the road. It is made of a strange ivory-like material. If examined, it comes alive and attacks like a golem.

74) A cleric of the Green Lord demands that the party join the Green Lord’s army and go fight for his cause. Otherwise, the cleric threatens to turn the party into frogs.

75) A dwarf runs into the party and asks for help finding his lost brother. His brother is a few miles away. He was taken by an ogre. The party can help the dwarf find his brother. The dwarf will then help the party in their quest.

76) A 2d6-foot long boa constrictor is waiting in ambush for a herd of cattle to stumble into the ambush. It will attack the party if encountered.

77) The party sees a half elf/half orc named Mirg Wolf-Bitch fighting off 2d6 orcs. He is cornered. If the party fights off the orcs, he will join them in gratitude.

78) A 3d6-foot tall statue of a woman is beckoning to the party from the swamp. It will attack if they get too close.

79) The party hears the sound of a baby crying. They find a baby gnome in a basket in the middle of the trail. No one will claim the baby. It cries all night. It cries all day. It cries all night. It cries all day. It cries all night. It cries all day. It cries all night.

80) A statue of a goblin king is sitting on a throne. The throne is made of a shiny green-black stone. There are 2d6 statues of goblins around the throne. It is a magical trap.

81) A group of 2d6 dwarves are sitting down eating dinner. They will share their dinner with the party.

82) A 2d10-foot long alligator is laying in the road. It won’t attack. It is looking for its friend.

83) A large tree is blocking the road. It came out of nowhere. The road is torn up for a few feet around it where it came through.

84) A small mound of white sand lies in the middle of the road. It was left by a passing caravan.

85) A hill giant is sitting on a wagon. He invites the party to ride with him. He will head back to the hill giant village for dinner if the party joins him. The hill giant is traveling with 2d6 hill giant boys. They are going to the circus. The circus is at the next town.

86) A storm cloud is moving towards a tall mountain. Lightning bolts are striking the mountain. It is too late to avoid a fight with a lightning elemental.

87) A small cluster of will o’ wisps are standing over a dead body. They are inspecting it.

88) The party sees a small town in the distance. They see smoke coming from one house. There is a fire. The townspeople are fighting over water to put out the fire. They need the party’s help. The fire is caused by the gnomish pranksters.

89) The party sees a group of 2d12 halflings milling around a well. They are arguing over who gets the water first.

90) An old man is fishing off a bridge over a small stream. He smells of fish. He is drinking a beer. His fishing pole broke earlier today and he has been drinking ever since. His wife died ten years ago and he has not left the bridge since she died. He thinks the fish are talking to him.

91) The party sees a small farm house. The front door is open. There is a woman outside the door. She is waving her arms towards the door. One of the hinges is broken. She is trying to repair it.

92) A group of young adults are camping by a river. It is a warm summer evening. They are picnicking. They are drinking beer. One man is telling a story.

93) An old woman is walking along the road. She is carrying a bucket of water. She stumbles and drops the bucket of water. The water is soaking into the road. She is upset.

94) Three elven rangers are standing in a small clearing. One of them is a ranger captain. The others are privates. They are tracking a group of orcs.

95) There is a small group of men in the road. One of them is carrying a bag of gold coins. They are arguing about the division among themselves.

96) The party sees two men in the road. They are carrying a long plank of wood. They are carrying it between them. The plank is about 30 feet long. One man is in front. The other is behind. They are carrying the plank between them on the ground. A dwarf is watching them. He is standing in the middle of the road and shaking his head.

97) An old woman is yelling at her dog. It is chasing after a fox. The fox has a large piece of meat in its mouth.

98) The party sees a dozen farmers sitting on the ground. There are no animals around. They are eating vegetables and fruit. They are washing it down with beer. They are singing bawdy songs. The farmers are drunk.

99) The party sees a large group of people. They are gathered around a throne. The throne has a cloth thrown over it. The people are lifting the cloth. They are looking at the throne and talking to each other. They say things like, “Wow! This is the real thing!” They are Zan cultists who are invading the swamp.

100) One man is sitting on a horse. He is yelling at the party for passing him. He is telling them to get out of the road.