100 Low Fantasy RPG Random Encounters: Goblin Warrens

The dark and winding passages of the Goblin Warrens present a labyrinthine challenge for even the most seasoned adventurers. Hidden deep within ancient forests or beneath forgotten ruins, these underground networks are home to numerous goblin tribes, each with their own quirks and dangers. The air here is thick with the scent of damp earth and the constant echoes of distant scurrying feet. As you navigate these tunnels, be prepared to face not only the cunning and ferocity of the goblins but also the traps and creatures that inhabit their dark domain.

Goblin warrens are known for their treacherous layouts, often designed to confuse and disorient intruders. Narrow tunnels, hidden pitfalls, and sudden ambushes are commonplace. Despite the danger, these warrens are also filled with hidden treasures and artifacts, remnants of the goblins’ plundering raids. For those brave enough to venture into these depths, the rewards can be great, but the risks are ever-present. Stay alert, for in the goblin warrens, danger lurks around every corner.

Random Encounter Table: Goblin Warrens (1-20)

As you enter the first section of the Goblin Warrens, you find yourself in a series of narrow tunnels that twist and turn unpredictably. The walls are covered in crude drawings and markings, likely warnings or messages from the goblins. The air is musty, and the sound of distant drumming echoes through the passages, creating an ominous atmosphere. Prepare for encounters that will test your resolve and resourcefulness.

1Goblin PatrolA group of four goblins on patrol, armed with spears and daggers. They are alert and ready to raise an alarm if they spot intruders.
2Pitfall TrapA hidden pit covered with a flimsy layer of earth and leaves. Anyone stepping on it risks falling into a spiked pit.
3Goblin ShamanA goblin shaman performing a dark ritual. The shaman is surrounded by glowing runes and chanting in an ancient tongue.
4Giant Rat NestA nest of giant rats that attack anyone who disturbs them. The nest is located in a small, foul-smelling cavern.
5Abandoned TreasureA small chest hidden in an alcove, filled with coins and trinkets stolen from past victims.
6Goblin AmbushA group of goblins lying in wait behind a bend in the tunnel, ready to spring an ambush on unsuspecting adventurers.
7Collapsing TunnelA section of the tunnel that begins to collapse as you pass through, threatening to trap or crush anyone caught in the collapse.
8Captive PrisonerA human prisoner tied up and guarded by two goblins. The prisoner is weak and in need of help but may have valuable information.
9Mushroom GroveA small cavern filled with glowing mushrooms. Some are edible and provide sustenance, while others are poisonous.
10Goblin MarketA hidden market where goblins trade stolen goods and exotic items. The market is bustling with activity and strange sights.
11Underground StreamA fast-flowing underground stream that cuts through the warren. Crossing it requires caution to avoid being swept away.
12Goblin Chief’s LairThe lair of the goblin chief, heavily guarded and filled with the spoils of their raids. The chief is a formidable opponent.
13Secret TunnelA hidden tunnel that bypasses a significant portion of the warren, but it is trapped and dangerous to navigate.
14Spider NestA nest of giant spiders that have made their home in the warren. The spiders are aggressive and territorial.
15Goblin FeastA group of goblins celebrating a recent raid with a feast. They are distracted and less alert than usual.
16Treasure MapA crude map drawn on a piece of leather, indicating the location of a hidden treasure within the warren.
17Goblin ScoutsA pair of goblin scouts who are adept at moving silently and avoiding detection. They are spying on intruders and reporting back.
18Echoing DrumsThe sound of distant drumming that grows louder as you approach. It seems to come from a central gathering place for the goblins.
19Cursed IdolA small idol carved from bone and covered in strange runes. Touching it triggers a curse that brings bad luck and misfortune.
20Hidden CacheA hidden cache of weapons and supplies stashed by the goblins. The cache includes useful items like healing herbs and tools.

Random Encounter Table: Goblin Warrens (21-40)

Deeper into the warrens, the tunnels widen slightly, and you can see signs of more organized activity. Goblin campsites and crude fortifications indicate that this area is more heavily populated. The presence of goblin warriors and their trained beasts becomes more apparent as you venture further.

21Goblin WarbandA warband of goblins led by a fierce goblin warrior. They are preparing for a raid and are heavily armed.
22Trapped CorridorA corridor lined with hidden traps such as swinging blades and poisoned darts. Navigating it requires keen perception and agility.
23Goblin AlchemistA goblin alchemist experimenting with potions and explosives. The alchemist’s laboratory is filled with dangerous concoctions.
24Pack of WolvesA pack of wolves trained by the goblins to guard their territory. The wolves are vicious and attack on sight.
25Ancient RelicAn ancient relic embedded in the wall of a cavern. It radiates magical energy and might be valuable or cursed.
26Goblin ForgeA makeshift forge where goblins are crafting weapons and armor. The forge is hot and filled with the clang of metalwork.
27Poisoned WellA well that provides water to the goblins. It has been poisoned, causing sickness among those who drink from it.
28Hidden SanctuaryA hidden sanctuary used by a rogue goblin who opposes the chief. The sanctuary is a place of relative safety.
29Goblin BardA goblin bard entertaining a group of goblins with songs and stories. The bard’s music has a strange, enchanting quality.
30Mysterious MerchantA mysterious merchant selling rare and exotic items. The merchant is neutral and willing to trade with anyone, goblin or otherwise.
31Enchanted FountainA fountain with water that has magical properties. Drinking from it grants temporary enhancements or unusual effects.
32Goblin BarracksA barracks where goblin warriors rest and prepare for battle. The barracks are filled with weapons, armor, and training dummies.
33Fungal InfectionA section of the warren infested with dangerous fungi that release spores when disturbed. The spores can cause hallucinations or death.
34Goblin Siege EngineA crude but functional siege engine built by the goblins. It is capable of launching boulders or fiery projectiles.
35Underground RiverAn underground river that runs through a cavern. Crossing it is challenging, and the river is home to dangerous aquatic creatures.
36Goblin ChieftainThe chieftain of a rival goblin tribe, captured and imprisoned. The chieftain offers valuable information in exchange for freedom.
37Training GroundA training ground where young goblins are taught combat skills. The area is filled with practice dummies and sparring goblins.
38Mysterious StatueA statue of a forgotten deity, partially buried in rubble. Touching it grants visions or curses, depending on the deity’s disposition.
39Goblin PrisonA prison where the goblins keep their captives. The cells are cramped and filthy, and the prisoners are desperate for rescue.
40Vicious TrapA vicious trap designed to maim or kill intruders. It is hidden in the floor and triggers a flurry of deadly spikes when activated.

Random Encounter Table: Goblin Warrens (41-60)

This section of the warren is darker and more oppressive, with signs of recent battles and goblin skirmishes. The tunnels are littered with debris and the remains of unlucky adventurers. The atmosphere is tense, as if the goblins are preparing for a major conflict.

41Goblin ScoutsA group of goblin scouts on a reconnaissance mission. They are stealthy and hard to detect, using the shadows to their advantage.
42Dangerous CavernA cavern with unstable rock formations that can collapse at any moment. Navigating it requires caution and a steady hand.
43Goblin WizardA goblin wizard practicing dark magic. The wizard is surrounded by arcane symbols and dangerous spells.
44Goblin BeastmasterA goblin beastmaster commanding a pack of trained beasts. The beasts are loyal and fierce, attacking on the beastmaster’s command.
45Hidden TreasureA hidden cache of treasure buried beneath a pile of rocks. The cache includes gold coins, jewels, and rare artifacts.
46Goblin TrapsmithA goblin trapsmith setting up new traps to catch intruders. The trapsmith is clever and quick, making it difficult to avoid their traps.
47Magical AnomalyA magical anomaly that distorts reality in the surrounding area. The anomaly causes strange and unpredictable effects.
48Goblin HealerA goblin healer tending to wounded goblins. The healer has a variety of potions and remedies that can be useful if acquired.
49Mysterious ArtifactA mysterious artifact embedded in the wall, radiating a powerful aura. The artifact may be cursed or hold great power.
50Goblin Siege TowerA siege tower built by the goblins, used for attacking fortified positions. The tower is crude but effective.
51Underground LakeAn underground lake filled with dark, still water. The lake is home to dangerous aquatic creatures and hidden treasures.
52Goblin FortressA heavily fortified section of the warren, guarded by elite goblin warriors. The fortress is nearly impenetrable.
53Crumbling RuinsThe ruins of an ancient structure, now inhabited by goblins. The ruins are filled with traps and hidden secrets.
54Goblin RitualA group of goblins performing a dark ritual. The ritual involves blood sacrifices and forbidden magic, and is dangerous to interrupt.
55Fungal ForestA cavern filled with giant, luminescent mushrooms. The mushrooms emit spores that can be beneficial or harmful.
56Goblin AssassinA goblin assassin lying in wait for an opportune moment to strike. The assassin is deadly and skilled in the art of stealth.
57Ancient TomeAn ancient tome filled with forgotten knowledge. The tome is heavily guarded and difficult to decipher, but contains powerful secrets.
58Goblin TorturerA goblin torturer tormenting a captive. The torturer is cruel and sadistic, using various devices to inflict pain.
59Hidden TunnelA hidden tunnel that leads to a secret area of the warren. The tunnel is narrow and difficult to navigate but offers a shortcut.
60Goblin ChampionA goblin champion who has proven their strength in countless battles. The champion is a formidable opponent with superior skills.
A wide watercolor illustration of a bustling goblin market within a cavern. Goblins of various sizes and appearances are trading stolen goods and exotic items. The market is lively with stalls made from crude materials, and the atmosphere is chaotic yet vibrant. Neon mushrooms provide eerie illumination, casting a glow on the goblins' animated faces as they haggle and trade.
Goblin Market

Random Encounter Table: Goblin Warrens (61-80)

As you venture deeper into the warrens, the tunnels become more elaborate and maze-like. The goblins’ presence is more pronounced, and their defenses are stronger. This area is their heartland, filled with their most important leaders and resources.

61Goblin ArtilleryA group of goblins manning a makeshift artillery piece. The artillery is capable of launching explosive projectiles.
62Maze of TunnelsA confusing maze of tunnels designed to disorient and trap intruders. Navigating it requires a keen sense of direction and patience.
63Goblin NecromancerA goblin necromancer raising the dead to serve as their minions. The necromancer is surrounded by undead creatures.
64Hidden CacheA hidden cache of supplies, including food, water, and medical supplies. The cache is well hidden and difficult to find.
65Goblin FestivalA goblin festival in full swing, with music, dancing, and feasting. The goblins are less aggressive but still wary of intruders.
66Underground TempleAn ancient temple buried deep within the warren. The temple is filled with ancient relics and guarded by powerful wards.
67Goblin SpyA goblin spy gathering information on intruders. The spy is skilled at hiding and moving silently.
68Alchemical LabA hidden alchemical lab where goblins are experimenting with dangerous substances. The lab is filled with volatile chemicals.
69Goblin Siege WorkshopA workshop where goblins are building siege engines and other war machines. The workshop is noisy and filled with tools and materials.
70Underground GardenA garden of strange, bioluminescent plants tended by goblins. The plants have various medicinal and poisonous properties.
71Goblin WarlordThe warlord of the goblins, a fierce and ruthless leader. The warlord is heavily guarded and commands great respect and fear.
72Trapped TreasureA treasure chest rigged with deadly traps. Opening it without disarming the traps first is extremely dangerous.
73Goblin War RoomThe war room where goblin leaders plan their raids and strategies. The room is filled with maps, plans, and tactical information.
74Mysterious GatewayA mysterious gateway that leads to an unknown destination. The gateway is covered in runes and emits a strange energy.
75Goblin Elite GuardA group of elite goblin guards trained to protect the warlord and other leaders. They are heavily armed and highly skilled.
76Ancient CryptAn ancient crypt filled with the remains of long-dead warriors. The crypt is haunted and contains valuable artifacts.
77Goblin Beast PensPens where the goblins keep their trained beasts. The beasts are dangerous and attack anyone who approaches without the goblins.
78Hidden ShrineA hidden shrine dedicated to a dark deity. The shrine is a place of worship for the goblin shamans and is filled with dark energy.
79Goblin Siege EngineA powerful siege engine built by the goblins. The engine is capable of causing massive destruction and is heavily guarded.
80Underground FortressA heavily fortified underground fortress controlled by the goblins. The fortress is nearly impenetrable and filled with goblin warriors.

Random Encounter Table: Goblin Warrens (81-100)

In the deepest parts of the warren, the tunnels are narrow and claustrophobic. The goblins here are more feral and desperate, having little contact with the outside world. This area is their last line of defense, and they will fight to the death to protect it.

81Goblin BerserkersA group of goblin berserkers in a frenzy. They are highly aggressive and attack anyone on sight with reckless abandon.
82Ancient VaultAn ancient vault sealed with powerful magic. The vault contains valuable treasures but is heavily guarded by magical wards and traps.
83Goblin WitchA goblin witch practicing dark magic. The witch is surrounded by dark energy and dangerous spells.
84Collapsing CavernA cavern on the verge of collapsing. The ground is unstable, and the ceiling threatens to cave in at any moment.
85Goblin HordeA massive horde of goblins preparing for a large-scale attack. The horde is armed and ready for battle, creating a chaotic scene.
86Hidden PassageA hidden passage that leads to a secret area of the warren. The passage is narrow and difficult to navigate but offers a shortcut.
87Goblin War DrumsA group of goblins playing war drums to rally their warriors. The drums create an ominous and intimidating atmosphere.
88Ancient GuardianAn ancient guardian that protects a sacred area of the warren. The guardian is powerful and nearly invincible, requiring great skill to defeat.
89Goblin Siege CampA camp where goblins are preparing for a siege. The camp is filled with weapons, supplies, and siege engines.
90Underground CavernA large underground cavern filled with stalactites and stalagmites. The cavern is home to dangerous creatures and hidden treasures.
91Goblin SorcererA powerful goblin sorcerer practicing forbidden magic. The sorcerer is surrounded by arcane symbols and dangerous spells.
92Trapped CorridorA corridor filled with hidden traps such as poisoned darts and swinging blades. Navigating it requires keen perception and agility.
93Goblin PrisonersA group of prisoners held captive by the goblins. The prisoners are desperate for rescue and offer valuable information in return.
94Hidden TreasureA hidden treasure chest filled with gold coins, jewels, and rare artifacts. The chest is heavily guarded by goblin warriors.
95Goblin AmbushA group of goblins lying in wait for an ambush. The goblins are hidden in the shadows, ready to spring a surprise attack.
96Underground RiverA fast-flowing underground river that cuts through the warren. Crossing it requires caution to avoid being swept away by the current.
97Goblin Chief’s LairThe lair of the goblin chief, heavily guarded and filled with the spoils of their raids. The chief is a formidable opponent.
98Secret TunnelA secret tunnel that leads to an unexplored area of the warren. The tunnel is narrow and difficult to navigate but offers new opportunities.
99Goblin ScoutsA pair of goblin scouts who are adept at moving silently and avoiding detection. They are spying on intruders and reporting back.
100Cursed IdolA small idol carved from bone and covered in strange runes. Touching it triggers a curse that brings bad luck and misfortune.

Random Encounter Tables for Goblin Warrens

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