200 Random Ocean / Sea Encounters for DND

Embark on a thrilling nautical journey with our specially crafted collection of ‘Random Ocean Encounters‘ for your fantasy tabletop RPG campaign. Whether you’re charting the high seas in Dungeons & Dragons, navigating treacherous waters in Pathfinder, or exploring mythical oceans in MERPs, these encounters are designed to plunge your players into the heart of maritime adventure.

From eerie shipwrecks shrouded in mystery to daunting sea monsters lurking beneath the waves, each encounter promises to enrich your campaign with unforgettable moments of excitement, challenge, and exploration. Suitable for a wide range of settings and play styles, these random sea encounters for D&D are perfect for adding a splash of the unexpected to your seafaring tales, ensuring every voyage is as unpredictable as the sea itself.

100 Random Ocean / Sea Encounters DND

The boundless oceans of the world are alive with mystery and adventure. Upon these vast, azure expanses, countless tales wait to be woven into the fabric of legend. As a salty breeze fills your sails, you know that discovery, danger, and fortune lurk beneath every cresting wave. Prepare your compass and sharpen your cutlass, for the sea’s siren call is irresistible, beckoning you to her watery depths.

As you set out upon these unpredictable tides, consider these 100 unique encounters—a compendium of the serendipitous, the perilous, and the mystical. What follows is a tapestry of the fantastical, a collection of moments that will challenge your wits, test your bravery, and ignite your imagination on the theater of the sea. So come aboard, brave adventurers, as we embark on an odyssey like no other, where the horizon is merely the beginning of our epic journey.

1) A sea elf warship approaches, its strange flag billowing. The sea elves, known for their grace and magical prowess, are embroiled in an underwater conflict with the merfolk.

2) A merfolk corsair surfaces nearby, its banner shimmering in the sun. These aquatic warriors are locked in strife with the sea elves, defending their deep-sea domains with fierce determination.

3) The sky darkens as an air elf galleon descends. Carrying the banner of a mystical city, these floating warriors are engaged in a high-altitude war with terrestrial elves.

4) A ground elf caravan glides across the ocean’s surface, its flag etched with earthy motifs. These forest and mountain dwellers are battling the air elves for supremacy of the skies.

5) Suddenly, pirate sails loom on the horizon. The ship bristles with aggressive intent, and you brace for battle.

6) A seemingly friendly pirate vessel approaches, but rumors whisper they’re mercenaries contracted to attack your ship—an unexpected and potentially deadly encounter awaits.

7) A water elf vessel, bearing a flag of fluid designs, drifts forward. These beings, masters of aquatic magic, are fiercely opposed to the fire elves of the desert’s scorching sands.

8) From the heat-hazed horizon, a fire elf cruiser advances, its sigil like a flame against the sky. They wage a relentless war against the water elves, their pyromantic powers clashing with aqueous spells.

9) A gust brings an air elf frigate into view, its standard symbolic of its soaring domain. The ship’s crew readies their skyborne armaments for a clash with the terrestrial elves below.

10) Emerging from a cloud of arboreal mist, a ground elf bark appears, its emblem depicting rooted strength. The crew, guardians of the woodlands and crags, prepare for battle with their lofty adversaries.

11) Amidst the sound of clashing steel, a group of pirates raids a beleaguered merchant vessel. You face a critical choice: assist the pirates for a share of the spoils or defend the merchants for gratitude and rewards.

12) As the skirmish unfolds, you discern an opportunity to attack the embattled merchant ship and plunder its treasures, including a cache of gems and restorative potions—an enticing yet perilous option.

13) A great shadow passes beneath your ship: a giant shark, pursued by youthful mermaids seeking aid. In exchange for vanquishing the beast, they offer gleaming gems and potions to mend your wounds.

14) The notorious pirate Captain Crocodile boards your ship, flanked by his rapacious crew. His offer: a potent magic sword at a steep price. Decline, and his blade, along with his crew’s, may turn against you.

15) The serene sea churns as a colossal squid emerges, its tentacles reaching for the ship. If slain, its hoard of deepwater gems and select potions of heroism are yours for the taking.

16) A venerable sea turtle, host to a mermaid assembly, surfaces nearby. Their plea for assistance against the leviathan comes with a promise: rare gems and healing drafts for the turtle’s demise.

17) As a mermaid chorus resounds through the waves, a giant shark encroaches on your vessel. Should you defeat the marauding shark, the mermaids vow to reward you with bounty and curatives.

18) Amidst a churning whirlpool, a giant squid lashes out, flanked by eager merfolk combatants. They implore your help; in return, gemstones from the depths and bolstering potions of heroism await.

19) Under the cover of merfolk fighters, a great turtle threatens your journey. Topple the creature, and the merfolk will thank you with a treasure including restorative potions.

20) The infamous razortooth squid descends from the sky, intent on snaring the ship in its monstrous grasp. The crew must mount a defense against this airborne predator.

21) Adrift on the waves lies a shipwreck, haunted by a lone, grievously wounded sailor clinging to life. Aid him, and he will bestow upon you an arcane item; forsake him, and the sea claims another soul.

22) In the tempest’s fury, you sight a sinking ship’s desperate plight. The pirates are already onboard; will you join the fray, or will you save those aboard from their cruel fate?

23) A curious vessel hails you, flying a flag of truce. A lone emissary seeks the captain with an urgent missive. His determination suggests a hidden agenda—a mystery only the captain can unravel.

24) Overhead, an emerald inferno crackles—a green dragon, vast and magnificent, circles your ship. The awe it commands is matched only by the danger it represents.

25) From the ocean’s embrace, a monstrous octopus snatches an oar, heralding an encounter with a creature of the depths.

26) An islet emerges, crowned by a rustic village. As your ship nears, spear-wielding villagers rush to the shore, primed to repel raiders and protect their sea-earned livelihoods.

27) A bulky merchantman barrels directly toward you—a façade veiling a pirate vessel eager to clash and plunder.

28) The sight of a tranquil island is pierced by the glow of beacon fires, marking either celebration or a call to arms from the settlement upon its shores.

29) As you traverse the open sea, fishermen aboard a modest dinghy propose trading—offering fish steeped in a pungent aroma, their presence suspicious.

30) A ragtag band of fishermen beseeches the crew’s help in a bountiful catch, with fair payment—but the stench of their leather garb and their furtive glances hint at a pirate ploy.

31) Wesley, a scrappy young merchant, indulges fantasies of ancient cities with an enigmatic map—he’s eager to deal, but the volcano-centered island he marks leads only to desolation and a deceptive promise.

32) Another fishing boat approaches, the catch on offer without the suspiciously low prices—could this be a deal too good to be true, or just lucky fishermen sharing their bounty?

33) A ship sails close, its crew eager to trade in excess weaponry at abnormally discounted rates—a hint of desperation or a shrewd play?

34) Amidst diplomacy, two strangers dangle exquisite jewelry before you, the value dazzling—but can such quality come without a hidden cost?

35) Mercenaries numbering as the waves present themselves, offering muscle for hire; but their loyalty, like the sea, ebbs and flows with the promise of gold.

36) Stonemasons, with hands shaped by their craft, seek employment aboard. Offer them coin, and any task from burden to build shall be within their stony competence.

37) A merchant ship laden with sorcerous baubles courts your interest, the prices halved—a tempting offer swirling with magical possibility and intrigue.

38) The same merchant vessel extends an invitation to peruse its more mundane wares, again at enticing half prices—a boon for the practical buccaneer.

39) Sunken secrets await as a shipwreck’s sentinel—a mermaid’s confession of an eternal, cursed watch teases tantalizing tales and the lure of the deep.

40) Discovery turns to danger as an exploration yields violent pirates amidst the wreckage, their ticking time bomb presence a threat to all unsuspecting passersby.

41) A derelict ship harbors a haunting, a spectral chorus heralding a ghostly end—do they mourn, or offer warning to those who dare approach?

42) The wrecks of the sea reveal their gruesome feast, a giant squid sating its hunger upon ship and sailor alike—a grotesque spectacle to be witnessed or, perhaps, intervened.

43) Waves furrow, revealing a forsaken ship, now home to sea elves in peril, evading the relentless pursuit of pirate pillagers—a refuge or a conflict brewing on the brine.

44) Within a listless hulk, kobolds hold court, their cruelty towards captive humans a harbinger of the danger lurking on these waters—will you intervene or let the tides wash away their screams?

45) An uncanny ambush: Adventurers, transfigured into kobolds by the very creatures now concealing themselves within the ship’s bowels, await unsuspecting targets to plunder.

46) An enchanted ship you find adrift, guided by unseen forces; within, elementals enslaved by a mage imperiously fuel his journey—an arcane observance fraught with peril.

47) A spectral ship steers toward you, arcane prowess at its helm—a collision course with mystery or a clash with the supernatural?

48) A seemingly abandoned vessel taunts with unanswered promise—upon boarding, sea nymphs reveal their ruse, their lethal lullabies hungry for fresh victims.

49) A herald of diplomacy, a ship bears a foreign ensign, pioneering the uncharted waters of international relations—an omen of peace or espionage?

50) An omen of conflict, a warship arrives from distant shores, agitating the still waters of neutrality—an impending battle or a test of diplomacy?

51) A merchantman on an expanse of blue, its cargo rare as a comet’s tail—treasures from afar offer opportunity for wealth or a deal encased in deceit.

52) A mysterious vessel, no banner waving, captain unknown—a peaceful encounter or a silence harboring dark intent?

53) A silent ship, captainless and crewless, bearing down—it’s a pirate’s gambit, a feint before the fangs of greed and desperation are bared.

54) Unheralded, a ship approaches, flying no flag, and its captain’s name unspoken. This floating enigma could spell a plunderous encounter should you drop your guard.

55) An enigmatic ship, its origins unfathomable, steers your way. Swaying to the whims of a demented wizard, its course is as unpredictable as the incantations it hosts.

56) The azure calm is broken by a tempest’s march—a chorus of wind and rain promising tumult and a trial for navigation.

57) A piscine aberration, half man, half fish, graces your path—a creature indifferent to man or harbinger of underwater realms?

58) A piscine anomaly, half man, half fish, crosses your wake—its gaze locks with yours, and conflict surfaces from the depths.

59) An orchestra of orcish revelry: a pirate crew lost in inebriation, a cacophony concealing potential hostility and an invitation to chaos.

60) Elven rangers, graceful as the breeze, tread shorelines in search of clues—do they quest for lost treasure or a more perilous pursuit?

61) A shipwreck’s sad repose on sandy shores, a monument to a pirate’s liking. Its ravaged form offers no resistance to inquiry or exploration.

62) Oncoming, a ship with kingdom’s colors flutters in the salty air—a herald of diplomacy, or a spy draped in the veil of bureaucracy?

63) A lone ship brandishing an unrecognized ensign nears the coastline. It signals not for conflict nor trade but hints at a covert mission in uncharted waters.

64) On the horizon, two vessels engage in combat. A seemingly diplomatic ship transforms into a marauder’s nest, showcasing a naval ambush that beckons intervention or a strategic retreat.

65) The shoreline is graced by a congregation mourning for sailors lost to the sea’s capricious whims—a somber sight that may hold deeper tales or forgotten lores.

66) Devotees of a dark deity gather by the sea’s edge, their chants foretelling malevolent ceremony. Will you disrupt their unhallowed rite or investigate from the shadows?

67) A rowdy pirate crew surrounds a campfire, their sea shanties masking a readiness for confrontation. Do you dare intrude upon their maritime merriment?

68) A second band of pirates, perhaps more tempered but no less dangerous, occupies a nearby beach, signaling a potential threat or an unwary alliance in the making.

69) As a ship glides silently past, its crew appears aloof, avoiding all contact. Their guarded behavior invites curiosity—what secrets do they keep from prying eyes?

70) The ship crosses paths with another vessel seeking a man named ‘George.’ The quest seems simple, but why does the captain bear the same name—a riddle wrapped in the sea’s enigma.

71) On a passing vessel, a passenger smiles with wicked delight. This so-called demon grins with a mouth full of fangs—a visage of terror or a mask of misief?

72) A search party, fixated on finding their George, imparts an air of desperation. Little do they know, their captain is the quarry they seek—an internal masquerade hinting at darker plots.

73) Malign masquerade aboard: A demon, donned in a captain’s guise, seeks a missing man amid rumored treachery—a tale of betrayal and hidden truths in the briny deep.

74) A forsaken ship with a skeletal helmsman bobs through the billows. This eerie escort of the damned beckons the brave to uncover its grim narrative.

75) A ghostly vessel, relinquished by the living, now steers under bony command. The skeleton jester waves a bottle—a grim toast from the afterlife?

76) A lush isle beckons, its allure masking a swarm of dog-sized centipedes, eager to assault those who dare tread upon their domain—a paradise with hidden perils.

77) A vast islet crowned by a woman’s marble visage. But beauty belies danger as giant ants guard the ancient effigy, ready to assail the unwary.

78) A ship sails near, its deck crowded with damsel in distress—that is, until closer inspection reveals kobold tricksters in a cunning deception.

79) A sinking pirate ship bids a frantic farewell, bypassing parley for pilferage, as its crew scrambles to salvage spoils before succumbing to the sea’s grasp.

80) Storm clouds gather with ferocious speed, threatening to cast your compass astray and deliver your party to unforeseen shores—a tempest’s whim or the ocean’s will?

81) Desperate humans, awakened by adventure’s siren call, hint at a golden city lost to lore. Will their search ensnare your safety in their reckless quest?

82) A lonely beacon—a lighthouse—cuts through the fog. This enigmatic sentinel may summon more than ships if ancient magics are to be believed.

83) The air fills with the cackles of seagulls, a seemingly harmless flock that turns violent upon boarding, their beady eyes now gleaming with malice.

84) A vessel under siege by the merfolk’s wrath pleads for your intervention. But can you trust the sailors, or are they themselves sea-born deceivers?

85) Emergent from the deep, a sea serpent with scales like night twists menacingly towards your vessel—heralding an epic battle on the briny frontier.

86) In the distance, a whimsically colored ship adorned with the most unusual patterns draws near. Despite its charming appearance, it raises suspicion—famed for luring adventurers to their doom with enchanting illusions.

87) The still silence of the open sea is broken by a rhythmic pattering. Curiously, it is a herd of water-walking horses, their manes glistening like the ocean itself—magical beasts on a pilgrimage across the surface.

88) A barrel floats past the ship. Upon inspection, it contains a sealed message and a rare black pearl—an omen, gift, or the beginning of a treasure hunt?

89) Drifting sounds of a lute catch the wind; a lone bard on a raft, singing tales of the ocean’s heart. His songs hold secrets, ones that could guide to hidden coves or forgotten ruins.

90) A swirl of bright fish ensnares the ship, and amongst them, a sentient coral creature, eloquent and wise, offering knowledge in exchange for passage to distant reefs.

91) A sudden churning below reveals an underwater city, its crystalline domes reflecting like stars beneath the waves. The inhabitants may be allies or denizens guarding forbidden knowledge.

92) A colossal, yet benign, jellyfish floats past, large enough to host an entire ecosystem on its back. Exploring it could yield exotic flora and fauna for study—or unexpected dangers.

93) A flotilla of ships interlocked by thick vines floats aimlessly. Upon them, a verdant society isolated from the world cultivating wonders and secrets amidst the ocean’s expanse.

94) The sea glows with bioluminescence, streaming from an ancient submerged obelisk. Its activation could reveal cryptic revelations or awaken dormant terrors.

95) A curiously mechanical whale surfaces, steam billowing from its blowholes—an invention of a brilliant gnome tinkering with the boundaries between life and machine.

96) A dilapidated raft carries an array of peculiar contraptions and a gnome claiming to measure the depth of the ocean—a quest of science or a descent into madness?

97) A fey dragonfly the size of a rowboat dances above the water. It streaks with light and leaves a trail that promises safe passage through treacherous waters, or does it lead to the feywild?

98) The crew stumbles upon a massive tortoise, its shell inscribed with ancient runes. Deciphering them could grant wisdom or awaken the wrath of this ancient sentinel.

99) A solitary figure walks on water, approaching the ship. They claim to be a monk on a pilgrimage to the edge of the world. Will you contribute to their journey or reveal a deceiver’s guise?

100) In the moonlit night, a spectral fleet manifests on the horizon. Ethereal and silent, it passes, leaving tales of legends long-forgotten and beckoning the brave to unravel their mysteries.

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Ocean Encounters D&D
Ocean Encounters D&D

100 Random Sea Encounters DND 5e

As your ship slices through the vast expanse of the open sea, the horizon stretches endlessly in all directions, a blank canvas for the adventures and misadventures that await. Be it the call of treasure-laden shipwrecks, the allure of uncharted islands, or the thrill of high-seas combat, the ocean holds mysteries aplenty. Keep your wits about you and your cutlasses sharp; these waters are as treacherous as they are bountiful. Here are 100 unique and random ocean encounters to set sail for in your next thrilling escapade on the high seas:

1) A fish flies out of the sea and into the air. Another quickly follows. Before players know it, dozens of fish are airborne and attacking them.

2) A school of giant eels rises from the depths and attacks. These eels shoot out of the water and can even chase after players on land for a short distance.

3) A kraken rises from the deep and attacks the ship. The body of the kraken is so large it covers the entire ship. It attacks from below, wrapping its tentacles around the hull and attempting to crush it.

4) A giant octopus comes out of the sea and wraps its tentacles around a ship. It fights from the water, using its tentacles to fight. While not as big as a kraken, it’s twice as fierce and ten times as mean.

5) A ship comes under attack from a flying turtle. It flies out of the sea and dives down upon the ship. This turtle fights like a dragon. It not only bites and claws like a dragon, but it also spits acid and breathes fire.

6) A giant whale flies out of the water. It’s not big enough to swallow a ship, but its sheer size means it’s still a force to be reckoned with.

7) A giant maelstrom rises from the sea. It has swirling water at its center. The ocean churns around it, creating a vortex that sucks in everything in its path.

8) A ship is attacked by a giant jellyfish. Instead of tentacles, this creature has a cluster of tentacles inside it. When it strikes, this tentacle cluster shoots out.

9) A ship is attacked by a giant jellyfish. This jellyfish is made of pure water. When it attacks, it drains water from its victims. This water is absorbed into the jellyfish, causing it to grow.

10) A ship is attacked by an army of humanoids riding dolphins. They attack with spears and harpoons.

11) A ship is attacked by a giant shark. Instead of a jaw, it has a large beak with a sharp hook at the end of it. This beak is attached to a chain, which is wrapped around the body. This chain makes it easier for the shark to attack.

12) A ship is attacked by a giant octopus. This octopus has tentacles eight tentacles. Three are normal tentacles that can attack, but the other five are huge tentacles that can reach far away.

13) A creature made of liquid fire rises from the sea. It has no physical form, but its liquid fire can burn anything. It can strike out at victims with its flaming arms or engulf them in flames.

14) A ship is attacked by a giant squid. It’s not the only giant squid present. Several dozen squid rise from the sea.

15) A ship is attacked by a giant squid. This squid has the head of a sea horse and the body of a squid. It’s huge and deadly, but not as large as a kraken.

16) A ship is attacked by a giant cuttlefish. This cuttlefish has arms like a squid, but it also has tentacles like an octopus. It can attack from sea or air.

17) A ship is attacked by a giant cuttlefish. This cuttlefish has a giant cloak attached to its body. When it attacks, this cloak flaps like a giant bat.

18) A ship is attacked by a giant jellyfish. This jellyfish has a big lantern attached to its body. When it attacks, it brings the lantern down on the ship.

19) On the horizon, a pirate ship with a black flag and a skull and crossbones bobs just above the water. It’s a living ship that swims beneath the waves. The captain is a lich named Captain Skullsack. He will have 2d12 zombies and 2d20+12 skeletons as a crew.

20) As players get close to the coast, they notice a strange chunk of floating debris. As they approach the object, it moves toward them. It’s a whale-sized creature made of garbage. The creature can wrap its arms around a ship.

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21) A giant, green dragon rises from the sea and attacks. The dragon is actually an illusion formed by a sea hag.

22) The player’s ship is damaged by a sudden storm, forcing the captain to abandon ship. As the ship starts to sink, the captain is attacked by a giant crocodile.

23) Two sea serpents attack the ship and try to sink it. One sea serpent is a giant eel, while the other is a giant squid.

24) A sea creature made of jellyfish parts floats over the ship.

25) A chorus of pirate songs can be heard in the distance. A fleet of pirate ships is sailing toward the PCs. If the pirates get close, they start singing about the player’s impending doom.

26) A captive mermaid sings about her sorrows. Her captor is an insane pirate captain named Captain Book.

27) A living sea creature made of coral entangles the ship.

28) A giant sea turtle swamps an early ship. The turtle is large enough see over the top of the ship. It’s also intelligent enough to realize PCs are on board. The turtle hates ships and wants to sink this one.

29) A giant octopus tries to climb the ship’s masts.

30) The ship is attacked by a giant squid. The squid also has a sea horse for a head.

31) A giant squid attacks the ship. This squid is carrying a child on its arms. The captain of the ship must choose to protect the child or fight the squid. The child is a local prince.

32) A giant dragon turtle attacks the ship. The party will barely escape.

33) A creature made of foam attacks. The foam can expand to fill all of the ship’s deck. The foam creature is immune to attack, but the foam can be scraped off. Only cold will damage it.

34) A group of 2d8+3 pirates attack the PCs. They are known as the Black Flaming Blades.

35) A group of 2d12+7 pirates attack the PCs. They are known as the Red Painted Blades.

36) Thirteen pirates attack the ship. They are known as the Bloody Jaws.

37) A sea monster attacks the ship. It’s related to sea serpents. It’s known as the Serrated Blade.

38) The ship is attacked by undead pirates called the Flayed Blades.

39) A ship captain plans to murder the PCs and steal their ship. The captain is a pirate ghost named Captain Blade.

40) A sea dragon attacks the ship.

41) The ship is attacked by a giant lobster. The creature has a giant spear attached to one of its pincers.

42) A giant shark attacks the ship.

43) A giant octopus attacks the ship. One of its tentacles has a giant axe attached to it.

44) Players hear a groaning sound in the distance. If they investigate, they will find their ship has been overtaken by monstrous beings known as the Sea Monks. These creatures speak in unintelligible sounds.

45) On the starboard side of the ship, one of the PCs sees a giant octopus wrapped around the ship. This octopus is actually the last survivor of an entire race. It would be willing to work with the PCs.

46) A floating hulk gets close … and attacks! This ship is a mimic!

47) A group of gnome bard stowaways on the ship cause trouble. They say they will entertain the party, but they have a few tricks up their sleeves.

48) A huge storm blows in. A kingfisher attacks the ship.

49) A mermaid ship approaches the ship. The mermaids will do whatever they can to help the PCs. They want to trade with the PCs. They can also offer them a way to get to a distant island that the PCs need to get to. They have a ring of water breathing. The mermaids have a magic spear that can be thrown at a creature. The spear will temporarily stun a creature. They also have a bottle of healing water. One swig of this water will heal a PC’s wounds.

50) The ship encounters a black, floating island. The island has a magical aura. Evil will emanate from the island for miles.

51) The ship encounters a series of islands. One of them is a flying island filled with natives that attacks the ship.

52) A ship approaches the ship. This ship is filled with half-orcs. A battle ensues. The half-orcs are new pirates.

53) A giant eel attacks the ship.

54) A herd of sea cows attacks the ship.

55) A giant octopus attacks the ship. It has some treasure on its back. PCs can throw something at the octopus to knock off the treasure.

56) A group of merfolk attack the ship. They want to speak to the PCs. They want to help the PCs. They also want to trade with the PCs. They can carry the PCs to their underwater city. They can offer the PCs a magical potion that will give the PCs water breathing for an hour.

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57) A ship is sinking in the distance. It looks like the crew has abandoned the ship.

58) A ship approaches the ship. It looks like it will ram the ship!

59) The ship is attacked by pirates. The pirates board the ship.

60) A sea creature attacks the ship. This creature is an intelligent animal. It can communicate with the PCs in Aquan. The creature wants to ride the ship, but it wants something in return. It wants the weapons of the PCs.

61) The ship encounters an underwater city. The city is made of coral. The entire population is made up of merfolk.

62) The ship is attacked by pirates. One of the pirates is a half-orc with a blue eye. This pirate seeks revenge on the PCs.

63) A giant sea slug attacks the ship.

64) A giant squid attacks the ship.

65) A group of pegasi attack the ship.

66) The ship is boarded by a group of pirates. They have a giant octopus on the deck of their ship. The octopus attacks the ship.

67) The ship is attacked by a giant squid. The PCs see a giant fin swim away from the ship.

68) The ship is attacked by a giant squid. The PCs see a giant fin swim away from them. The fin does not seem to have any treasure on it.

69) The ship encounters a giant manta ray.

70) A sea serpent attacks the ship.

71) A group of mermaids approach the ship. They will ask the PCs to free the mermaid queen.

72) The ship is attacked by a group of evil magic-using mermaids. They want to capture the ship.

73) A huge sea horse attacks the ship. The horse has a saddle on it. The rider is named Man of the Aqua Seas.

74) The deck of the ship is in danger of becoming infested with kelp. The kelp is in danger of spreading and taking over the ship.

75) A beautiful mermaid approaches the ship. She is trying to get away from the king of the merfolk. She is running away with the king’s seal. She will trade this for her freedom.

76) The ship is attacked by seven pirates riding giant sharks.

77) A ship approaches the ship. The ship is filled with half-elves. Half-elves are great ship builders. They are pirates. One of the half-elves is actually a wizard.

78) The ship is attacked by a group of pirates. Their ship’s name is the Black Kraken.

79) The ship is attacked by a group of pirates. Their ship’s name is the Blue Leviathan.

80) The ship is attacked by a group of pirates. Their ship’s name is the Shark’s Tooth.

81) A ship approaches the ship. They are not pirates, but they are selling their wares. The ship is filled with tropical fruit.

82) A giant whale surfaces and attacks the ship.

83) A group of pirates approach the ship. The pirates are rude. They are seeking battle. They are willing to trade.

84) A ship approaches the ship. The ship is filled with books. The books are being sold on the deck of the ship.

85) A ship approaches the ship. The deck of the ship is filled with books. The books are being sold on the deck of the ship. There is a large cloud on the horizon.

86) The ship is attacked by a band of merfolk. They are fire merfolk. They are attacking the ship to abduct a merchant who they think is a fire spirit.

87) The ship is attacked by a band of merfolk. They are ice merfolk. They are attacking the ship to abduct a merchant who they think is an ice spirit.

88) A ship approaches the ship. The ship is filled with exotic animals.

89) A ship approaches the ship. The ship is filled with exotic animals. One of the animals is a half-giant.

90) The ship is attacked by a group of pirates. They want to trade with the PCs. The pirates want the PCs to trade them a barrel of their rum for a barrel of wine.

91) The PCs find a barrel of wine floating in the water. It is marked with the sigil of a specific pirate captain.

92) A ship approaches the ship. The ship is filled with tropical fruit. The fruit is really magical fruit. One of the fruits causes the eater to grow.

93) A ship approaches the ship. The ship is filled with tropical fruit. The fruit is really magical fruit. One of the fruits causes the eater to shrink.

94) The ship is attacked by a group of pirates who are on their very last mission.

95) The sound of storms comes from the direction of a storm cloud on the horizon.

96) Over the horizon, the PCs see a storm cloud. The storm cloud is magical. The storm cloud is causing the sea to become rough.

97) A ship approaches the ship. The ship is covered with kelp. The kelp is magical and will turn anyone who touches it into a kelpling.

98) The ship is attacked by kelp elementals.

99) The ship is approaching a storm cloud. Lightning flashes from the cloud.

100) The ship is approached by a storm cloud. It is a miniature storm cloud. The storm cloud is magical. It contains a small genie. The genie will attack on sight and will not grant wishes.

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Paul Bellow

Paul Bellow

Paul Bellow is a LitRPG author, RPG game developer, and old school webmaster. He's been playing tabletop games since the 1980s. He started Random Tables RPG as a way to give out free D&D and Pathfinder content to the world. Enjoy!