D100 Low-Level Random City Encounters

Here’s a great list of 100 random city encounters for low-level players in your fantasy tabletop RPG campaign. These random city encounters were created by GPT-3 from OpenAI and edited by me, a squishy human. Overall, I think you’re going to enjoy this random city encounters table. There’s 100 random city encounters for you to choose and use. I hope these random city encounters help you! (NOTE: If you like these, be sure to check out Random Encounters AI for thousands more random city encounters!)

1) An exhausted messenger has arrived in town. He is wearing a grey robe with the symbol of the Gods of Good stitched in gold, with matching sandals, belt and pouch. He is carrying a piece of parchment, which he hands to the first civil looking person he sees: “Please deliver this message to the mayor of this town/city. The Cult of Zan must be stopped at all costs. Time is short!” He will then run away.

2) A wizard’s apprentice has accidentally summoned a minor demon right in the middle of the street. It quickly overpowers him, and the only thing keeping the demon from killing everyone is that the demon is busy trying to subdue the apprentice’s familiar. No one can approach or the demon will instantly attack.

3) A group of adventurers are traveling through town, looking for a good inn. They seem a bit scruffy, but are very friendly. They are headed to the village of Fernia-on-the-Lake, where there is supposed to be a quaint little tavern run by a man named Meryl.

4) A blind beggar sits in a pool of spilled water, begging for “more.” No one can understand what the beggar is saying, and he doesn’t seem to have a cup for taking money.

5) A local farmer is walking through town. He has a brand new axe, and is so excited he is going to chop down a tree and haul some firewood home. However, he is so excited that he can’t find a tree to cut down.

6) A little girl is trying to read a sign outside of an apothecary. She can’t quite make out the sign’s message because the letters keep moving. She drank one of her father’s potions. If players get her inside the shop, Nicodemus, her father, will give them two free potions and another dozen at a discount.

7) A beautiful young woman has stopped a group of men and is asking them if they would like to “hear the future?” The men fall over themselves in offering her money and her pick of the group. After she summons forth a spirit that speaks the future, the men all leave her alone.

8) A bard is standing in the middle of the street, intently tuning her lute.

9) A drunk man stumbles out of the tavern and runs into a stand with all sorts of meat on sticks. The man’s drunken state causes the sticks to skew and skewer each other, making a horrible sound.

10) A huge python is wrapped around a tree in front of the tavern. It is slowly swallowing the tavern’s sign.

11) A man calls out to his friend to come look at the “great wonders” being done by the magician. They all head into the tavern to have a look. The man who calls out to his friend is actually a member of the Thieves’ Guild, making sure the tavern’s owner stays away.

12) A man is walking down the street, mumbling to himself. He wears a large necklace of chains and bones and pulls a rusted sword behind him. He will not talk to the players.

13) A man on the street is looking for a smith or someone who can fix his broken sword. He is very upset and begins to rant: “That stupid thief! He should be thrown in jail for stealing my sword and not fixing it. I’m going to get that thief!” The man’s name is Geoffrey.

14) Two local children are running along the street, playing a game of chase. One of them is wearing a strange hat with a bird on it.

15) A priest comes running out of the local temple, looking very desperate. He asks each person he comes across if they have seen a palace guard. He is in a frantic state and says: “It’s a matter of life and death!”

16) A very drunk man walks up to a group of people and asks them if they would like to meet his companion, who is a beautiful woman from the baron’s court. He is actually a thief’s apprentice and is trying to pick their pockets.

17) A man runs across the street and knocks a small child over, dropping his bag of groceries in the process. The man apologizes profusely to the child and picks him up. He runs away quickly and the child is left with a few bruised and banged-up knees.

18) A man runs up to another man and yells: “Robbie! I thought you were dead! I’m so glad I found you!” The man with the bags yells: “I’m not Robbie! Leave me alone!” The first man leaves the second man alone and runs off.

19) A beautiful young woman and a young man argue with one another and the young woman turns and runs away from the young man. She continues to run until she is out of sight. He doesn’t chase her.

20) A man walks down the street and comes across a group of people gathered around a man. They are listening to him explain, with great detail, a recent battle he was a part of. If players buy him a drink, he will give them even more information about other large battles that took place in the area.

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21) A man is locking up his shop and making sure everything is closed up securely. He seems distracted and turns around to make sure there’s nothing missing.

22) A group of people come out of a bar and stop at the side of the street. They are laughing and talking loudly. If players approach, they will ask the players if they would like to come to the bar with them.

23) A group of people are looking over something one of them has found on the ground. It appears to be a small statue made of iron. The person holding it wants to keep it.

24) A bar maid and a customer argue over a bar tab. The argument gets louder and louder. The customer takes a swing at the bar maid, who falls to the floor. She is knocked out.

25) A man comes running out of a small building yelling: “Help! Thieves! They’ve taken all of my things! Please help!” He’s in a state of panic.

26) A man in a tavern shakes his head and says: “What a state this city’s been in lately! There’s been a lot of crimes going on lately.” He is the local thieves’ guild master.

27) A young boy has been battered and robbed in an alley. The boy is a beggar. He was blindfolded and robbed of a single coin. His name is Orphan Tom. He knows a lot about the city.

28) A thief falls from a roof and lands in a barrel of garbage. He is knocked out.

29) A man runs out of a building and yells: “Help! Thieves! They’ve taken all of my things! Please help!” If players help the man, he will thank them and offer them a reward. The thieves are inside the building. There is a good chance for a fight.

30) A young girl runs up to a group of people and begs them for money. She needs to get a room because she doesn’t have a place to live. If she’s given money, she will disappear.

31) A group of people hang out at a local tavern. They are all quite drunk. One of the men takes a swing at another. A fight breaks out.

32) A guard tries to arrest a man for loitering. If players help the guard, the man will thank them and offer them a reward. If players help the man, the guard will ask them to leave town.

33) A beggar seeks shelter from the cold. He is looking for a place to stay, but no one will help him.

34) A group of children hang out in an alley. They are throwing rocks into a barrel. If players approach them, they will offer to trade the rocks they’ve collected for food.

35) A man pulls players aside and tells them of his plan. He is going to rob the local bank and asks if they will help him. He offers them a share of the loot. If players turn him down, he will threaten them.

36) A mime runs through the streets of the city.

37) A child is sick and needs an herb that doesn’t grow in the region. To find the herb the child must be taken to the next town over.

38) A man waves down a group of people and asks them to help him with something. He needs them to carry something big for him. It feels an awful lot like a body in a bag.

39) A beggar asks for food. He appears to be starving, but if food is given to him, he will turn it down.

40) A hooded man walks up to a group of people and asks if they have something to trade. If players say yes, he will offer to trade things.

41) A beggar looks sick and is dragging an infected leg. If players give him money, he will buy food with it, but not medicine.

42) A group of people is mobbing a man shouting for him to be punished. If players help the man, they will be rewarded. The angered townspeople will ask players to leave.

43) A merchant offers to buy an item from a PC. It’s the item they need most. If they sell it, they will never get it back.

44) A beggar climbs out of the sewer. If players try to help him, he will just go back down.

45) A hobo begs for food. He will vomit up the food if players give it to him. He’s a drunk named Goran.

46) A beggar offers to sell information that players might be interested in. If they buy the information, they will regret it.

47) A beggar offers to sell tarts he found in the woods. He claims they are magical tarts. He says they will make anyone who eats them extremely strong.

48) A beggar offers to sell the armor he wears. He says his mother made it for him, but he doesn’t need it anymore. If the player buys the armor, it will fall apart in an hour.

49) Two elderly villagers argue over a basket of apples. If they can’t agree, they will start a fight.

50) A woman named Marge comes up to the players and offers help. She says that she has the necessary equipment to help the players with whatever they need help with. She will ask for a large amount of money. If the players pay her, she will leave. She was paid to try and scam the players.

Random City Encounters
Random City Encounters

51) A man offers to buy travelers drinks. He says he will buy drinks for everyone in the tavern. After the PCs get drunk, the man will rob them.

52) An old man with no tongue will warn the players about the bandits. He won’t be able to talk very loud, so players will have to get close to hear him.

53) A man dressed in full knight armor approaches the players. He begs for help finding his squire. He offers to pay the players for their help.

54) A man with many scars around his body comes up to the players. He says he was attacked by an ogre. He says the ogre is still in the woods. He wants revenge.

55) A man carrying a heavy barrel offers to sell it for 1 gp. After the players buy the barrel, they will realize it’s filled with water not beer. The man is long gone.

56) A man on the side of the road offers to help players find a lost friend. He will say he saw them in the direction the players are traveling.

57) A man with dirty face, hair, clothing, and hands offers to sing a ballad. The song will be about the city they are currently in.

58) A man will offer to read the players’ palms. He will say each line on the palm has a different meaning. He will charge 1 silver piece for his service.

59) A man stands on the side of the road and offers to shine the players’ shoes for 1 copper piece. If players agree, he will do a good job.

60) A man with a long beard and a dirty face will ask a player to buy a pig for 2 gp. If the group agrees, the man will hand them a bag of beans and wink knowingly.

67) Three men in black robes walk in the opposite direction of the players. They are laughing to each other, but they will act like they don’t see the players.

68) A man with scars on his face approaches the players. He says he will pay them if they can make his face look like it did before he was attacked.

69) A man approaches the players and asks them to lead him to the castle. He is in a hurry and doesn’t want to lose time asking for directions.

70) A man claims his horse ran away. He says he will pay players to find it. The man is trying to steal a horse and wants help.

71) A man begs players to fight an imaginary monster. He will say the monster is attacking him.

72) A man offers to hire players to guard his wagon. He doesn’t have any money, so he will barter with food and other goods.

73) A man with a slight limp approaches the players. He says his horse was stolen. He will give the players some gold pieces if they can find it.

74) A man approaches the players and accuses them of stealing his favorite hat. He knows the players did it. He will challenge them to a duel.

75) A man approaches the players. He claims to have new stories to tell. The players will have to pay him each time he tells a story. He knows a lot about gossip in the city.

76) A man approaches the players. He claims to have a new spell he will teach them for a small fee. If the players refuse, the man will attack them. If they buy the spell for 2d10 gp, he will give them a spell called, “Marken’s Lullaby.” It is an enhanced Sleep spell.

77) A man approaches the players. He claims he has a magic sword. He will sell it for a reasonable price. If the players buy the sword for 200 gp, they will realize the sword is a normal sword.

78) A man approaches the players. He offers to sell them a magic potion. He will say the potion can cure any illness. It costs 20 gp. The potion doesn’t do anything.

79) Two elderly women stop the players and ask them to help find a lost child. They will give the players a small reward. The children are actually hiding behind a house. The elderly women are actually two men trying to rob the players.

80) A group of beautiful women come up to the players and ask them to take them to a nice place to eat.

81) A group of dirty children beg the players for a few copper pieces. If they don’t give them any money, they will throw rocks at them.

82) A group of merchants will ask the players if they want to purchase some illegal goods. Their wares include stolen books, magic items, and ill-gotten gains. They will sell their items for a slightly lower price.

83) A group of religious zealots will warn the players about their sinful ways. They will offer the players a free pamphlet on the dangers of sin.

84) A group of women will approach the players and ask if they want to come to a party at a nearby inn. If they accept, they will be arrested. If the players decline, the women will attack them.

86) Two men circle the players and make menacing comments. If the players tell them to leave, they will attack.

87) A man approaches and asks to join the players. He will say he knows a powerful wizard and will prove to the players that he is a spell caster. All he wants is to join the players.

88) A man approaches and offers to paint a picture of the player characters. If the players refuse, the man will attack them. If they accept, he will take their money and run.

89) The sounds of a tavern brawl can be heard. Inside, a bar fight is underway. Bystanders will ask the players to help break it up. If the players refuse, the bystanders will attack them.

90) The players will hear the clinking of coins and a heavy wagon being pulled through town. Inside the wagon is a giant chest. The wagon will stop and a group of men will surround the chest.

91) Three men will approach the players and state that a local merchant has a delivery for them. They will lead the players to a warehouse and then attack.

92) A man appears and asks the players if they have seen a blue passage of flame. He will explain that he had a magic ring of fire and had lost it.

93) Two men will approach the players and begin to argue. If they are asked to move on, they will turn on the players.

94) A guard will stop the players and ask for their papers. If they can not produce them (in the form of 1 gp per player), the guard will arrest them.

95) A messenger will approach the players and hand them a message that reads, “Meet me at the Inn on the corner at midnight tonight. Bring the money. If you don’t, I’ll kill you.”

96) A man will approach the players and ask them if they know of any jobs available. If the players say no, he will ask them if they know of anyone looking for help.

97) A group of drunken men approach the players and call them by name. If the players ask them not to be troublemakers, the men will attack.

98) Three men will approach the players and ask them about the job they are on. The men want to know how much the players are being paid. If the players tell them they are not on a job, the men will attack.

99) Two men will approach the players and comment of the beauty of the female members of the party.

100) A small child will approach the players and ask them for money to go to the market. If the players refuse, he will back away, then yell that the players are mean. A group of children will then attack with bottles, throwing them at players.

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